Draught Burton Ale (4.8% ABV)

In my last ‘Public Bar Post’ I tied Ind Coope’s Draught Burton Ale in with The Roebuck Inn , I believe it’s only right that today I link Draught Burton Ale to this post.

Let’s Commence!

Ind Coope Draught Burton Ale (Or DBA for short) was first brewed in 1976 by a national group Allied Breweries within The Ind Coope Brewery facility in Burton Upon Trent.

Geoff Mumford and Bruce Wilkinson who are currently the owners for Burton Bridge Brewery were among the brewers who helped to succeed this beer throughout Burtons Brewing Industry.

These two iconic gentleman also helped to formulate the recipe for the beer.

If I was you and a job comes up like this, I would take it, why would you not want to formulate beer recipes, all the beer you can get.

The quality of DBA can be measured by the fact that it’s the only beer brewed by a national brewer to have won CAMRA’s Champion Beer of Britain award in 1990.

What a fantastic image, which shows the original Inde Coope Pumpclip.

Just after two years of DBA being launched in 1979 Allied merged with J Lyons Coffee and Confectionery group to form Allied Lyons.

However, their was some dispute as people didn’t really like the idea of this merger taken place, just basically down to the fact J Lyons had hardly any interest within the brewing industry.

Then, in 1991, the whole division was cemented and the breweries within Allied Lyons merged with Carlsberg to form Calsberg-Tetley.

Suddenly, just like what happened with with Allied Lyons, this merger was not meant to be successful.

It felt like this famous traditional DBA was being destroyed by a well-known brewery.

In 1996 there was shares which were sold within Carlsberg-Tetley to Burtons popular neighbour Bass.

Bass took over the original Ind Coope plant this basically meant the production of DBA had to be transferred all the way up to Tetley in Leeds

Throughout production in Yorkshire, the whole credibility for DBA was lost, it was meant to be a Burton Ale and now all that history had vanished.

The giant corporation of Carlsberg had killed this beer and many people and Inde Coope brewers were sad to see DBA was no more.

The production of DBA was ceased.

But wait though, was it……

In 2015, with the help from Geoff Mumford and Bruce Wilkinson they made the fantastic news and stated that Draught Burton Ale was returning to our bars.

They formally produced and brewed the beer as close to the original recipe as they could.

DBA made its debut at Burton CAMRA Beer Festival in 2015

The two heroes of Burton Bridge Brewery brought Brewery Beer Heritage back to life for Burton Upon Trent and still to this very day, the beer has increased in popularity.

Cheers to Geoff and Bruce!

DBA was born once again!

Tasting Notes

DBA (4.8% ABV) is brewed as close to the original old Ind Coope recipe. A malty and hoppy beer with infused fruits which leaves a fantastic bitter finish.

Completely moreish!


Now, unfortunately I wasn’t born in the Ind Coopes days so I couldn’t lie and compare both beers.

I would have loved to sample the original beer.

Overall when I stopped by at Burton Bridge Brewery I had to sample DBA and what a fantastic beer it was, it was completely moreish and it provided a fantastic hoppy aftertaste.

Just what I like!

Throughout the pub there was so much memorabilia on the walls, which included historic mirrors and pictures.

The pub was just full of character and love.

This pint was absolutely PERFECT!


I have to admit to you if it wasn’t for Geoff and Bruce from Burton Bridge, DBA wouldn’t be on any handpumps today.

It is all thanks to there passion and there knowledge from Ind Coope and us people of Burton are proud of it.

Once the pubs are reopened, if you’re thinking of travelling to Burton Upon Trent, I would hugely persuade you to stop off at Burton Bridge Brewery and sample the tremendous DRAUGHT BURTON ALE!

Even our Prime Minister Boris Johnson approves it!

If Boris loves it, then we all will love it!


Luke x




14 Comments on “Draught Burton Ale (4.8% ABV)”

  1. I was born in Burton, the importance of beer has been drilled into me 😂 My godfather worked at Marstons and would bring a case of beer with him when he visited, great guy 😂 I remember trips to the Bass museum as a kid.

    I’m too young to have tried the original DBA, I’ll certainly be trying the new version when the chance arises.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s a pleasure to receive a comment from you, as myself I am from Burton. I’ve been to Marston’s and to the Bass Museum, I used to work at the Bass Museum a couple of years ago. Thanks for your comment very appreciated 😊🍻🍻

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi,
    When are you going to start getting Burton Ale into North Bristol pubs especially Winterbourne and Frampton Cotterell areas. I’m sure it would do a brisk trade in these parts. Fabulous Beer.


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