Burton Bridge Brewery (BBB)

I literally cannot wait to tell you about this Microbrewery as in my personal opinion it really does have its advantages.

Burton Bridge Brewery is situated on Bridge Street in the town of Burton Upon Trent.

The brewery currently owns three pubs within Burton Upon Trent, The Burton Bridge Inn (The Microbrewery’s Pub), The Alfred Ale House and The Brickmakers Arms.

However, there were two former pubs which were in the chain but sadly left, (I’ll explain later in this post)

Burton Bridge was first established in 1982 and according to reports, the two men behind the brewing and the ownership were Geoff Mumford and Bruce Wilkinson.


In 1981, when Geoff and Bruce decided to partner together, they both started up Burton Bridge Brewery and also took on The Fox and Goose pub which later became Burton Bridge Inn.

In 2017 Mumford and Wilkinson both came to a scenario that they were ready for retirement and to potentially sell the brewery and its pub’s together.

There has been no buyer since.

In November 2018 Burton Bridge Brewery sadly lost one of their chained pub’s, The Plough on Ford Street in Stapenhill. The consequence of the pub being bulldozed was down to the fact of falling trade.

The site is now being used to build 8 homes.

The picture below shows the former The Plough Inn: It is a shame to loose a pub, don’t you agree?

The Devonshire Arms based on Station Street in Burton Upon Trent was originally a Burton Bridge Brewery Pub.

Suddenly, The Devonshire Arms decided to split from Burton Bridge and initially became a free house pub, but, they still kept Burton Bridge beers running on the bar to keep the original tradition going.

I am going to admit this pub is amazing? I hope you would agree?, if you went there.


As of now, Bruce and Geoff still work at Burton Bridge but only on a part time basis, Bruce is currently the Headbrewer. Geoff is now an engineer by trade and are still the current owners for Burton Bridge Brewery.

The Assistant brewer’s are Dom, John and Dave.

So now that I have given you the history of the Microbrewery.

Now, I am going to tell you about the fantastic beers that are on offer and the majority of them are gorgeous. If you click on the links below you’ll be able to view tasting notes and the pump clips for each beer.

The Core Range:

Golden Delicious – 3.8% ABV

XL Bitter – 4.0% ABV

XL Mild – 4.0% ABV

Sovereign Gold – 4.0% ABV

Bridge Bitter – 4.2% ABV – This beer is fantastic

Burton Porter – 4.5% ABV

Damson Porter – 4.5% ABV

Draught Burton Ale – 4.8% ABV

Stairway To Heaven 5.0% ABV

Top Dog Stout – 5.0% ABV

Damn Dog Stout – 5.0% ABV

Bramble Stout 5.0% ABV

Festival Ale 5.5% ABV

Now here is something spectacular and is most certainly a fantastic Guest Beer, only available in halves or thirds, this beer is found at beer festivals in England and it is a must try, I certainly love it …

Thomas Sykes Ale – 10% ABV

In all honesty I have to admit that is a superb range of cask ales, a lot of variety to choose from to match any cask ale drinkers needs.

Stairway To Heaven, Bramble Stout, Burton Porter, Damson Porter are also available in bottled form.

In all fairness this is a must see microbrewery to go to and if you ever fancy it why not stop by at The Burton Bridge Inn for a fabulous pint of Burton Beer.

There is probably more about this Brewery which I haven’t told you but I hope I have provided you with an outline of when the brewery started, the people behind it and of course the range of beers that are available.

Thank you for reading, I really hope you enjoy the post!

Stay tuned for more articles, that are coming soon!

Until next time




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