Burton Tower Brewery

It’s that time now for another Brewery Post and this one is a local Microbrewery/Pub based in Burton Upon Trent.

Today I am here to tell you about the most amazing: Burton Tower Brewery – Which is a family run business.

Like any other brewery in Burton, it comes with history and this one does have a fantastic story to tell.

In 2001 helped by his family, John Mills established Tower Brewery based in Burton on Glensyl Way.

This family run business brought another milestone for the Brewing Capital, as people could witness there was another brewery coming to life in the town.

Now, I am going to give you some information on what this building actually used to be.

Over a period of 9 months, John and his father Geoffrey successfully converted the original handsome Water Tower into the new Tower Brewery.

According to history the tower situated on Walstich Maltings was built in 1870s by Thomas Salt & Co Limited.

In the picture above shows the Trademark Logo for Thomas Salt & Co Limited, pictures of these famous mirrors are dotted around in many pubs to show the brewing heritage.

After restoration was completed, production began at the brewery on the 10th April 2001.

Because the tower has a height advantage it uses gravity to feed the Grist case and to supply the water pressure.

By the way Grist is basically malt and cereal that is milled in the brewhouse by using a malt mill at the beginning of the Brewing Process.

In the 2000s Tower Brewery was proudly awarded the Civic Society Award for the restoration of the historic industry building.

The brewery only recently allowed visitors into the building in 2011, this gave the chance for people to take a tour round the brewery and learn how John and Geoffrey managed to convert the old water tower into a microbrewery.

Then in 2012 the brewery went even further with there success and created a Public Bar inside, the Tap Room is open on a Friday night for regulars to get together to enjoy a fantastic pint of Burton Ale.

The venue as well can be hired out for private or business events such as: Tribute Nights, Birthday Parties and regular Comedy Nights.

Just look how much support this brewery gets from its regulars, such an amazing feeling.

What a fantastic brewery this is and the determination from the family is spectacular and brings fantastic heritage to support Burton.

Here is a recent picture of the brewery, just look how perfect it looks from the outside.

From the outside it looks small but on the inside it literally just blows your mind away.

As I am currently aware the brewery do not outsource there beers to any pub, which is a shame because I would love to try these beers in specific pubs across Burton, but things cannot be helped unfortunately.

Now lets pay attention to the beers:

Tower Brewery Beers

Regular Beers

  • Salt’s Burton Ale – 3.5% ABV – A classic deep amber coloured bitter with flavour belying its strength. Takes it name from the founder of Walsitch Maltings – The ‘Home’ of Tower Brewery
  • Tower Bitter – 4.2% ABV – Light Brown, malty aroma. Full hop and fruit taste, with lingering bitterness.
  • Imperial – 5.0% ABV – A premium IPA (India Pale Ale), light golden in colour with a rich citrusy fruity flavour and a floral hoppy aroma. Distinctive and deceptively quaffable.
  • Gone For A Burton – 4.6% ABV – An amber coloured beer with a malt hop aroma. Bitterness is provided by fuggles Northdown hop and aroma is given from the classic hop Styrian Goldings.

What a fantastic range of outstanding Cask Ales and the appearance on the pump-clips literally make them look like proper heritage memorabilla.

Seasonal Range

  • Spring Equinox – 3.5% ABV/ March – May – Golden refreshing bitter
  • Sundowner – 4.0% ABV/ May – August – Light, crisp and thirst quenching, pale straw coloured brew.
  • Autumn Equinox – 4.6% ABV/ September – November – Deliciously dry, copper coloured bitter.
  • October Brew – 5.4% ABV/ October – Mild brown Autumn ale.
  • Winter Spirit – 5.0% ABV/ November – February – Deep brown, full bodied Winter ale.

Some fantastic seasonal ales as well and plenty to choose from too fill your glass up with.

This is an amazing place and has so much history about it, I really enjoy coming here and I always learn some fantastic information about the brewery and the family behind it all.

I will be venturing back down to this brewery again very soon and sampling some more of there quality Traditional British Ale!

Have a pint on me!


Luke x



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