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Let’s move on to today’s post!

Normally I don’t tend to buy canned ales from supermarkets but on the other hand, when I was in the Sainsburys Local a couple of weeks back, I came across this pale ale in a very artistic look can.

Today’s post is on Neck Oil Session IPA which is brewed by Beavertown Brewery


The first instinct you’re probably thinking of right now is the name of the beer!

Well, Neck Oil comes from the founder of Beavertown Brewery which is Logan, basically, Logan fondly remembers his Grandad stating that he was off down to the pub for a pint of neck oil.

I’ve personally never actually heard of this saying before, but it will be something I will remember from now on, it’s quite classy to be fair.

Where did it all begin for Beavertown Brewery?

The brewery was established in 2011 and Logan was the genius behind the brewing, just like the majority of most brewers you have to start off small.

Logan exactly did this and started his home brewing by using a 50-litre rice pan as a hot liquor tank a camping cool box as a mash tun and finally a tea urn as a kettle.

There you have it, the most unique home brewery kit I’ve ever come across and this is using equipment that is stored around the house.

The homebrewers then moved onto their first location within a kitchen of a BBQ restaurant.

Duke’s Brew And Que opened up there American BBQ Restaraunt and Brewpub in London.

Next, Neck Oil Session was first brewed, the original Neck Oil recipe was based on Logan’s homage of his favourite Bitter which was from The Black Country in the West Midlands.

This was the original Neck Oil, I must say it looks absolutely gorgeous, later on in this blog post you will be able to see the difference between the old Neck Oil to the new beer.

In 2014, Beavertown Brewery successfully moved from the former site to the new brewery site in Tottenham hale, the brewery production team purchased two sites on the same site, the first site was for production and packaging and the second site was for ingredients and packaged beer.

This brewery is new to me, but already I am falling in love with it, if I ever get the chance to go to London, I would love to visit this brewery because it’s spectacular.

Now, if it wasn’t for me going to Sainsbury’s to have a look what drink to get, I wouldn’t have come across this beer or brewery, it was just my pure luck.

In other words the best bargain of the day!

Tasting Notes

This easy-drinking IPA provides a light, crisp and punchy go-to beer.

Refreshing and sweet with fruity aromas on the palate.


I absolutely love this beer, it’s completely gorgeous and provides sweet flavourings, just like the tasting notes though it’s completely punchy and easy drinkable.

The first factor that you have to point out is the can and this is the reason why.

neck oil can

Does this can appeal to you, it certainly does to me.

The detail on the can is fantastic and very artistic, it’s very fancy!

This was clearly the reason why I bought it, the imaging just attracted me to sample it and it all paid off.

The most important factor though is the flavouring and as soon as I cracked this can open, I was blown away by all the aromas and tastes.

It was citrusy and very fruity, it was perfect beer, I will say though there is a slight hint of bitterness just like from the original recipe, the fruity flavourings overtake this bitter scent by far.

It’s also recommended that the beer is chilled as this makes the flavours a lot more vibrant.

I was enjoying it so much and I think it was a little too much because once I finished it, I just wanted another can.

Luckily though I went back to Sainsbury’s the next day and bought another can and once again indulged myself right into it.

The most surprising part of the beer though was the colour, the former Neck Oil was a deep brown bitter and was mainly found on handpumps around many pubs in the West Midlands.

This is the new colour!

neck oil selfie

Isn’t that magical the colour has changed and is now an amber beer.

Most of you are probably looking at that beer and thinking it looks more like a lager, it’s definitely a beer everyone and it’s amazing and it always will be!


I was extremely happy drinking this beer, the plus side it wasn’t hoppy, I tend not to drink many hoppy beers as I think it takes all the flavour away from the actual beer itself.

I just want to say thank you to Beavertown Brewery for producing a masterpiece real ale, this was a tremendous treat and very indulging.

I am very keen now to go back to Sainsbury’s or any other supermarket when it’s safe and just find out what other Beavertown Brewery beers are available.

I’ve personally searched the website and they all look very appealing and sound very tasty!

The final note I want to mention on this post is my recommendation, I’ve awarded 5 stars for this beer, so I purposely persuade you to buy this beer, try it and then see if you adore it as much as I do.

Thank You!

Wishing you all happiness to my fantastic followers and if you haven’t already, why don’t you check out my new website and see what you think to the new look!

I would love to hear your views on the makeover and of course, if you have any ideas don’t be hesitated to email them to me.

For now though…

Take Care and Stay Safe

The Cask Connoisseur

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