Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem – Micropub Review

Well, would you believe it Friday is here just like that, which basically means it’s time for another Micropub Review.

Now, I will admit, this review is well overdue as I visited this small boozer in 2018, my apologies for the lateness.

Today’s Olde post is about a small micropub called Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem which is based in the city of Nottingham.


The Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem is a fantastic, quirky pub which dates back to the year 1189, it has been recognized as being the oldest Inn in England.

However, there is no actual documentation as to verify if this fact is completely accurate, I mean in my eyes I think it’s fantastic that a building has survived that long, so intentionally I do actually believe its the oldest.

Hopefully one day though, we will have an appropriate answer, because there is so much competition between other pubs suggesting that there building is the oldest.

The Micropub sits underneath the famous Nottingham Castle, this is something my girlfriend, Isobel really wants to go to.

The pub is also connected to several caves which are carved out of sandstone, history shows that the caves were used as a brewhouse for the castle which sits on top.

I will tell you more about the caves later on because I was given a fantastic tour of them!

The name of the pub sends us back to the year 1799, formally before that, it was believed to be known as the Pilgrim and this dates back to 1751.

The name Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem comes from the days of Pilgrims or Crusaders that would stop off at the Inn and then carry on their journey to Jerusalem.

Furthermore, the locals tend to name this magnificent pub as “The Trip”.

Research suggests that the oldest parts of the building were constructed around 1650 to 1660.

Here are just a few facts and myths that I am currently aware off about this pub:

  • Inside the pub in the lounge, there is a small wooden ship, some claims have suggested that anyone who has cleaned the ship has met mysterious death, (something I won’t be doing) Landlords, have refused anyone to dust it and now the ship model is encased in glass
  • Also inside the pub, there is an antique chair and again some mysterious claims have suggested that any woman who sits in the chair will get pregnant. However, this appeared to be just a small myth. The chair now sits upstairs in the lounge.
  • There has been 30+ landlords/landladies that have operated this pub and they all have brought there haunted stories which have happened in the past, especially noises that come from the caves and the cellars. (SPOOOOKY)
  • The final fact that I am aware of is that the pub is now a Greene King Owned pub, The Trip sells a huge amount of ale and a fantastic selection of food.

Well if this isn’t history then I am not sure what is, I still cannot believe that this is potentially the oldest Inn, in England, I just think that is magical.


Myself and my old company onsite Microbrewery, Heritage Brewing Company, ventured to Nottingham on a Thursday night for a small pub crawl.

Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem was the first place we stopped off at and I was completely blown away by the scale of the building, it looked absolutely tremendous and beautiful from the outside, I just had that feeling that the inside was going to bring something special and it did.

Entering inside, you’re are into the world of magic, it completely looked like you were sitting inside a cave which has a bar inside it, I was like WOW this is totally awesome.

The beers available on the evening were from The Nottingham Brewery which is a brewery basically situated in Nottingham (Haha).

I went for a pint of EPA (4.2% ABV) which is proudly brewed by The Nottingham Brewery, it is completely zesty, citrusy and very sweet, it was also very bright in colour as well, a sort of blonde beer.

Just what I wanted!

The pump-clip image is pictured below:

Next, the surprise, whilst drinking our pints, the Cellar Manager pointed out to us a telescope which is in the pub which is where you can look down into the caves.

I thought what a fantastic feature to have in the bar, I must have stared down for like 10 minutes trying to take in the history of what the caves were originally used for.

Then, I kindly spoke to the Cellar Manager and said if there was a chance of myself and my friends to go down and have a look at the caves, the answer was YES!

The Caves are now traditionally used as a Cellar which is where the pub stores all their beer, you can actually do tours of the caves as well, to make your day trip even more fascinating.

Just look at this amazing picture of the cellar caves, it’s just marvellous and surreal.

No joke this is an actual cellar which is has been planted into one of the caves, there is so much to see when you’re underground.

On entering down into the caves you do have to be careful, I mean there are steps, but they are not like proper built-in steps, so it was a good job we weren’t drunk or anything.

I couldn’t believe my eyes once we reached the bottom of the cave, I had to pause and just look around to take everything in, I was totally speechless, it was tremendous.

The caves were massive, there were like 6 different sections which had been turned into Cellars, I wanted to literally stay down here, it was just magnificent and inspirational for this Olde Inn.

The Cellar Manager did insist that you have to be quite physical in order to change the barrels, I could totally understand this, I would be too terrified to slip over if I was doing his job.

We all went back upstairs after looking around the caves and finished off our pints and then we sadly had to leave this tremendous pub and move onto a next alehouse.


This pub is unbelievable, I entered inside with a happy face and left with a glorious face, I wish we stayed in there longer, but we were short on time due to getting a train back to Burton Upon Trent.

This was my first time, I have actually travelled to Nottingham and it certainly won’t be my last.

I still take credit that I do believe it’s the oldest Inn, in England.

There is so much history to look at inside and the pub is always guaranteed an amazing atmosphere from its locals.

To receive special treatment as well by looking in the cellar caves, just ticked all the boxes.

I score this pub 5 stars out of 5 and I do have to recommend it to you because it’s just so beautiful from receiving a superb pint of beer and then to the history of the building.

Once the pubs do reopen, this has to be your first or last place to stop off and have a beer in.

Please do make sure you get the chance to look down the telescope into the caves and have a tour of them yourself, you really don’t know what you’re missing until you see it for yourself.

I will reiterate to you all that I can’t wait to get back to Nottingham and to venture back into The Trip, it’s totally worth it!

Thank you for taking the time to read this article, I hope you’ve enjoyed my latest Micropub review and I can’t wait to hear how your trip went at The Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem.

Take care guys and stay safe

Luke x

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