Gates Burton Brewery

Hello, I am back again and I am here to bring you a fantastic article about another fantastic Microbrewery based in Burton Upon Trent – Gates Burton Brewery

This fantastic cottage brewery is based in Shobnall, which is roughly around ten minutes from the Town Centre of Burton Upon Trent.

The brewery itself is situated on Reservoir Road, which would you believe it or not is actually named after one of the beers, (You’ll learn about these shortly)

So your probably thinking who’s the main man behind this marvellous microbrewery.

Well Gates Burton Brewery is a family run business and the Headbrewer (Stuart Gates) is the magician behind it all.

I am currently aware that Stuart started brewing beer for Gates Burton Brewery in 2011 and now that we are in 2020 the microbrewery is going from strength to strength.

However, Stuart has 40 years in the Brewing Industry and has been brewing beer for 30 years, his own microbrewery was his own development.

Here is a fun fact for you all! Would you believe it or not that Gates Burton Brewery is based in a garage?

The answer is yes it is true, Stuart managed to fantastically turn his garage into a microbrewery which in my mind is a brilliant achievement and it is something that you barely see.

Now, I am friends with this fantastic man and when I first met him he was a chap with his experience and knowledge and does know how to brew a range of fine quality of cask ales.

So when Gates Burton Brewery first started, Stuart had the idea of inventing and brewing two fantastic core range beers, these were: (Reservoir and Damn)

So in this section of the blog I’ll tell you what the beers are and there corresponding tasting notes.

Gates Reservoir (4.6% ABV) – My personal favourite Gates beer. This beer is full bodied and is amber in colour, with a finely balanced malt and hop character giving a wonderfully smooth finish.

Gates Damn ( 5.0% ABV) – Do you see the connection here? This ruby beer has chocolate malt tones and delicately hopped with a subtle sweet finish.

Then, for this microbrewery good things came and this was where the strength was born. Stuart came up with an idea of two further cask ales to brew, this gave him a total of four cask ales which he brews independently by himself.

Gates Burton Ale (4.8% ABV) is flavoured with a blend of premium hops, the beer is amber in colour, Believe it or not the beer is dry hopped in the cask (Extra Special Then). It has a floral aroma and a sweet finish.

Finally, the important bit is that this beer is traditionally based on the original Ind Coope DBA Recipe ( I really want some of this now hahah)


The final beer we have got tasting notes for is a nighttime finisher.

Gates Reservoir Gold (7.5% ABV) (This is a absolute gorgeous cask ale, I am literally so in love with it)

This beer is full bodied and amber in colour, it is finely balanced with roast barley and is gently hopped, a perfect sweet finish and deceitfully smooth.

If you are around Burton Upon Trent at any time and are after one of the following beers you may find them in specific pubs (The Coopers Tavern, The Roebuck Inn and The Devonshire Arms).

The Reservoir Gold is a beer which is particularly found at local beer festivals within the Burton area.

I will say you need to try at least one of these beers or two it is entirely your own choice but I can guarantee you won’t be left disappointed and it’ll make you want to sample more.

Well here is me saying thank you for your support, I really do hope you like the article and by all means please like and leave a comment on how I can make my article posts better in the future.




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