The Coopers Tavern

Within the town centre of Burton Upon Trent lies a traditional and rustic designed Micropub.

This place is so fantastic, the atmosphere inside just brings the character of the pub to life.

I am today to bring you a fantastic Micropub review on The Coopers Tavern!


This fantastic building was originally owned by William Bass and it has been a Brewer’s house as well as a malt store.

Around 1800s the facility was used to store Bass Imperial Stout or now known as P2 Imperial Stout which believe it or not is 8.0% ABV.

Now that is what you call a beer!

All of the brewers from Bass Brewery would venture over to this malt store and sample the Imperial Stout.

Wouldn’t you just love to have that as a job?

I know I certainly would!

Research has also told us that the brewery closed as a malt store the building then became a Bass Brewer’s bar.

The name of this club was The Brewers Tap.

All that history in one little tiny building I just think that is amazing.

The pub is now officially a Public Bar which is owned by Joules Brewery.

Micropub Review

On a very chilly Saturday night in February I made the decision to pop off into the town for a couple pints of Real Ale.

There are so many pubs and micropubs to choose from in Burton so it was a tough decision to make but then I stumbled across The Coopers Tavern.

You can tell from the picture below that the pub used to be a house.

Just look how cute it looks!

On entering inside, there are different sections to the pub, on the left hand side there is a nice cosy snug room with a warm lit fire.

On the right hand side there is a large open space where regulars can sit and enjoy a well earned pint.

Then straight ahead is where the mainbar is situated.

I then walked up to bar and admired the fantastic Cask Ale Blackboard, there was so much to choose from (I think 5 or 7 different real ales).

Just look at all those casks full of beer.

I want them all (hahah)

If you don’t like your Cask Ales then there was plenty of other options to choose from, wines (also fruit wines), spirits, variety of ciders and two different lagers.

My eyes then got caught attention to the bar, along the back wall there was 5 casks of beer which were being chilled, then on top of the casks were jackets to keep them cold.

If the beer turned warm the flavour and aroma of the ale would just turn sour.

I then kept then on looking towards the right hand side of the bar and there my eyes sparkled.

Bass was written on the jacket!

I thought Bass served straight from the Cask, this is just amazing, fantastic and literally the best news ever.

No other pub that I know actually offers this service.

I must clearly state to you that you should stop by at The Coopers Tavern, it will honestly blow your mind away.

The landlady Mandy served me, who was very sweet and kind, she persuaded me to go for a pint of Bass straight from the cask .

(£3.40 Per Pint) I couldn’t turn down that offer!

I indulged myself into the Bass and it was within doubt the best pint of Bass I have ever had.

Now that was a real deal!

After enjoyably sipping my last bit of my pint of Bass, I then went for a pint of one of the pubs own branded beer Slumbering Monk (4.5% ABV) – copper beer.

Furthermore, this beer just tasted sensational, I had to give my personal compliments to Mandy on how well both of the beers tasted.

I finished off my pint and gave my happy regards to Mandy and ventured off to my next pub.

Thank You for taking your time to read this article!

I hope you indulged yourself into a pint whilst reading this!



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