EPA (Extra Pale Ale) – 4.2% ABV – Cask Ale Review

Where did that weekend go? – In my eyes it went too quickly, however, I’ve had a fantastic weekend indulging into some of my favourite cask ales whilst being at home under the UK Lockdown.

Today’s post takes me back to 2018, this was when I visited Nottingham with my friends from the local microbrewery, you can read about this trip on my Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem micropub review post.

This cask ale post is going to be on the topic of EPA (Extra Pale Ale) 4.2% ABV.


EPA is a classical and traditional Pale Ale that is proudly brewed by The Nottingham Brewery, the brewery is obviously situated within the city of Nottingham.

The brewery name refers to two different breweries which are in the Nottingham area.

The first brewery was established in 1847 and lasted until 1960, according to reports.

There is more history to this brewery, however, I am saving the information for when I do one of my brewery posts which is going to be on The Nottingham Brewery.

The brewery was demolished and then a new hotel was built on the complex and in 2016 the hotel was demolished as well.

The new brewery which is the one I’ve been to in the past was established in 2001 in the Radford area of Nottingham.

Now, underneath is the picture of the new modernised brewery which is based in Radford.

This brewery is seriously remarkable, it is generally lucky that next door to the brewery there is a Nottingham Brewery owned pub, The Plough Inn.

It’s one of the main pubs in the area which the brewery supply beer to and pretty much the only beers that are available are Nottingham beers.

Another fact I know is that EPA was first produced and distributed around the pubs in Nottingham since 2008 and has been proven popular ever since.

Tasting Notes

A light coloured beer that is exceptionally well-balanced smooth ale with a light fragrant hop finish.

Completely citrusy and zesty.

Bronze Award Winner at The Great British Beer Festival in 2004.

The beer is available in Firkin Casks or in Bottles which are sedimented at the bottom of the bottle.


The first time I came across this beer was in Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem in Nottingham, when I came to order my pint at the bar, the bartender did suggest to try the beer without the sparkler.

Now, a sparkler is what you put on the end of the spout which is what the beer comes out of and the main responsibility of using a sparkler is to create a creamy head at the top of the glass.

Most ale drinkers like myself, we prefer a perfect pint rather than a flat pint.

Unfortunately, I went against what the bartender proposed and had a natural headed pint and it tasted fantastic.

It was completely moreish, sweet and citrusy.

This is one particular conclusion I adore about my ales, the sweetness that the beer provides gives it a fantastic aroma of flavours and a tremendous after taste.

I couldn’t complain about the beer and I passed my personal thanks onto the cellar manager on how well the beer tasted and how perfectly it was conditioned.

I finished my pint of EPA and myself and my brewery friends headed onto our next alehouse.


Since trying this beer in 2018, I’ve also tried it a couple of times at my old workplace The National Brewery Centre and I must say it still tastes just as good for when I first tried it in Nottingham.

I would also like to try this beer in a bottle but the only issue is that Nottingham Brewery doesn’t have much logistical work in my hometown area (Burton Upon Trent).

Sadly, out of all the pubs I have been into in Burton only 1 pub has provided Nottingham Brewery Beers on a limited basis and now in 2020, I haven’t seen their beers on tap at all.

One day, hopefully, I am going to persuade some of my favourite boozers and try and get some of Nottingham Brewery beers back in the town again.

If they’re popular in Nottingham, I’m sure they will be popular in Burton as well.

Come on Nottingham Brewery,  you can do it!

This has been my Cask Ale Review post on EPA, I hope you’ve enjoyed it!

If you’ve got any questions, then, by all means, please leave a comment on my blog and I’ll answer them as best as I can.

For now, though to my fabulous followers, Take Care and Stay Safe!

Luke x

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  1. I have to say this isn’t an ale I’m familiar with but it sounds perfect for summer. And I didn’t know about the sparkler either, that’s something new I’ve learned today, thank you so much. Stay safe and keep sampling! 🙂

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