Built:Between 1220s and 1230s

Location:Caernarfon LL55 4UB

History:Dolbadarn Castleis a fortification built by the Welsh princeLlywelyn the Greatduring the early 13th century, at the base of theLlanberis Pass, in northernWales.

Thecastlewas important both militarily and as a symbol of Llywelyn’s power and authority. The castle features a large stonekeep, which historian Richard Avent considers “the finest surviving example of a Welsh round tower”.

In 1284 Dolbadarn was taken byEdward I, who removed some of its timbers to build hisnew castleatCaernarfon. The castle was used as amanor housefor some years, before falling into ruin.

Review: So this wasn’t actually a planned trip at all.

Basically, my whole family had gone on a holiday to Wales. We’d taken my grandparents with us as well.

The plan was to go on the train up Snowdon (because why not).

Anyway, we got there early and we had…

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