The Waterloo Inn – Public Bar Review

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My next post is about a fantastic Public Bar which is approximately a 5 minute drive from the town of Burton Upon Trent in a small village called Winshill.

The Waterloo Inn is a fantastic local pub for its regular’s and it is in my favour a wonderful place to come to and have a fabulous pint of beer.

Secondly, this pub is actually my local as well and I always go there now and again (Pretty much every week) for a well earned pint of Bass at only £3.40 PP (Per Pint)

The history of this pub is amazing it was once a Worthington’s Pub, Worthington’s were a serious competitor against the former Bass Brewery which was based in Burton.

However, when the development of the town changed and Molson Coors took over Worthington’s, The Waterloo Inn became a Star (Heineken Pub).

Another history fact shows that the pub itself has probably been around since the 1700s, but we believe today that the present building is Victorian.

In the days of when Shire Horses were used to transport beer between Burton and South Derbyshire, The destination where the The Waterloo is situated now was like the pit-stops for the Drays this is where the Shire Horses were changed over in order to complete the journey to South Derbyshire.

As you can see from the picture above this is what it would have been like back in the day with the Shire Horse attached onto a Dray.

Then on top of the Dray was where the beer was situated.

So now it’s time for the review of this amazing pub, you’re always politely welcomed in by a member of staff that is serving on the bar and also by the Landlady as well which is Karen Mcgraffin.

The pub is always clean and tidy and there is plenty of seating which is split between the Mainbar and the Lounge.

In 2019 The Waterloo went under a new look and brought a clean and fresh character to the pub.

The pub was originally a plain white, grey colour but after redecorating it is now a very charming deep maroon purple colour, in my eyes the look of it now does make it a very attractive place to come to.

Below here is the look of the pub before it got refurbished…

Now take in the new look yourselfs…

Doesn’t it just make you want to go?

On the bar there is always three casks ales available: Draught Bass, Marston’s Pedigree and a rotational Guest Ale e.g. (Heritage Brewing Company, Gates Burton Brewery, Black Hole Brewery and of course many more)

There is a wide range of Draught Lager products, bottled lagers and a variety of fruit ciders.

If you’re completely opposite to draught products then you’ll have no concerns, as The Waterloo have a tremendous range of Gins, Whiskeys and many Wines to treat your partner to.

You certainly won’t be left with an empty glass.

If you’re a crazy sport fan then you certainly won’t be left disappointed, both rooms have allowance to watch Football, Darts, Golf or any other sport that you may wish to watch.

Every Sunday, you can test your skills and take part in The Waterloo Quiz, to be truthfully honest I am not the greatest at the quizzes but it is good fun (plus food is included).

If you love your music then look no further, The Waterloo has this covered by delivering a monthly Waterloo Unplugged open-mic night.

So if you’re in the area then why not come down and show off your talent and get the whole pub singing along.

All in all, this Public Bar is a must go to, I personally think there is nothing you can totally hate about it, it has all of its amenities in one building.

If you’re travelling to Burton Upon Trent and you wish to have that Perfect Pint, then, look no further than The Waterloo Inn.

Thank you so much for taking your time to read the article, I hope it has personally made you want to visit and to indulge yourself into the areas of the pub.

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