The Green Man – Country Pub Review

Now, you’ve got to admit, there is nothing better than a lovely and small rustic-style country pub.

I mean they just fill you up with pure joy, excitement and it provides you with that happiness feel that you’re in such a fantastic place.

That’s what today’s post is on, a perfect and adorable little Country Pub called The Green Man


The Green Man is a rural styled pub which is situated in Staffordshire within the town of Stone and in a beautiful village called Milwich.

I am very lucky to get the chance to come to this pub, as I absolutely adore my country pubs so I was extremely looking forward to going in there.

The building was built in 1714 and has been trading as a traditional pub since 1775, the exterior and the interior of the building still dates back to around 1775, which in my eyes I think that’s just amazing to see.

Then in 1815, the country pub was rebranded as The Green Man and still to this very day 205 years later it remains as The Green Man.

Between 1990 and to the present day, The Green Man has been under the same management, that is purely dedicated passion from the current owners of the pub.

Their aim is to provide a beautiful range of perfect cask ales and astonishing food and service to the local community and to be truthful in my eyes they have exclusively met the needs of the village people.

They do serve fantastic beer, gorgeous food and you’re always welcomed by a friendly atmosphere from the owners and the locals, it’s ultimately your dream pub.

The pub is also extremely popular with cyclists and walkers who are always keen to stop by for a quick pint and a bite to eat.

As well as being a pub in the village, there are other amenities in the area of Milwich such as a: Village Hall, Church and loads of other interesting buildings.

The top picture is the Community Village Hall and the bottom picture is The Church within Milwich which is absolutely gorgeous, I have been inside this church before and the first time I went in it literally took my breath away.

Due to the surrounding area, there are some fantastic walks you can do within the village of Milwich which are closeby to The Green Man, no wonder it’s a beauty spot to stop of at after a day of walking.

The pub offers a delicious food menu which is provided throughout the evenings and everything is all freshly made on the premises, me and Isobel and her parents have eaten here before and I couldn’t complain one bit about the food, it was terrific and well worth the money, it was all neatly plated and tasted divine.

The Green Man has also been awarded some wonderful awards over the years which purely showcases what a perfect pub this is and the people who are running it certainly know how to make customers proud.

They’ve won:

  • CAMRA Pub Of The Month on 5 occasions within the current management
  • Heart Of Staffordshire Pub Of The Year in 2006, 2007 and 2016
  • Rural Pub Of The Year 2015, 2016, 2017

These incredible achievements reflect the hard work, commitment and dedication the owners have shown over the years!


I’m going to start to feel Christmassy now because this review takes me back to December 2019 when me, Isobel, Charlie and Jayne joined in with the Nativity play.

This event felt very special as it was the first Christmas me and Isobel spent together and also the community atmosphere was outstanding on the evening.

What a lovely village Milwich is!

The first place where the Nativity Play started at was the village church in Milwich, there are loads of beautiful views when you arrive at the church, it’s goregous.

The church is famous for its architecture, the bell for instance is the oldest in Staffordshire, a church has been situated on this grass land since the year c.1140.

Me and Isobel have always stated that we would love to live in the countryside where it’s peaceful and you’re surrounded by National Beauty.

In the church, we did our first Christmas hymn and some lovely prays, this got me into the spirit, I love Christmas if you can’t tell and so does Isobel, what a perfect matching couple we’re.

After leaving the Church the Nativity Play started and it was completely magical, we all had to stop off at specific locations in the village and had the reality of how Baby Jesus was born.

There were loads of hymns that we all sang together, it was marvellous and the organisation of the event was spectacular.

Towards the end of the Nativity Play, we stopped off at this house which was covered in Christmas Lights, it was all very sparkly, I don’t know if you’re the same as me but I love Christmas Lights, it just makes the house look so pretty at night.

After we finished The Nativity Play,  myself, Isobel, Charlie and Jayne ventured into The Green Man, I couldn’t believe how busy it was, there was plenty of seating though, so we didn’t have to worry about standing up.

The character of the pub was incredible, it was very snug and homey, the fire was breathing away inside, it was very cosy and toasty.

Very Warm Indeed!

Furthermore, as soon as you walk inside you can tell that the pub has that rustic feel with its wooden tables and stools.

Also, the regulars and the owners are friendly and chatty.

This is one of just the many things I love about classic pubs, the customers bonding with non-local people and just the support and love you are greeted by from the owners, it’s a fabulous service and it makes me very happy indeed.

There is a wide range of Cask Ales to choose from, on the night there was Draught Bass, Abbots Ale and Black Sheep Bitter.

I had a pint of Bass, Isobel had Southern Comfort and Lemonade, Charlie had Pepsi Max and Jayne had a Gin and Tonic.

At this point, Isobel’s father Chris arrived and he had a pint of Abbots Ale.

The Bass was phenomenal, it was perfect and gorgeous and ultimately the best pint of Bass I’ve ever had in a long time.

The Bass was so exquisite I had to persuade myself to have another pint, it was literally the Perfect Pint, I was in my element and I was very excited.

We finished off our drinks and I said my goodbyes and I made a compliment to the owners just saying what a tremendous pub this is and it is pretty much the best pub I’ve been in.

We all left and headed back home to carry on with the amazing night, the evening ended with a beautiful whisky and listening to some Christmas songs.


The Green Man is a gem of a pub, it’s brilliant in every way, there is no pub like it, it was unreal and amazing.

I enjoyed the evening so much especially that I was with Isobel and her family, but like I said at the start of the review this really did put me into the Christmas Spirit.

I am really looking forward to going back to The Green Man and I am really hoping that again this year me, Isobel and her family will be able to do the Nativity Play again, that just made the evening spectacular.

Thank You to you all for reading the article, I hope you enjoyed it, I am really looking forward to any comments that you may have.

Take Care and please Stay Safe

The Cask Connoisseur

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  1. Love a pub with a good history and great walks nearby. The Green Man sounds great, really making me nostalgic for the good old days when we could actually visit pubs! Hopefully we can return and check some new pubs out soon – thanks for sharing!

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