Public Bar Review – The Roebuck Inn

The time has come round to bring you another fantastic Public Bar Review and what a place this is.

Within the outskirts of Burton Upon Trent Town Centre lies a beautiful and traditional pub.

The Roebuck Inn!

The building was constructed around the year 1800s and then in the year 1956 the pub had to go through another rebuilt due to the widening of Station Street, this is where the pub is situated.

Formally, this pub used to be The Ind Coope Brewery Tap and it was the main drinking facility for the brewers who used to work at The Old Ind Coope Brewery which was opposite the pub respectively.

Ind Coope opened there Burton brewery site in 1856!

This picture below, shows an image of The Ind Coope Cask Loading and Cooperage bank.

I do wish I could have been born around these times just so I could see the huge excitement that went on in the brewing streets of Burton Upon Trent.

In 1976 new history was born, launched onsite at The Ind Coope Brewery Tap brought the new Arrival of Draught Burton Ale (4.8% ABV)

What a beautiful designed Pump-Clip this looks.

Next, in the year 1999, the pub was sold to the former Punch Taverns pub group (Now Heineken).

Then, in the year 2007 the pub was sold on again to Admiral Taverns.

Around the 2000s this classic pub also played it’s part by being a traditional Inn aswell as being a pub, but this outcome didn’t last for long.

It now just stands as a traditional local and classic pub.


On a very welcoming Saturday afternoon, I did my particular interest which was to pop out into the town and sample some real ale.

The first place I stumbled across was The Roebuck Inn, this white traditional painted pub brought beer galore to my eyes.

You can tell by the windows upstairs that this pub used to offer overnight facilities.

This is a picture of the front of the pub.

What an astonishing and remarkable pub this looks.

When entering inside you’re welcomed by a beautiful and rustic character with plenty of seating around the edge of the bar.

I do like the idea of having just the one room especially in The Roebuck because it gives you a fantastic chance to roam and mingle in with the locals.

I was happily welcomed by the landlady of the pub (Julie Latham), who was very friendly to speak to and certainly new her knowledge on all the beers and the pub history.

This is another thing I adore, all the publicans that know there history it just brings a fantastic impression of the pub and the people.

The picture below is Julie and her awesome bar team.

The team are literally so lovely that’s why I always come back!

I admired the bar and saw what was on offer, the ales which were on this day all looked very tempting.

What a marvellous range of Cask Ales.

There was also plenty of lagers to choose from e.g. (Carling (4.0% ABV), Coors Light (4.2% ABV) , San Miguel (5.0% ABV) and many others)

A wide selection of wines, ciders and spirits were avaliable.

You’ll be guaranteed your glass will not be left empty for certain.

I opted for a pint of Stuart Gates Reservoir and I must say it was absolutely gorgeous, you could see the beautiful lacing running down the glass.


I got speaking to a fantastic man in the pub who was originally an Ind Coope worker, his stories were amazing, the passion he had for the Brewing Industry was amazing.

Whilst indulging into my beer I found out that the pub does local live bands on a Sunday Evening, I was persuaded by the worker that I needed to come to one and experience the atmosphere, I took his promise.

The Roebuck Inn is a tremendous pub it brings history to life, there is always a variety of beer to choose from and it’s always full of loving regulars.

Please be sure to stop by at The Roebuck Inn as it’s perfectly located next to Burton on Trent Train Station. RESULT (Hahahaha)

This was my Public Bar Review on The Roebuck Inn, I hope you have enjoyed it!

Thank You for all your continued support.

Luke x


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