The Dog Inn – Public Bar Review

If you’re a huge fan of Real Ale then you will absolutely fall in love with this boozer, I have been here a couple of times and each time I go the pub it never fails to disappoint.

Today’s post is going to be on The Dog Inn, which is a 5 Star recommendation I am passing onto you.


A fantastic quirky, half-timbered pub that dates back to the 19th Century, it is situated on the main stretch off the town centre of Burton Upon Trent, just opposite Burton and South Derbyshire College.

Firstly, the building was part of the Marquis of Anglesey’s Estate and then up until 1867 the infrastructure was sold to a private owner.

The pub was then leased to Worthington’s in 1873 and then shortly after in 1875 Worthington’s bought the pub.

Then many years later in 1927, a major deal was struck between three breweries – Worthington’s merged with Bass, Ratcliff and Gretton.

Furthermore, around the 1990s the pub became an Irish bar O’Neill’s, however, the pub still kept its tradition as being a Bass pub.

Just what the people of Burton wanted!

Just so that all my followers remember, the picture below is the Bass Trademark which was the first registered trademark in the whole of Britain.

It remained a Bass pub up until around the year 2000.

The pub then became privately owned once again and the name of the building was reverted back.

However, down to research and finding evidence to back up my post, I can’t actually find what the name of the pub was actually called (Sadly).

After this, in 2005 the site was then bought by a branded pub company (Enterprise Inns) and The Dog Inn was born.

This lasted for 10 years before a brewery operative took over the business and still remains in place today and they’re Black Country Ales.

This is such a remarkable brewery heritage building which has brought so much history to Burton and what they have on offer on the bar will leave your mouth-watering.

Since The Dog Inn has been operated the pub has picked up a substantial amount of CAMRA (Campaign Of Real Ale) awards, here are just a few examples.

  • CAMRA Good Beer Guide 2019
  • Burton and South Derbyshire CAMRA Pub of the year 2019
  • Burton and South Derbyshire CAMRA Pub of the year 2018

As you can see some great achieving awards here from just a small pub in Burton, it’s such a remarkable feeling because you know once you step up to that bar, you’ll be awarded with such a gorgeous pint of beer.


On one Thursday afternoon in December 2019, I was out with the Ex Bass Brewery employees, these are people I became friends with when I previously worked at The National Brewery Centre.

The group all agreed to go to The Dog Inn, this was my first time venturing into this pub so I was really excited.

From the outside, the pub looks like a classic Tudor House which to me made the character of the building look completely astonishing.

Then, entering inside, you’re surrounded by a U shape style room, with the bar situated in the middle of the room, I found it really cosy inside, it is slightly dark, but that sets the scene especially on this cold winter night, it felt very comfortable.

Afterwards, I merged myself up to the bar and boy I was in for a massive shock, I was only expecting to be like 3 or 4 beers to choose from, but no, there were 11 CASK ALES to decide from!

I stayed silent for like 2 minutes, trying to take everything in, it literally took my whole breath away.

There were so many Cask Ales to choose from, such as the famous Draught Bass, classic ales from Black Country Ales and an enormous amount of guest beers.


Of course like any other pub, there were other options to choose from, selection of lagers, wines and spirits.

On the other hand, there was something even more spectacular, the bar had a vast amount of UK wide craft ales to choose from.

In Burton, it’s very rare that hardly any of the pubs do any craft ales so in my eyes I thought this was very special to come across.

Even more, another unique object in the pub was the cask ale board behind the bar which provided the list of beers that were ‘Chilling In The Cellar’ – What a personal touch I thought this was to this wonderful place, at least you can plan your next outing.

I couldn’t decide what to have, but I came across one familiar beer which I’ve tried before and that was Worthington Whiteshield.

The beer tasted absolutely exceptional, it was beautiful with a nice thick creamy head, this is just what I was wanting, a PERFECT PINT!

Whiteshield is particularly strong (5.6% ABV), but it was so moreish, I obviously had to go in for another pint, afterwards, I changed to a chocolate porter!

The porter was brewed by Thornbridge Brewery and it was called Cocoa Wonderland (6.8% ABV), again this pint was tremendous and very chocolaty.

I felt like I was eating a Chocolate Brownie from a glass!

Once I finished the beer, I was done and completed.

The pump-clip is pictured below:

After finishing up my pint, it was time to go and head home where there was a beautiful curry waiting for me to feast on!


Well what can I say, I ventured into this fantastic, quirky pub and came out with a huge smile on my face.

Currently, this pub is closed due to the Coronavirus outbreak, however, I must reiterate to you that you must go when it reopens, there is limited parking down the road, but you do have to pay a small fee.

If I wasn’t disappointed when I left so I’m sure you’ll love it just like me.

The pub takes in everyone’s needs and I am 100% sure your glass won’t be left empty, just remember there are 11 pumps to choose from, so sensible drinking (Haha).

Beware though, the pub has a debit card limit, so it’s worthwhile to buy two pints or alternatively you can pay by cash.

I really cannot wait to go back to The Dog Inn again and once the pubs do reopen this will be my first place to stop off at and indulge myself into a beautiful beer.

Cheers To That!

Stay Safe

Luke x

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