Ay Up

Ay Up me duck how are we all today?

It’s time for my next Cask Ale post which is based on another tremendous beer I have sampled.

Ay Up is a sensational awarded CAMRA (Campaign Of Real Ale) championship Cask Ale which is proudly brewed by The Dancing Duck Brewery in the Derbyshire District.

Now, like a vast majority of the beers that are around the UK today, you’re probably wondering to yourself why is it called Ay Up, well let me explain.

If you’re from Derbyshire, you’ll probably here this slang term Ay Up or Ey Up quite a lot, it’s a word used to greet someone.

If you’re welcomed by someone from Derbyshire who uses the term (Ey Up), please don’t be offended, it’s just a phrase used in the local area and is an act of endearment.

I am now going to give you some history about the beer and the brewery.


Dancing Duck Brewery was first established in Derby in the year 2010, it was founded by Rachel and Ian who are still today the current owners of the business.

Before Ay Up could be introduced into any casks, there was a slight problem.

Rachel who is originally from Wolverhampton persuasively thought the term was phrased as Ay UP.

However, her partner Ian who is from the East Midlands was more adamant it was Ey Up.

A deal couldn’t be made on what to call this beer, so both owners concluded that they produced two pump-clips, one stating (Ey Up) and the other (Ay Up).

This gave all landlords and landladys the chance to choose which pump-clip they would like.

Then, as soon as this issue was sorted, the production of the beer commenced and has been going for 10 years now.

As of today Ay Up has been the most popular pump-clip to choose from.

All that history that has been made over one word, I just think that is incredible.

Tasting Notes

I shall now provide you with the tasting notes for this award winning ale.

Ay Up (Ey Up) (3.9% ABV) – An eminently drinkable pale session ale. Subtle malt and floral notes are matched splendidly with citrus hop, rounded off with a slightly dry finish.

The beer is available in 9 gallon firkin casks or in bottles, if you wish to place an order then you can at there website which is listed below.



I came across this beer when I was out shopping in Burton Upon Trent and the pub I found it in was a rustic Gastropub – The Crossing.

Just look at that rustic feeling it gives you!

In Burton this is the only pub I am aware of that serves this Cask Ale.

When being served I politely asked for a sample of the beer, I didn’t really want to go straight in for a pint of Ay Up because in all honestly I’ve never tried it before.

During sampling I could perfectly work out how citrusy this beer actually was, it had fantastic fruit flavours and came with a sweet bitter aftertaste.

Once sampled, I dived straight into my pint which only cost me £3.30.

I finally found a new Cask Ale which I could add to my Beer Diary collection.

I would highly recommend that you try this beer because it is beautiful and it sure does come with magnificent flavours for you to indulge in.


  • 2019 – Gold CAMRA Champion Beers of Britain – National Beers Category
  • 2018 – Gold medal Regional Champion CAMRA – Bitter Category
  • 2018 Bronze medal SIBA (Society of Independant Brewers) Cask – Session IPA (India Pale Ale) Category
  • 2016 – Silver medal CAMRA regional best – Bitter Category

What a fantastic achievement!

Those awards do certainly show that this beer is a Perfect Pint.

Finally, I would just like to say like most real ales, it comes with a story and what a tremendous timeline story this beer has.

This beer brings passion and that is why I have a huge passion for The Brewing Industry.

Thank You



Luke x

#StaySafe #DrinkResponsibly


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