Heritage Brewing Company

The Heritage Brewing Company was first established in August 2015 in Burton Upon Trent and was founded by Steve Wellington (Master Brewer) and Planning Solutions Limited.

The mission of Heritage is basically to recreate classic beers of the past to a modern audience. I may propose a small few of you who will read this blog might actually know some of these beers.

The company today as it stands has four passionate individuals who are doing their best to brew some of the best Real Ale and they’re Caroline, Martin. Dave and Garry.

News came to us two years ago that Master Brewer Steve Wellington had made his announcement of retirement. As we probably know today if it wasn’t for Steve, Heritage wouldn’t be here today and doing what they do best (brewing beer).

Molson Coors originally owned this fantastic brewery, however, after an agreement was put in place, all of the brewery assets have been sold to Planning Solutions Limited.

Heritage use an impressive 25 Barrel brewery to produce a fantastic range of Cask Ales week in and week out.

(See picture below)

Heritage are also proud to be brewing two of Burton’s finest beers, which are under licensed from Molson Coors.

The two beers are Worthington White Shield and Worthington Red Shield.


Heritage at this moment of time have created six classic cask ales from the past for a modern audience and they’re as follows:

Charrington IPA 4.5% ABV

Offiler’s Best Bitter 4.0% ABV

St Modwen’s Golden Ale 4.2% ABV

Masterpiece IPA 5.6% ABV

Victoria Pale Ale 3.8% ABV

Charrington Oatmeal Stout 4.0% ABV

Furthermore, Heritage have expanded over the past year and have even produced a wider range of Cask Ales, they’re as follows:

Massey’s Golden Bitter 4.1% ABV

Massey’s Mild 4.0% ABV

Heritage Red 4.4% ABV

Heritage Gold 4.8% ABV

X Porter 4.6% ABV

Old Fireside Ale 4.9% ABV – This is my favourite

Six Nations IPA 5.6% ABV

It’s A Cracker 4.4% ABV

P2 Stout 8.0% ABV – What do you think to that?

You would think to yourself that this would be enough for the Microbrewery, well Heritage didn’t stop there, they came up with the idea to brew twelve Cask Beers based on the Bill Tidy Series.

Here are a selection of The Bill Tidy Beers:

Cliffhanger 4.8% ABV

Witch Ale 4.4% ABV – Sounds spooky

Dr Jekyll – 4.4% ABV

So in all fairness I would say that this is fantastic to see, a small little Microbrewery brewing all of those different ranges of beer.

You’re more than welcome to click on the links and visualise yourself all of the tasting notes for these outstanding Cask Beers.

I am going to finish up with this post now about The Heritage Brewing Company.

I do hope that you enjoyed this article and that you can see how much potential this Microbrewery has.

This is definitely a place you should go to in the future.

There is just one more thing to say:



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