The Last Heretic – Public Bar Review

In the small town of Burton Upon Trent lies a tidy and unique Micropub which has all the capabilities to sell some fantastic real ales.

I am proudly here to deliver to you all a fantastic review of The Last Heretic Micropub!

My visit happened on one Thursday afternoon after finishing work and I was like thinking where shall I go first and I was like I know it had to be The Last Heretic.

On arrival you’re welcomed by the Owner of the business, Pete Spittles, who is such a lovely guy to get on with, his passion and knowledge of the brewing industry is well pleasing.

Below is a picture of the Owner of The Last Heretic.

The micro-pub was first established in May 2016, so it is generically quite new to Burton, but it’s main purpose is to deliver a smart appearance micro-pub to a wide range audience.

From the outside you might think to yourself this place looks very dark and gloomy looking but in all honesty it isn’t. The pub has that wow factor, a modernised rustic feel about it, with its wooden seats, navy blue painted walls and historic brewing related images on the walls.

The picture below shows the unique look of this marvellous business:

Just look how cute it looks!

This small little gem pub has everything you need, a wide range of beautiful traditional cask ales, draught lagers, wines, spirits (there was a lot of gin on offer) and many bar snacks to indulge in.

Outside on the rear of the pub, there is a perfect outdoor garden space, which had firkin casks which have been turned into seats and at the back of the garden there is a beautiful sheltered snug area.

One day I would love to owe a beautiful micro-pub just like this!

After I completed my tour round the building I was like it must be beer o’clock, and boy was I in for a surprise.

There is a massive blackboard up in the pub which indicates what beers are on and what beers are coming on soon and it made me think very smart to provide information like this to your customers.

On this particular day I went in, there was a huge selection of beers that ranged from: Amber, bitter, IPA and stout.

These were the beers that were available on the day!

Beers that were available.

I was literally in my own element!

Pete also provides tasting notes as well for each beer, this made my choice even easier.

Pete doesn’t just buy local beers into the pub, he also chooses beers that are from all over the county.

I made a quick decision going for a pint of Haka 5.2% ABV by Slater’s Brewery in Stafford, I thought to myself this is a coincidence because my name is Luke Slater after all (hahah).

I don’t own the brewery by the way!

This was my next surprise, because this is a generic micro-pub there was no handpumps on the bar, unlike a normal pub, so all the beer was drawn straight from the casks, I paid for my pint and just thought YESSSSSSS!

I’ve never had a pint which has come straight from the barrel before and I was just like this is surreal.

After enjoying this perfect pint I went straight back up to the bar and ordered another beer, this time I went for another local brew Stuart Gates (Gates Burton Brewery) Reservoir 4.6% ABV.

Again absolutely wonderful and I gave fantastic compliments to Pete on how well the beer was kept and tasted.

After finishing that beer I knew it was time to go home as the pub was starting to thrive up with all the locals turning up for the night time session.

If you are from Burton or thinking of travelling to the Brewing Capital I do certainly suggest that you stop of at this pub and treat yourself to that Perfect Pint!


Luke x

I hope you enjoy this fantastic read on my latest Public Bar Review!

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    • Thank you, it is an amazing place and if you like your beer like myself, I have to stop by and check whatโ€™s on the board ๐Ÿ˜


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