The Devonshire Arms – Public Bar Review

I really do love doing my Public Bar Reviews on my blog because I always want to give you a fantastic insight into a pub I have recently visited.

I also adore giving you, my followers the experience I get which may persuade you to go in the not to distant future.

The next pub I am reviewing is The Devonshire Arms which is situated in the town centre of Burton Upon Trent.

Now, you may remember from my Burton Bridge Brewery blog post that this pub was originally owned by the brewery up to the start of 2019.

The original landlords of The Burton Bridge Inn Carl and Nicki successfully took The Devonshire Arms on as a new free house (Independant).

The pub went through a refurbishment phrase which involved new seating inside and fresh painting outside.

This picture below shows the original look of The Devonshire Arms:

What do you think to the Royal Blue colour?

The picture below now shows the transmission from the outside: A very charming green colour.

What do you think to it?

The Review:

Well I was around town one day and I walked down Station Street and I saw The Devonshire Arms and I thought I’ve got to pop in here, the characteristic from the outside just persuaded me to go inside.

When walking in, you’re overseeing a beautiful scenic mainbar which is full of pump-clips all over the walls.

I like the idea of how they have positioned the pump-clips on the walls and ceilings which to me gives me an indication that these cask ales have previously been on the bar, it’s just a lovely added touch, I do always love looking at each one and think I wish I could try that beer or even all of them (hahah).

That would be too many to handle!

In the lounge there is an exquisite look with a nice snug area on the side with church type pews with seated cushions.

A warm toasty fire sits in the middle of the pub which I thought was ideal to keep the whole lounge space warm.

The day I went in it was very warm so there was no complaining there.

The L shaped patio was also very unique, there was a cosy summerhouse which you can sit in and shelter away from the sun if you intend to.

Once I did my own personal tour I thought you know what it’s time for BEER!

You’re welcomed by a lovely member of staff when approaching up to the bar, on the day it was the Landlord Carl and the bar team member Dom.

I scanned The Cask Ale board and saw a huge range which was available on the bar.

Now being a freehouse pub there was a tremendous range of cask ales from different breweries which again is what I like to see, I love sampling new beers it’s my hobby.

I opted for a pint of Stairway To Heaven from Burton Bridge Brewery which in my eyes was fantastic, I even went in for a further two pints of it!

The beer had a refreshing taste and was in perfect condition and the aromas were very pleasing.

The pub has 7 handpumps altogether 4 of the handpumps are rotational guest beers then 1 handpump is for permanent Draught Bass and the other 2 handpumps are for Burton Bridge beers.

The pub still uses Burton Bridge beers just to keep the traditional going of it originally being a Burton Bridge chained pub.

There is also a wide range of draught lagers available and of course your standard spirits, wines and fruit wines.

Here is an example of some of the beers that the pub have had in the past: Which one would you try? and why?

The pub has a friendly atmosphere I was speaking to some fantastic regulars who we got speaking about the Brewing Industry within Burton.

I then got speaking to the Landlord to find out more about the pub.

So currently the pub does do Open Mic nights which always brings in a crowd of people.

The pub does a couple of Beer Festivals throughout the year, the last one being A Cumbrian style Beer Festival.

Then I also learnt on Tuesday nights the pub does food evenings which change each week, e.g. Fish Night, Pie Night, Steak Night and Kebab Night.

I would recommend to book early to avoid disappointment!

I do think after learning all of this I have most definitely found another wonderful pub within the town centre community, it has everything you need and most importantly plenty of beer to choose from.

If you’re in the area and you’re looking for somewhere to have a pint then I certainly recommend The Devonshire Arms and you’ll always be welcomed by a friendly smile from the team.

This now brings me to the end of my Public Bar Review on The Devonshire Arms!

I hope you enjoy the post, please remember to like and leave a comment on the post, I appreciate all the comments and the support you have given.

Now go and fill that glass up!

Take Care!




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