Uttoxeter Brewing Company

This Microbrewery came known to me when it was my 22nd Birthday in January (2020), me, Isobel and her family (Chris, Jayne and Charlotte) ventured to The White Hart Hotel in Uttoxeter for a meal to celebrate mine and Chris’s birthday.

Now, when we arrived and parked up, I happened to notice a barn-like building which looked at first like a small cafe, but then I noticed the sign for this building which said Uttoxeter Brewing Company.


Let’s now go back to 1829 when the first brewery was created in the Staffordshire town, Uttoxeter Brewing Company was first found by Thomas Earp and Edward Saunders.

Then, sometime around the 1890s, the brewery was bought by Charles Bunting, this was when the brewery was branded as Bunting Brewery.

Charles Bunting was successful in his reign of managing the brewery, however, in 1929 the Uttoxeter Brewery sadly closed.

This original picture shows the former Buntings Brewery courtyard, the whole building has been changed after demolition and a rebuilt of the new microbrewery took place.

After the closing of Bunting’s Brewery, many Uxonians thought that this would be the end to the brewing industry in the town.

Then happily 87 years later in 2016, the Brewing Industry in Uttoxeter was restored, at first, the business was set up as a Nano Brewery by two members of the Uttoxeter Sub CAMRA Branch.

This lasted for 2 years and then successfully the Nano Brewery was turned into The New Uttoxeter Brewing Company Microbrewery.

UBC also made the decision to carry on brewing the beers which were originally from the former Buntings Brewery.

The microbrewery has also started the production of beer bottling onsite.

I am so glad they have done this, as I would love to try on the brewery’s bottled ales.

Furthermore, UBC also provides brewery tours for customers who wish to see the interior building and to witness the former history of Bunting’s Brewery.

This business is tremendous, I seriously can’t believe how much history it provides in just one small building.

This what UBC looks like today, just look how much it has transformed.

What a beautiful and rustic style brewery this looks, it’s tremendous!

The most amazing factor I’ve learnt so far is the timescale difference between the Buntings Brewery and The Uttoxeter Brewing Company, who would ever think after 90 years, the Brewing Industry in the town would be restored once again.

Uttoxeter Brewing Company Beers

The beer list that I’ve provided here shows the former beers that were once originally brewed at the former Bunting’s Brewery.

Final Furlong – 4.5% ABV – A smooth English style best bitter with a floral, caramel aroma and taste.

Paddock Porter – 4.8% ABV – A traditional and classic English style porter.

Admiral Gardner First Lord – 4.5% ABV – A traditional Pale Ale with tropical fruits and mango. A fruity balanced bitter.

Earthmover Gold – 4.7% ABV – An English style IPA with a hoppy long tasting finish.

American IPA – 5.2% ABV – A hoppy, fruity and strong classical IPA.

Ground Breaker – 4.0% ABV – A sweet golden ale with a slightly bitter taste with citrus aromas.

Dark Horse Mild – 3.7% ABV – A traditional English Mild Ale.

Bunting’s Blonde – 3.7% ABV – A light ale with a fruity aroma, very yeasty and malty, with citrus notes and a dry hoppy finish.

Chinook – 4.5% ABV – A classic American Pale Ale.

Uxonian – 4.9% ABV – New Zealand and New World Pale Ale.

Full Gallop – 4.7% ABV – A malty brown ale with sweetness and toffee notes.

What an outstanding range of Cask Ales, they all sound beautiful, I wish I could go to the pub now and order one, but sadly I will have to wait until it’s safe.

As well as the White Hart providing these extraordinary beers some other outlets include The Dog and Partridge at Marchington, The Horse and Dove and The Plough which are situated in the town of Uttoxeter.


This is one of the finest microbreweries, I’ve come across in my lifetime, it provides so much history and for how far the business has come from starting off in the 1800s to closing in the 1900s which made my Uxonians feel like this was the end of the brewing trade in the town.

It all marvellously bounced back in 2016 and the people of Uttoxeter are proud to say they have there own brewery within the town.

Absolutely Amazing!

In my next post, I will be delivering a Personal Bar Review of The White Hart Hotel which as I said earlier is situated next door to the microbrewery, so please stay tuned for that!

Have a fantastic day everyone!

Hope you have enjoyed the post!

Stay Safe and Take Care

Luke x

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  1. I love how you go into the history of places in your posts, especially when it’s a place like Uttoxeter. I have a lot of family ties still there, I remember going to the market at the racecourse as a kid with my grandparents. A long time since I’ve been there.

    Not surprised to see the horse racing theme in many of the beers names 😂

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