Wolf Rock Red IPA (4.8% ABV) – Craft Keg Ale Review

Hello everyone, hope you’re well!

Today’s post is slightly different as it’s specifically based on a Craft Keg Ale rather than a traditional Cask Ale.

Welcome to my review post on Wolf Rock Red IPA!


Wolf Rock is a classical red IPA which is brewed by Sharp’s Brewery in Cornwall.

Sharp’s Brewery is one of the many popular breweries which is based in the UK, the brewery has been owned by Molson Coors Brewing Company (Burton Upon Trent) since 2011 and all Beer supply from Sharp’s is distributed through Molson Coors.

Wolf Rock made its official debut to the brewery in 2014 and at first, it was only marginally available to pubs and clubs around Cornwall.

However, over time it has become increasingly popular through the northern part of the country, I will admit I have seen this Craft Ale on a couple of bars in Burton Upon Trent (My Hometown).

On the other hand, the pubs that this craft ale has been supplied to was on a temporary basis only.

Why is it called Wolf Rock Red IPA?

The answer is…

8 miles off Land’s End lies Wolf Rock, which is one of Cornwall’s infamous offshore reefs.

It’s named after the echoing haunting cry that can be heard across the ocean in severe gales, this cry warned sailors of its impending peril.

Here is a picture of Wolf Rock in Cornwall!

The waves certainly look very bumpy, I certainly wouldn’t like to be out there alone!

The name of this infamous lighthouse is called the Wolf Rock Lighthouse – situated off Land’s End.

Wolf Rock is available in 30 Litres Kegs and can also be produced in 500ml bottles.

It’s a craft ale because the beer can only be found on draught, not handpumps.

Draught products involve the use of Carbon Dioxide and a keg coupler in order to pour the beer out of the tap on the bar.

The CO2 provides the fizziness inside the glass, plus the CO2 delivers impressive flavourings to provide marvellous aromas.

Wolf Rock has been awarded quite a few times over the past 6 years, here are just a couple that the beer has achieved.

Brussels Beer Challenge Silver 2014

The Beer Awards – 3-star beer 2016

International Beer Challenge Gold 2017

Wolf Rock has become a popular craft ale over the years and Sharp’s Brewery have indicated that this won’t just be the only Craft Ale in production.

I wonder what could be next?

Tasting Notes

Wolf Rock is a fusion of red IPA ale, the ale is combined with Noble and New World hops, the finest special malt is to provide its distinctive flavour.

At 4.8% BV The Wolf is to be respected!


I’ve tried this craft ale a couple of times now, the most recent time was in a bar in Burton called The Dial.

The ale is absolutely satisfying, at first glance, it looks like a smooth stout.

However, after taking my first gulp, the beer is indulged with beautiful sweet flavourings, there is a succulent malty flavour with hoppy tastes on the palate.

The head of the beer provides a creamy flavour to deliver a substantial bitter finish.

Wolf Rock is a classical moreish craft ale, it should only be consumed lightly!


However, this still doesn’t stop you from having a couple of pints of this terrific beer, in other terms what I am trying to say is that I am recommending Wolf Rock to you, it’s amazing and completely gorgeous and should not be missed!


I seriously can’t wait to try more of this beer again, finding it in Burton pubs is now becoming increasingly difficult.

One day, when it’s safe to do so, I am really hoping that Sharp’s Brewery will make the right choice and provide this ale in many more pubs, but there is only one thing we can do and that is just to wait and see!

This concludes my review post on Wolf Rock Red IPA, I hope you’ve enjoyed it and if you’re thinking of travelling to Cornwall, please do try this amazing ale and take into account what you’re going to indulge yourself into!

Take Care Everyone and please Stay Safe!

Luke x

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  1. My favorite thing about craft beer companies is the cool story that always comes along with them. I love the unique name they came up with and the back story for Wolf Rock. Very cool.

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