Firstly, this will be a very concise post just basically down to the fact that the beer I am talking about today has only been in production recently.

Let’s say a very warm welcome to Heritage Gold which is proudly brewed by The Heritage Brewing Company!

Tasting Notes:

Heritage Gold (4.8% ABV) is a refreshing, easy drinking blonde beer with a malty palate.

Cask Ale Review

Heritage Gold was first brewed in November 2017 and since then it has become very popular after appearing in many Public Bars across Burton Upon Trent.

The name Heritage Gold was invented by the Heritage Brewing Company Team and the pump-clip picture shows The Joiners Shop at The National Brewery Centre.

The picture below shows The Joiners Shop:

What a fantastic building this is and it gives you a intriguing insight into The Brewing Industry and the Brewing Techniques that were used.

Now I’ll show you the pump-clip so you can compare and identify that the pictures of The Joiners Shop are the same.

Can you work out that the buildings look identical?

This light blonde beer is one of my go to ales if I fancy a very nice steady session beer then this is one to go for.

It is in doubt a typical spring/summer ale and it matches perfectly with that BBQ you might have going on in your back garden or at a party, (be sure to stock up).

The beer is done in two forms, the usual 9 Gallon Firkin Cask or in Bottles.

I have noticed since I started by Cask Ale Review posts, I haven’t actually shown you what a Cask Firkin is, I’ll now give you the opportunity to include a picture of one.

This is what Heritage Gold goes into, in your eyes you might say it looks like a giant soft drink can and in all honesty they do look the same, just except there are slight differences, we will cover this in a later post.

The beer is brewed at The Heritage Brewing Company within the old William Worthington Microbrewery and is also bottled on-site as well.

There are a couple of places where you might find this beer on tap, it has appeared in The Roebuck Inn and I have also tried it in The Last Heretic Micropub as well.

Both pints tasted absolutely gorgeous and they were priced quite cheaply.

The Roebuck Inn – £3.40

The Last Heretic – £3.50

If you’re after bottle purchases, there are two fantastic places to get them from:

Brews Of The World


The Beer Boutique at The National Brewery Centre

After I purchased a bottle last Friday (20/3/20), I decided to myself that I wasn’t going to drink the beer straight away, I chilled it in the fridge and left it.

This is for one reason only.

The beer was in a Bottled Condition state, this basically means that at the bottom of the bottle there are bits of sediment (Yeast).

Any sudden movement of the bottle, shaking it up or turning it upside down will just disturb the sediment and will turn the beer cloudy, (waste of money then).

Yesterday (26/03/20), I had to try my bottle of Heritage Gold, after carefully pouring it into a glass at an angle, I took my first sip and just thought WHAT A BEER!

I sat myself in my deck chair and indulged myself into what I call a Perfect Pint!

What A Beauty

Above pictured is my finest bottle of beer I have ever had.


Luke x



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