Citra (4.2% ABV) – Cask Ale Review

Happy #MotivatedMonday# everyone, I hope all of my fantastic followers have had a brilliant weekend and that you have been indulging into some classic real ales.

I certainly have!

Today’s post is about a traditional, sweet beer which I first acknowledged in November 2019 at my new workplace which is Branston Golf And Country Club.

Since then, I have physically fallen in love with this beer and I am really excited to tell you that this review post is based on a beautiful pint of…



Citra is a sensational beer that is brewed by Oakham Ales in Cambridgeshire within the city of Peterborough.

Oakham Ales first started brewing in September 1993 in the Rutland area, however, the brewery then moved to its new home in Peterborough and has been there since 1998.

Oakham Ales are famous for being the first brewery in the UK to use 100% of Citra hops in one of there brews, however, only half of this fact relates to the beer which we’re talking about today.

I have to show you a picture of this fantastic brewery as it does look astonishing!

What a fantastic building this looks, I would love to come down to Peterborough and have a brewery tour of Oakham Ales.

Believe me, it must be worth it!

Citra was first launched in 2010 and Oakham Ales this year (2020) is proud to celebrate it’s 10th anniversary as it has appeared to be the most popular beer that you can find in many pubs.

A truly dominated beer it certainly is!

In 2014, Oakham Ales got presented an award at CAMRA’s Great British Beer Festival. Citra won Gold in the Golden Beer Category and became Champion Golden Beer of Britain.

What a fantastic achievement for this marvellous brewery!

In 2018, Oakham Ales decided to rebrand all there pump-clips so it could persuade people to buy their beer and it all successfully paid off.

Below is the former pump-clip image for the beer.

Now, I’ll tell you why the beer is called Citra, it’s basically just because the green leaf on the pump-clip is a Citra hop, which is a vital ingredient to use when making beer.

Furthermore in 2018 Oakham Ales were proud to celebrate there 25th Anniversary since they started brewing in September 1993.

Then, in 2019 Citra was awarded Champion Golden Beer of Britain for the second time in 6 years, this beer just gets better and better!

What a wonderful brewery this is and I believe they have got potential to achieve even more awards as time goes by, my credit goes out to Oakham Ales who are doing such a fantastic job brewing some tremendous beers.

Tasting Notes

Citra – 4.2& ABV – A zesty, hoppy, citrusy and session IPA, that leaves a beautiful sweet balanced bitter finish.

This beer uses the finest American hop – Citra

The beer is available either in 9 Gallon Firkin Casks or bottles.


As I said earlier, I first heard about this beer at my new work-place and I literally couldn’t wait to try it.

To act as a professional, I only chose to have a small sample of the beer at work and it was gorgeous.

Then I got persuaded by one of my friends to go to The Coopers Tavern to sample it on the handpump there.

On the evening I ventured into The Coopers Tavern, you can check out my Public Bar Review on The Coopers Tavern here.

I went straight in for my pint of Citra and it tasted absolutely beautiful, it was so crisp and refreshing.

I have to reiterate, that the tasting notes that have been provided for this beer do match for what you get poured into the glass.

It’s completely a session ale and within that, I indulged myself into another 3 pints of it.

I will quote that this is one of the best beers, I have ever had that’s brewed outside of Burton, I couldn’t pick no faults with it at all.

I completed my 3rd pint of Citra and finished on a Perfect Pint of Bass.

What an evening this was and to be awarded with a beautiful beer like this was just the best ale adventure ever.

I finished my bass and travelled back home, where I feasted into my mum’s Sunday Lunch, just what I needed!


I have to highly recommend this beer to you because the flavour of this traditional ale is just immense.

It’s basically a miracle in a pint glass, it’s not very often you’ll hear me say that!

If any of my followers are from the UK, the best bet of finding this beer are in majority of Peterborough pubs, somewhere I haven’t actually been yet, but would love to go when it’s safe!

Alternatively, you can either travel to Burton and you might be able to find it on in The Coopers Tavern or even at my workplace.

Sadly the beer isn’t distributed in all Burton pubs, but I would love to persuade a Burton Beer Bottle shop to get some in, you can checkout their page here (Brews Of The World)

I hope you have thoroughly enjoyed my article, I can guarantee you won’t be left disappointed with this beer and you’ll completely fall in love with it just like how I have.

Take Care Guys & Stay Safe

Luke x

Cheers To You All

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