One For Sorrow 4.8% ABV – Cask Ale Review

You have to admit there is nothing better than a beautiful pint of gorgeous beer, especially if it’s a beer that you completely love and enjoy drinking.

Well, that’s what this post is about, one of my all-time favourite beers.

Today’s post will be on a classical and rich real ale called One For Sorrow!


One For Sorrow is a fantastic Nottinghamshire beer that is proudly brewed by The Magpie Brewery.  

The Magpie Brewery is situated in Nottingham and their aim is to produce a fantastic core range of Cask Ales which are supplied to the local area (Consumer or Client based) and to all of their owned pubs.

The Brewery, in fact, is actually situated in an outlet which is next to Notts County Football Club!

What a brilliant place to put a brewery, if you’re a football fan you will certainly want to stop off and have a pre-match pint here.

The Crafty Crow which is situated in Nottingham is one of the brewery’s owned pubs and is one place I have ventured to before to enjoy a pleasant pint of beer.

The brewery started up in 2016 and is currently owned by 3 marvellous individuals who deliver their passion within the Brewing Industry Trade.

Currently, the brewery uses a 6 Barrel Brewery plant which is used to produce up to 20 barrels per brew, I just think that is completely astonishing, Can I have a barrel please Haha.

You can also buy the brewery’s products in bottles from The Warehouse which is situated next to the brewery, I will admit here, I’ve only had the chance to try their beers on the pumps.

Sadly, because I can’t drive, well at the minute I can’t, hoping I will be passed by the end of this year, I can’t physically get to Nottingham, due to my current location being 45 miles away.

The brewery doesn’t just focus on Cask Ales, they also brew a wide range of Craft Keg Ales and if you are wanting something very sweet for a summers day, they also brew selected ciders.

Currently, in the UK there are only a selected few Microbreweries which actually brew ciders along with their core ale range and this is down to one fact only, Sales!

Majority of most people do prefer a real ale rather than a cider, so sometimes there are reports that suggest Wastage is high due to the low demand on cider drinkers.

Just so you can see for yourselves, underneath here is an image of The Magpie Brewery facility!

The Magpie Brewery does remind me of the Burton Town Brewery as they’re both set in the same circumstances as Burton Town Brewery is also situated near to Burton Albion Football Stadium.

Just so you can remember, I have added a picture of Burton Town Brewery below!

Can you see the difference?

Magpie Brewery actually plays a part into the Official Magpie Bird saying, by creating some fine real ales for e.g.

One For Sorrow,

Two For Joy,

Three For A Girl

And so on…!

Tasting Notes

The real generic question what we need to know is the gorgeous flavour this beer provides, here are the tasting notes!

A silky smooth ale with rich roasted, bonfire toffee, raisin and coffee flavours.

There is also the alternative Chocolate Orange flavour!

Sounds absolutely delicious, my mouth is watering now even thinking about it!


I first came across this beer whilst I was out beer sampling over at Nottingham with some of my former work colleagues, on this trip we ventured into The Oldest Inn in England, Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem!

You can check out this post here!

Towards the end of our evening, before we went to catch our train home, we went to The Crafty Crow, which as I mentioned earlier is one of the brewery’s owned pubs.

This pub is remarkable and so classy inside and very modern, it’s completely well set out with plenty of seating and a unique style bar which is situated in the middle.

To give you an idea of the establishment here is a picture of The Crafty Crow!

This pub is so beautiful and definitely provides a fantastic character look, from the outside you might think the pub looks small, but on the inside it’s massive!

Anyway, whilst taking a moment to look at the bar, I couldn’t but notice that at the top of the bar there are a set of blackboards which provide information of the beers that are on the handpumps, plus bar snack options.

This is purely one thing I love about pubs that I’ve been into in the past, just because it gives the customer encouragement of what they are about to purchase.

At the end of the day, you want to make sure you get a complete bargain!

Furthermore, this helps Bar Managers to provide tasting notes on the beers that are on offer on that particular day.

After scanning the board and the pump-clips, I opted for One For Sorrow, just because I found the name interesting and unique.

I only had the chance to have a half-pint because we were in a rush to get our train, however, the beer tasted completely gorgeous, the scented aromas brought a rich coffee and toffee sweet taste.

Even after finishing my beer, the after taste was still with me for a good hour, so I will suggest that this beer is completely moreish and it’s certainly one to look out for.

image0 (4)

Completely and utterly gorgeous, I wish I could have some now, I’ll just have to wait until it’s safe again!

This was a pint of beauty and I was so lucky to get the chance to have a half of one of the finest Dark Ales ever!

Time for the train journey home.


One For Sorrow is a total cracker of an real ale, I just can’t believe how seriously good this beer is.

It’s time now for me to recommend this beer to you, I give it a total of 10 stars out of 10, so here is me reiterating you to try it and indulge into this glass of beauty!

I am hoping to go back to Nottingham soon when it’s safe and when I do, the first place I will be stopping off at is The Crafty Warehouse to get my hands on some more of this creamy and rich ale.

Cheers To That!

I hope you have thoroughly enjoyed this post, it’s making me want a One For Sorrow now to be honest, haha.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend, it’s going to be warm, which basically means Beer Time!

Stay Safe Everyone and Take Care

Luke x

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  1. Until recently I had been working in Nottingham for the past 8 years, so I’ve heard plenty about this brewery and One for Sorrow. I am yet to try it, but certainly will do when I get the chance.

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