The Weighbridge Inn

Hello, I am back again to tell you about my experience at this small Micro-pub based in (Burton Upon Trent).

The Weighbridge Inn also remembered as (Middle Earth Tavern) is a small little Public Bar situated near Burton Upon Trent Railway Station.

As of today we believe the history of this remarkable pub was actually many years ago a small little Sandwich Shop and then became derelict for many years.

Now look at it, it is a small Micropub, Middle Earth Tavern was born.

Middle Earth Tavern provided Cask Ales from around Burton, these including Heritage Brewing Company, Bridge Burton Brewery and Stuart Gates Brewery

Middle Earth Tavern went through a phase where sales dropped and it got to a point where the pub was like in disguise, so sadly it closed.

As soon as this pub closed majority of Burton thought that the Micro-pub had vanished forever, However, luckily enough a small independent Burton Microbrewery took this pub on (Old Cottage Brewery).

Old Cottage Brewery was based on Wharf Road and produced some fantastic beers such as Dual Diamond and Halcyon Daze, these beers were also done in bottled conditioned.

However, Old Cottage Brewery had come to complications and sadly again The Weighbridge Inn and the Brewery itself closed down. Was that the actual end of it?

Then, something marvellous happened, The Weighbridge Inn reopened as a new Micropub under-licensed by Muirhouse Brewery which are based in Ilkeston.

The pub itself is managed by the two people who own Muirhouse Brewery and there names are Richard and Mandy Muir.

The Weighbridge Inn as it is now is a pleasant Micropub with an outstanding background from the past, it is well decorative inside and contains a simple and small Cask Ale bar with seating around.

Now as we know today Muirhouse Brewery which own the pub have decided to bring their own beers to the Micropub itself, some of these beers include Tick-Tock, Magnum Mild and The Greedy King. The pub also includes a range of rotational guest beers which also appear on the bar.

This is a fantastic Micropub and the crowds which appear in this pub are amazing, their is also talks that A Beer Festival will be happening this year (2020), so I would highly advise to keep a lookout for that so you can actually visit the pub itself and sample some real ale.

Finally, I just want to say thank you for taking your time to read this article and I really do hope this gives you the chance to visit The Weighbridge Inn and either sample some of Muirhouse Brewery’s own branded beers or some of there guest beers.





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  1. I never saw such a cute looking pub before:) the atmosphere in it must be lovely. Not really a beer person (more of a cider one) but I think this is the kind of place I would enjoy.

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