Marston’s Brewery (Part 6) – The Finale

Well here it is, my final chapter on Marston’s Brewery, I have thoroughly enjoyed bringing you all a fantastic insight into this tremendous Brewing Heritage building and I must admit I have learnt some new information that I wasn’t aware of, that is the added bonus.

Today’s last Marston’s Brewery post will be on The Eagle Brewery!


Let’s now go back to October 2006 when the former Wells and Young’s Brewery was formed, the site is situated in the city of Bedford and was ran by Charles Wells who took full control of the business.

Wells and Young’s had the responsibilities for brewing, distributing and marketing of all the beers which are branded by this brewery.

Then, in 2007 the brewery bought the Courage brands – Courage Best and Courage Directors which concluded to be the two popular beers.

Furthermore, in 2015 the brewery went under a full rebrand and decided to rename their brewery as Charles Wells, this was the first name that was branded to the site in Bedford.

2 years later in May 2017, Charles Wells made the ultimate decision to sell the brewery and the wine business to Marston’s Brewery along with the Bombardier and McEwans brands.

Marston’s set out a proposed plan to set up a separate brewery in Bedford within 2 years (2019) to brew Charles Well branded beers.

The Wells Brewery was renamed as The Eagle Brewery and Young’s rebranded there two beers which were Bitter and Special to London Original and London Special.

Still to this day Marston’s currently owns the brewery and brews, markets and distributes all of the current brands.

If you’re local to the area of Bedford or if you’re visiting you can actually go for a tour of The Eagle Centre, this centre provides the fantastic history of the former Charles Wells brewery.

I have never been before, but once it’s safe to do so, I would love to go for a visit and find out some more information about this marvellous place.

To give you a view, the picture below shows The Eagle Centre with the brewery situated on the left-hand side.

It sure does look an amazing place to go and visit, so I will reiterate I truly can’t wait to go.

This brewery has some fantastic history and to see how they first started as just a small independent brewery to now being owned by the mainstream brewery of Marston’s is really amazing to see.

I will now move on to your favourite part of the post which is where I talk about the beers from this brewery.

The Eagle Brewery Beers

Eagle IPA – 3.6% ABV – Famed from its satisfying flavour, Eagle provides a complex and interesting taste.

Bombardier Amber Beer – 4.7% ABV – Brewed using the finest British Hops and fresh mineral water from The Eagle Brewery Well. A fruity aroma along with a malty taste which provides a crisp and mouthwatering beer. Tangy and sultana fruit flavours finish on the palate.

Bombardier Garden Beer – 4.7% ABV – Plenty of zesty aromas, a fresh crispness tingle with a smooth lasting finish. A rich citrus fruits taste provides a dry and refreshing beer.

Courage Best Bitter – 4.0% ABV – Hazelnut in colour with sweet aromas. A malty flavour and distinctive hop character, a very easy drinking moreish ale.

Courage Directors Superiors Ale – 4.8% ABV – Amber ale with a full character with a spicy hop aroma.  A crisp, fruity, nutty hops and long-lasting finish.

That is all the classic and traditional beers that are brewed at The Eagle Brewery, I must say don’t they all look fantastic, I have only tried one of the listed beers and that is Bombardier Golden Beer and I must say it was completely gorgeous, so it’s well worth the try, I mean all of them are if you can handle it in one session! (Hahaha)


This now concludes my finale post on The Eagle Brewery part of Marston’s Brewery, as I said earlier I have really enjoyed the adventure and exploring the perks of Marston’s Brewery and of course all of their other owned businesses.

Just so you can see what I have brought to you throughout the journey, underneath is all the links to each of the breweries that I have talked about.

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As the years go by, Marston’s may have their own developments of probably taking on more breweries, but that is a don’t know statement!

For now, Marston’s Brewery is sticking with the five current businesses that they have and will continue to brew beer for all outlets.

Massive thank you to all for being part of this journey, I hope you all have a fantastic Bank Holiday Weekend, especially to celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE Day.

Take Care and remember to Stay Safe!

Luke x

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  1. I seem to have missed the middle posts, so I nipped back and read those ones first. Great series of posts, about an obviously great subject 😀🤣🍺

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