Draught Bass Ale

Well, where do we start with this most important word in the Capital Town of Brewing of Burton Upon Trent, Bassssssssssss…

History Of Bass

Draught Bass Ale or we as Burtonians know it as Bass is a 4.4% ABV (Alcohol By Volume) standard Classic British Amber Bitter.

The tasting notes for Bass are as follows: “A Caramel Malt and sweet opening and fruity texture, leaving behind a well balanced sweet bitter moreish finish”.

So where did Bass began, well it all started a very long time ago in the year of 1777 to be precise and was found by a remarkable gentleman William Bass in Burton Upon Trent, who initially started up Bass Brewery.

The main brand for this unique beer was (Bass Pale Ale) which was once the highest-selling beer in the UK (United Kingdom).

By 1877 Bass you believe it became the largest brewery in the world, can you believe it a small town like Burton Upon Trent with the largest brewery.

Bass also created even something more spectacular it was in doubt the first registered Trademark in the UK with its Red Triangle as you can see in the logo picture at the top of this article. The Brand itself, however was formed in Luton, Bedfordshire.

By the 20th Century, Bass became as strong as the naked eye and merged with Charrington United Breweries ( We will touch on this soon) to become Bass Charrington the largest Brewing Company, in the UK.

Things changed again and in 2000 Bass was brought out by Interbrew now known as ( Anheuser Busch InBev). However, like most contracts and deals, their were complications and Bass Brewery sadly vanished from the people’s eyes of Burton Upon Trent.

In 2002 Coors or now known as Molson Coors Brewing Company have now taken the lead of the Brewery itself to produce brands such as Carling, Worthington Whiteshield etc..

Thank you for reading this blog post about Draught Bass Ale, Their is so much more I could tell you, but in a nutshell, this is an outline about the word Bass.


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    • Yep I formally worked at The National Brewery Centre in Burton Upon Trent which was formally the Bass Museum and then The Coors Visitor Centre. I do love my Bass and still glad to see it around today!

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