Ex Bourbon – Bimber Distillery -51.8% ABV

Hello to my wonderful followers, I hope you all had a fantastic weekend, I certainly did by sure (haha).

On Saturday I took part in a Virtual Whisky Festival with Isobel’s Dad, which was very fun, there was a lot of whiskies consumed, but luckily I made notes on everything.

Over the course of last week, Isobel highlighted to me that I should start writing about the different Whiskies that I have sampled.

Today excitingly marks my first Whisky post and I am truly looking forward to bringing you a virtual taste on this fantastic tipple!

Ex-Bourbon – The Bimber Distillery – This will be the first whisky I am going to be talking about today.


The Bimber Distillery is a marvellous distillery that is based in London just on the outskirts of Hammersmith.

The distillery was first established in 2015 and for only being a young business, the whisky workers of this distillery have thrown all of their passion and knowledge into the job that they love so that they can produce a variety of classic Single Malt Whiskies.

I’ve never actually been to a whisky distillery before, but I would love to go to one, I am hoping when it’s safe it might be something me, Isobel and Chris will do.

It certainly does look a beautiful place though and you can actually have a tour around this particular distillery as well.

How did it all start?

Well the same as the Brewing Industry, in order to make whisky you need Barley,

Both industries use the same generic brewing techniques that have been around for hundreds and I mean hundreds of years.

These techniques excitingly enough are still used today.

At some point this week or next week, I am going to provide a post on the Whisky Process and what makes the whisky taste so good.

Whisky once produced, just like beer, is transferred into Casks, instead of using stainless steel firkins, which beer sits better in.

Whisky is transported into wooden casks, and the idea is that whisky ages better and the longer you leave it in the casks the better it tastes.

Whereas, compared to beer, the longer you live beer in a cask, the sourer it goes and tastes like yuck!

Ex bourbon is specifically done in Oak Casks and to give you an idea here is a picture of a typical Oak Cask.

Just imagine to yourself and think of the gorgeous ageing whisky which is settling in those casks now, sounds delicious!

Bimber’s first casks were laid down on the 26th May 2016 and within these casks was the first inaugural single malt whisky.

Then, in September 2019, the release of 1’000 hand-numbered bottles sold out within 3 hours, that is just unbelievable, 1’000 bottles just sold like a flick of a switch.

Over the course of 2020, Bimber is in the production of producing a wider range of New Single Malt Whiskies.

Luckily, because me and Chris joined the Summerton Virtual Whisky Festival, we were exceptionally lucky to try the latest Ex-Bourbon and I will say it was okay, but not great.

I am really looking forward to seeing what else Bimber have got in the pipeline and from the sounds of it looks like the next generation of whiskies will taste amazing.


As I mentioned earlier, I first tried this whisky on Saturday when I attending the Summerton Virtual Whisky Festival at home believe it or not.

It was a fantastic festival and well truly organised, it’s amazing how the technology works to deliver such a remarkable event.

Ex-Bourbon is golden in colour with bursts of amber as well, the visual eye of the whisky does certainly make it look very appealing.

ex bourbon

When it comes to the aroma of the whisky, the flavours provided are generic summer fruits with hints of vanilla and honey.

It was almost like having a dessert right in front of you in a glass, it just smelt amazing.

Furthermore, when it came to tasting, some of the sweet flavours disappeared, there was a succulent spicy orange kick which was very lasting.

I added some of the whisky water which was provided in the pack and this made the whisky a lot sweeter and the spiciness was gone.

In general, I don’t tend to do spicy drinks or food, so at first, it was very powerful, I didn’t complain though I was really enjoying it.

For the first whisky of the event, I was in love with it, it was excellent, I was really enjoying it so much.


**** (4/5 Stars)

Happily, this whisky I would highly recommend to you, I mean you are provided with sweet aromas from the start, but I just love the idea of how the mixture changes when you sample.

The whisky was very appealing, my palate just wanted more of it, because it tasted so good.


From the start at looking at this whisky, I had an idea Ex-bourbon was going to be tremendous and it completely was, I was really happy and pleased with it.

I am looking forward to finding out what else Bimber will have in store for the remaining of 2020, I am really hoping that Bimber decided to do there own Whisky Event because I am really interested in taking part.

I hope you have really enjoyed this first blog post on Ex-bourbon from The Bimber Distillery, if you do have any questions then please do send them to me on my ‘Contact Page’ and I will happily answer them as best as I can.

For now though everyone, take care and stay safe!


bimber 2

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  1. Sounds like the virtual whisky festival was a success (and it’s great that you got to try different whiskies as well). It’s good that you still enjoyed this particular one even if you aren’t a fan of spiciness. Nice review though – thanks for sharing x

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