The Boars Head Hotel – Date Night Review

I’ve done a lot of Public Bar Reviews lately, so I thought I’ll try something different and do a Date Night Review for where me and Isobel have been.

The place I will be talking about today is amazing, it is one of mine and Isobel’s favourite foodie places to go to, there is so much that we both love about this place and I can’t wait to share our Date Night Review with you all.

The Boars Head Hotel 


The Boars Head Hotel is one of the most tremendous and wonderful leading hotels in Sudbury (Derbyshire).

I believe the hotel is around 40 years old and was first established to be created to allow people to stay over and explore Derbyshire.

The Boars Head Hotel is part of a small Derbyshire Hotel chain – JC Hotels

This hotel has approximately 23 bedrooms, which are fully equipped with the main necessities.

Furthermore, there is a fantastic, modernised bar and restaurant for customers who may wish to stop by, plus there is a private bar for customers who are staying.

The hotel also offers a separate function room for specific occasions which may include buffets or a sit-down meal e.g. Wakes, Music Tributes, Christmas Party Nights

Around the area, you will be able to find some amazing places to go and visit, one place where me and Isobel have been to is Sudbury Hall (The Museum of Childhood).

This stately building is part of The National Trust which happily enough me and Isobel signed up to be members off, ( I seriously recommend it)

At The Boars Head, there is so much food to choose from, the pub does a traditional Carvery every single day of the week, plus a selection of specials and the classic main menu.

Carvery prices are relatively cheap –

Monday – Saturday (12-2pm) – £7.45

Monday – Saturday (6-8.30pm) – £7.95

Sunday – All Day – £8.75

Now, currently due to the UK Coronavirus situation, the hotel at this moment in time is closed, however, I must reiterate once it’s safe to do so that you must visit this pub because me and Isobel have absolutely fallen in love with this place and now I will show you why!


Me and Isobel came to this place after exploring Sudbury Hall and we both agreed that we would stop off at The Boars Head Hotel for a bite to eat.

Now, you do have to plan to come to this place at the right time as it does get incredibly busy and due to the day we went the weather was gorgeous so the car park was pretty packed, but thankfully we found a space.

When you enter inside, you are welcomed by a friendly atmosphere from all the members of staff.

The characteristic inside the pub is also very special, it looks completely modern.

There are separate areas of the pub you can sit in, the restaurant, the snug, the main bar area and finally the fireplace area.

We chose to sit near the fire on a table near the back, you could feel the warmth coming off the fire, it was the perfect place to sit at and it was privately enclosed in.

For drinks, there was a huge selection, there was a couple of Cask Beers to choose from, but I opted for a pint of Carling and Isobel had a Southern Comfort with Lemonade.

Then, we grabbed our menus and we both insisted to go for a 3-course meal, I mean we weren’t in any rush at all, so we thought it was worth it.

For starters, Isobel decided we should share a Camembert with Extra Bread, I thought this was an excellent choice.

And it was absolutely beautiful and very cheesy, it was so good that I took a picture of it just so that I can show you all.

food 1

Just look how scrumptious it looks, it was totally divine!

I was also so glad I selected to come here for food because one of the chefs (Elly) who cooks in the kitchen used to work with me at The National Brewery Centre and she told me that she had got a treat for our dessert.

Then, Isobel ordered lamb on the bone for mains and I ordered Belly Pork!

I was in a dilemma whether to go for a carvery of a burger, on the other hand, the Belly Pork sounded tasty!

Once again the food was terrific and so bloody beautiful, it was perfect and the presentation of the food on the plate just made the meal look and taste even more spectacular.

Here are pictures of our main courses!

belly pork






The gravy was thick which is just how I love it and the meat was so tender, me and Isobel both tried each other’s dishes and we couldn’t complain, it was magnificent!

Afterwards, we were both starting to feel a bit full, so we both decided to order a pot of tea, whilst we were letting our dinner go down and we ended up playing a couple of card games.

Isobel taught me how to play Freeze which was a really good card game, we must have played about 6 games and not one of these games I won, Isobel is ultimately the Freeze champion.

Then, Isobel persuaded me to have a game at speed and the aim of the game was to basically get rid of all yours card, I was way to slow, Isobel once again smashed me at this game like 5 times, if you want to play cards against someone then I will admit you should have a battle with my girlfriend!

Then, I wanted to take a couple of pictures of us two enjoying our romantic meal together and to be fair all the pictures below do show what a gorgeous and adorable my girlfriend Isobel is!

She makes me very happy indeed!

isobel 1

Isobel 2

Isobel 3

Don’t we just look such a cute couple together, today feels so special writing this post as tomorrow (4th May) it will be our 1st anniversary since I asked Isobel to be my girlfriend.

Sadly, due to the current situation, we haven’t seen each other in over a month, but hopefully, it won’t be long until we are reunited back together.

Next, once we finished playing cards and taking selfies we were ready for dessert and very kindly Elly managed to cook us our favourite pudding – Sticky Gingernut Sponge with Custard.

It was the best out of this world, it was so sweet and it perfectly ended the meal with a smile!

We both finished our Dessert and went to settle our bill for all 3-course meal and drinks it came to £60.00, which I thought was good value for money.

Me and Isobel said our goodbyes and headed off back home to chill for the rest of the evening!


Me and Isobel hugely recommend The Boars Head Hotel to you all, it’s one of the best places we have been to for food and we are so lucky to be classed as regulars.

From the service to the food and to the atmosphere, this pub provides a wonderful treat, especially if you want a romantic meal or even a family meal.

If you’re a National Trust member and visiting Sudbury Hall or even if you’re visiting Derbyshire for an adventure then why not stop off at The Boars Head Hotel and feast yourself into a magnificent meal, just like me and Isobel did, you won’t be left disappointed for sure.

Thank You

I hope you have enjoyed my latest post on my Date Night Review at The Boars Head Hotel, please feel free to leave any comments.

But for now, Take Care and Stay Safe!

Luke x




7 Comments on “The Boars Head Hotel – Date Night Review”

  1. Ahh the Boars Head, Mother’s Day and Fathers Day when I was kid, way back when in the 90s was either spent here or at the Mackworth Hotel. Been many years since I’ve been there, mainly due to everyone but my grandparents have moved further north into Derbyshire.

    It’s a place I’d really like to go again, will bring back a lot of memories. One for the list when everything opens again.

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