Abdominal Stoneman (7.0% ABV)

Hello to my fantastic followers I am here today to bring you a fantastic Cask Ale Review post on a tremendous beer that I have come in to contact with during the UK Coronavirus Lockdown.

In March 2019, I was truly lucky to meet my fantastic and gorgeous girlfriend Isobel.

When Isobel told me that she was from Stone which is in Staffordshire, I just knew straight away that I needed to do some research into this fantastic town.

Then, after doing some research on the Internet I was absolutely amazed and felt really happy to find out that there is a brewery which is located in Stone, this made me think it’s only right to do a post on one of the beers that are produced at this brewery.


Abdominal Stoneman is brewed in the heart of The Lymestone Brewery which is based in Stone (Staffordshire).

The Lymestone Brewery was first established in 2008, the brewery uses the original architecture which belonged to The Bents Brewery which was built in 1889.

All beers can be found in the majority of Stones pubs, especially in the Weatherspoons Pub – The Poste Of Stone.

You simply cannot beat a traditional Spoons Pint!

(Enjoy Staffordshire) was also proud to award Lymestone Brewery a Tourism Certificate, down to the dominating numbers of people that have done tours around the brewery.

Well Done to Lymestone Brewery!

Abdominal Stoneman has been brewing at The Lymestone Brewery since the brewery started up and in all honestly, the beer is completely fantastic, I am really looking forward to telling you my personal review on this classic traditional beer later on in this post.

Underneath is a picture of the former Bents Brewery on the (Top) and the new Lymestone Brewery on the (Bottom).

Both buildings do look familiar in my eyes, the only slight difference is the two chimneys which are used to brew beer.

Furthermore, inside the building would have got a complete revamp with newer modern brewing technology.

Tasting Notes

Abdominal Stoneman (7.0% ABV) is a classical hoppy pale ale, it provides a crisp hopped finish, leaving a complete moreish aftertaste on the palate.

The beer was proud to be awarded SIBAs Bronze 2014 Regional Winner in bottled form.

All bees from The Lymestone Brewery are produced in Cask form and in unconditioned bottles (Contains no sediment i.e. yeast)


I came across this beer when I, Isobel and Isobel’s Dad were at Trentham Gardens in Stoke On Trent.

We were in the small Brown and Green store and I had to go and check out the beers that were on offer to takeout.

There were loads to choose from, but the shop had a fantastic offer on for 3 Beers for £12.00, I felt this was reasonably priced.

I saw the Lymestone Brewery beers and came across Abdominal Stoneman, the bottle looked so pretty, however, when I saw the ABV, I was utterly stunned.

7.0% ABV – Wow that is strong!

I don’t usually drink high ABV ales just because I think if I’ve had 1, I am basically on the next stage of getting slightly tipsy.

However, I was persuaded by the bottle so I got it, in fact, I bought 3 different bottles for £12.00!

On Tuesday 7th April 2020 during the UK lockdown, it was a beautiful sunny day and I just thought, I wanted to try the Abdominal Stoneman I got from Trentham Gardens.

Through sampling, I couldn’t believe what I was trying, it was amazing, the aromas were fantastic, you could smell the hops rising up from inside the glass.

It was completely moreish, I really wish I brought two bottles from the shop because it was literally the PERFECT PINT!

There was absolutely nothing wrong with this beer at all, I have to persuasively recommend it to you.

Just so you can see the perfection of the beer, here is a picture of me digging into this quality ale.


Ahhhhhhhh Beautiful!


To end this post, I have got to tell you how much I adore this ale, it is just magnificent!

Sadly, this beer is not available in many Burton Upon Trent pubs, if any of my followers do come across Abdominal Stoneman or any other Lymestone Brewery beers please do let me know.

I personally want to try this beer again and hopefully one day I will be able to.

Maybe next time I can try it off the pumps and see if there is any difference in taste.

On the other hand, once we are out of lockdown and are able to travel to places, I have to recommend you to go to The Trentham Gardens Village in Stoke On Trent, it is amazing.

Once you find the Brown and Green store at Trentham Gardens, please do check out the amazing bottles of beers on offer and make a purchase, especially on the Lymestone Brewery beers.

Plus at Trentham Gardens there is a craft ale bar on-site, I also recommend this place as well as they do some fantastic craft ales on tap.

Make sure you indulge yourself into a traditional British classic Real Ale.


Luke x


1 Comments on “Abdominal Stoneman (7.0% ABV)”

  1. This is a lovely beer, whether from bottle or on draught. To my palate at least, it doesn’t taste quite as powerful as you’d imagine for a 7% ABV ale. The first mouthful does taste very alchoholic but this subsequently becomes less dominant and the beer is deceptively easy to drink, unlike the similar Titanic brewed Wreckage which tastes and feels much more of a heavyweight all the way down the glass despite only being fractionally stronger.
    As an aside, Lymestone brew a vast range of seasonal beers over and above 6 or 7 regulars. Many of these are available in bottle directly from the brewery and on draught from the adjacent brewery tap, The Borehole, which I can highly recommend. Of the regular beers, Cherry Stone (cherry flavoured) and Stone Dead (stout) are superb.


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