The White Hart – Family Meal Review

You may well remember in my last post, I talked about The Uttoxeter Brewing Company which is built on the site of The White Hart Hotel, this new business has been in operation for around 2 years now and it has shown that the business is going from strength to strength.

Just so you can remember here is a picture of The Uttoxeter Brewing Company!

Today, I would like to bring you a Family Meal Review of The White Hart Hotel which was where me and Isobel along with her Mum, Dad and Sister – (Jayne, Chris and Charlie) went for a scrumptious 3-course meal.


The White Hart Hotel is a tremendous 4-star hotel which is situated in the Staffordshire town of Uttoxeter.

This hotel dates back to around the 16th century and over time it has proven to be a popular place for many locals or tourists that stay over in the town whilst exploring the surrounded countryside.

In 1745 throughout the Military Campaigns, whilst attempting to restore the Stuart Kings to the thrones of Scotland and England, The Jacobites used the famous White Hart Hotel as the Derby Headquarters of Bonnie Prince Charlie and their leader Sir William Bagot.

According to research William Bagot was arrested at The White Hart Hotel after enjoying what he called an excellent dinner.

Today as the hotel stands, restoration work has been completed to bring back it’s glorious charm and character.

This Grade 2 listed hotel offers a premier cocktail lounge, brasserie and a glamourous gastro-dining restaurant.

The White Hart Hotel has proven to be a true landmark in Uttoxeter’s history.


My birthday couldn’t have fallen at a better time as it was also Isobel’s Dads birthday the day before.


Isobel and her family truly spoilt me with gifts!

I got so many lovely cards and fantastic gifts, it was literally the best birthday ever.

When me and Isobel first got together, she insisted to me that we should go to The White Hart Hotel for a meal sometime, so I couldn’t resist saying no and said we should go and dine.

Now, moving to January 2020, on mine and Chris’s birthday weekend, Isobel and Jayne both selected that we should all go out to The White Hart Hotel for a bite to eat – I was really looking forward to this, I couldn’t wait, especially that I haven’t actually been to this Hotel before, so it did feel very exciting!

Isobel currently lives in Stone in Staffordshire which is roughly 30 minutes away from Uttoxeter, because Isobel lives in the countryside you do have to travel on a few rural roads but there is nothing wrong with that as you’re greeted by some amazing scenic views, I do appreciate Charlie very much though as she drove us here which was very kind of her.

Next, when you arrive, you’re greeted by a very small and tight car park, luckily Charlie’s car was small and slightly easier to park, however, if you own a massive estate car then you might have struggles.

On the other hand, the car was perfectly parked and once I got out of the car, this was when I noticed the Microbrewery which is situated on the same site.

Looking towards the hotel, the characteristic of the building provides a pleasant white colour and from the outside, you can physically tell how big the hotel actually is, it’s massive!

When entering inside, I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was gorgeous and so unique and bright, it looked such a lovely place.

I’ve got to admit this is probably one of the best hotel/pubs, I have ever been into, just look how beautiful it is, I was completely stunned!

Don’t the booths and lighting look incredible!

Now, because we came on a Sunday it was pretty busy, so it was a very good job we actually booked, otherwise we would have had no chance of eating here.

The service which had been provided so far was exceptional and the staff were very customer friendly!

On the day we came, the hotel staff offered us the Sunday Lunch Menu which in my eyes all did look absolutely appetising.

We couldn’t order off the main menu, but I didn’t complain because I’ve already told Isobel we are going to come back when it’s safe to sample the weekly food menu.

At first, I chose to go for a 2-course meal, I didn’t fancy taking the risk of going for a 3-course meal just in case I was too full.

The starter was marvellous, I went for a Prawn Cocktail and I will say for only being a starter, the portion size was crazy, it was massive, but it was tasty.

The main course was just as good, I chose the beef option which again was just delicious, the meat was tender and juicy, I couldn’t complain about it one bit.

Afterwards, we all decided about pudding, I mean I was on the brink of being completely stuffed.

Furthermore, Isobel and her family must have ordered me and Chris a surprise because it was our birthday weekend and it was such a lovely surprise.

my birthday

Look how cute it is!

I really do have the best girlfriend ever!

The best thing about it was though, that Sticky Toffee Pudding is my favourite dessert, Isobel truly knows me very well.

After finishing dessert, we had a couple of hot drinks and then Isobel and Charlie dropped me back off at Uttoxeter Train Station, I wanted the day to carry on, but sadly Isobel was back at work on Monday, so I didn’t want to make her tired the next day.


The White Hart Hotel is fantastic, it offers tremendous customer service and the quality of food is just amazing.

I really enjoyed this place so much!

I highly recommend The White Hart Hotel to all of you, I have to give it 10 stars just because of how beautiful the building is and the surroundings around it.

Obviously at the minute due to the Coronavirus Outbreak, all of the Catering and Hospitality sector has closed down, but me and Isobel have said we will revisit this place when it’s safe and try their weekly menu to see the comparisons.

Finally, I just want to put out my sincere thanks and appreciation to Isobel, Jayne, Chris and Charlie for what they did on my birthday and how they all made it the best birthday yet.

At the minute, I am sadly away from Isobel due to the outbreak, but we’re speaking to each other and face timing each other as well.

We are both really looking forward to seeing each other and we are hoping it won’t be long until we are reunited.

I am missing Isobel like crazy!

I just wanted to share with you, that this girl underneath is my rock, everything she has done for me in the past, Isobel really does make me the happiest boy alive and I am so grateful and lucky that we’re together, we purely can’t wait for our future together.

Isobel is such a beautiful and gorgeous girl, she is my queen, but most of all she is the best girlfriend ever and she is completely my one and only.


The Happy Couple!

I love you so much Isobel and I always will! ❤️

Once again thank you for everything, I literally cannot wait to see you!

I hope you all enjoyed my review post on The White Hart Hotel!

I hope you all have a fantastic Bank Holiday Weekend!

For now though:

Stay Safe


Take Care

Luke xx

19 Comments on “The White Hart – Family Meal Review”

  1. This place looks unbelievable, and the history to go with it!

    Must be so difficult for partners who have had to stay away from each other, I can’t even imagine it.

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  2. I love that you cover the history of the place and talk about the general ambiance. The booths look so pretty with the candles and the muted tones. Sticky toffee pudding sounds delicious . . . 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. So jealous of the historical buildings! We don’t have this in NZ (one of the last if not the last country to be colonized) so we don’t have the amazing buildings etc around that are present in Europe. 🙂 The food looks so good to! Do you seek out historic pubs or just any pubs? I read your review on their brewery too. Sounds like a good place!

    Liked by 1 person

    • They do bring a lot of history, a lot of pubs do to be fair, I try and do a range of different pubs because I can’t drive I’m very restricted but there has been loads I have been to with my partner and friends, which I will be sharing soon


  4. Yes this was really busy when we went, good job we booked a table. The Sunday menu was spectacular, just a shame you haven’t been able to try the normal menu. Once this is all over, we’ll have to go back x

    Liked by 1 person

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