Sharp’s Doom bar

We’ve had a pint of Draught Bass, Pedigree and Worthington Whiteshield on this page so far.

I wonder what’s next?

Sharp’s Cornwall Doom bar!

Tasting Notes

Doom bar (4.05 ABV) is a British, classic and traditional amber ale. There are aromas of spicy resinous hops and sweet roasted malts. These aromas leave a refreshing balanced taste with succulent dry fruit. A tasty moreish ale with more sweet aftertastes.

The Facts

Doom bar is currently brewed by Sharp’s Brewery which is based in Cornwall, the beer itself has been around since 1995 and has been going from strength to strength over the past 10 years.

The name of the beer doesn’t sound to promising when you think of it and you know what it isn’t.

The beer is called Doom bar because it is named after the dangerous Doom bar sandbank at the mouth of the Camel Estuary in North Cornwall.

Too give you an idea of this, I shall include a picture of them below:

Quite rocky to be fair I certainly wouldn’t want to walk all over that.

Sharp’s Brewery tag line on there pump-clips is actually called Rock – Cornwall as that is the main location of the brewery.

This brewery is still on my list of places to go and see and hopefully in the future I’ll have the opportunity to travel down and see the scale of this marvellous location.

What else would you like to know about Doom bar?

I’ll give you some more information!

This flagship ale has two forms of distribution in both Firkin Casks or bottles, however, their is a twist.

The cask form of Doom bar is all purely done in Rock at Cornwall, on the other hand the bottled form of this appetising beer is all done up here in the capital town of brewing Burton Upon Trent.

Now, you’re probably wondering why such a big distance, the same beer is done in two different forms at two different locations and the news behind it is this.

On February 2nd 2011 there was a vast money making deal done for Burton as our mainstream brewery Molson Coors bought Sharp’s Brewery for £20 million.

This was a really big step for Molson Coors and Burton as more jobs were introduced to deliver this wonderful beer out to the community.

As of 2013 and still currently running all bottled forms of Doom bar are all done at Molson Coors on there bottle production line.

The beer itself can be found in many pubs across Burton, other parts of England, Italy, Sweden and Japan.

How impressive do you think that is?

Especially for a beer done all the way in Cornwall and Burton.

Doom bar has also been awarded many substantial awards over the years, here is a few to give you an e.g.

  • Doombar won International Beer Challenge World Top 50 Beer in (2006) and Bronze in (2011, 2012)
  • In (2010) the beer won Bronze in the Public Licensee Choice Awards
  • Plus West Bronze Award in (2013)

From the statistics above I would say in my own persuasive opinion this is a beer that you should try.

If you like your Crime Fiction books then you’ll probably know that Doom bar is a preferred drink of Comoran Strike in The Cuckoos Calling.

In all honesty I am going to push this beer out to my followers and say if you haven’t tried it then I personally think you should. I adore this drink in Burton both Cask and Bottle and it has got that refined taste that I love and I believe that my followers would love it as well.

Like I said at the start of the article this beer has got that extreme potential to go even further in the future.

They will always be a demand for this beer as many publicans love it and many customers aswell.

Thank you for reading!

I hope you really liked the article which has been based on the amazing beer Doom bar.



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