Public Bar Review – Date Night at The Crossing – August 2019

I am really looking forward to writing this review about this pub as I decided to take my girlfriend, Isobel on a date night there for a meal.

I can honestly tell you we didn’t leave disappointed!

Today’s post is about The Crossing which is a beautiful and modernised gastropub situated in the town centre of Burton Upon Trent.


The name of the pub refers to the original train level crossing which was situated on the high street.

Back in the days when Burtons Brewing Industry was substantial, trains were used to transport well-water around to different breweries along the train line.

The role of steam back in the historic brewery days made a vital importance to the brewing industry.

On the picture below you can actually see for yourself a picture of ‘The Crossing’.

On the left-hand side at the top of the picture, you’ll notice a very old level crossing signal box, well believe it or not that is actually now where The Crossing pub stands.

In 1890 Marston’s acquired the pub and it was branded as The Blue Post, majority of people who live in Burton still remember this name today.

In 1925 the pub was then sold on to Worthingtons, but this was shortlived.

Sadly the building was demolished and many people were wondering was that the end of this traditional pub.

Well, luckily when Worthingtons merged with Bass in 1927, a rebuild of the infrastructure was complete and The Blue Post made another appearance.

History had been saved!

The Blue Posts remained as a Bass pub until 2002 and then the building became a privately owned free house.

Next, in 2006 Enterprise Inns brought the land and branded the pub as an eatery.

It opened as The Cosmo and then shortly became The Brewers Bar.

Now, due to struggling demand The Brewers Bar sadly closed and then the pub became a Spanish restaurant: Caliente

Once again down to unpopular interest the eatery closed and then stood empty for a couple of years.

Finally, in May 2015 a deal was struck, The Ei Group (formally Enterprise Inns) rebranded the eatery as a gastropub and successfully The Crossing was born.

Still to this very day the pub still stands and brings in many customers from Burton and other towns nearby.

The Crossing has also got two sister pubs which are also managed by the same company.

The Exeter Arms – Derby

The Devonshire – Belper

Below shows a picture of The Crossing as it stands today:


I was so glad that I booked a table here for myself and Isobel as it looked a fantastic place to go to.

As we ventured in we were welcomed by the friendly waitress who sat us to our table, the pub had a fantastic unique character which brought the place alive.

We both could feel the marvellous rustic-feel that was inside the pub, even the tables and chairs were just perfectly matched for the building.

It was just only us two in the restaurant but that didn’t bother us as it made the setting more romantic, which I really approved.

There were plenty of regulars enjoying their drinks in the main-bar section.

When it came to drinks, Isobel went for a southern comfort and lemonade and I had to go for a pint of Bass and what a PERFECT PINT it was.

The waitress kindly took our food order and we went straight in for a two-course, we waited for dessert in case we were too full.

Our food options were:


Isobel – Szechuan Salt and Pepper Squid

Luke – Mac N Seas

Both starters tasted fabulous and we both decided to try a nibble at each other’s choices.

Main Course

Isobel – Woodsman Chicken

Luke – Smoky Pork Crock-Pot

We both certainly weren’t left disappointed with our mains and once again they both tasted amazing.

I said to Isobel after finishing our mains whether or not she wanted a dessert and to be fair by this point we were both pretty much stuffed, but I insisted we should have one and we did and to make it more romantic we shared one together.


Isobel and I chose The Mars Bar And Mascarpone Cheesecake, with a pot of tea on the side and it completely ticked all the boxes, there was no fault with the pudding at all.

The bill was reasonably priced and we both agreed that the service and food were both tremendous.

We passed our fantastic compliments onto the chef.

After we paid and said our goodbyes we both left the crossing with a very happy smile and made our way home with a stuffed stomach.


This was a fantastic evening we both fully enjoyed the whole evening, I personally wanted to make sure Isobel enjoyed the evening as much as I did.

We both agreed that we would come back to The Crossing again.

Once pubs re-open after the Coronavirus Situation and you’re thinking of travelling to Burton you must stop off at The Crossing and tuck into a feast of a meal.

Isobel and I do highly recommend this pub and we both really do hope you have a marvellous time just like how our night was.

I hope you have enjoyed my review of The Crossing

Take Care and Stay Safe

Luke x

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