Titanic Brewery

You may well remember in my last ale review post, I studied a tremendous beer which you can check out here Titanic Plum Porter. 

Now, I thought it was only right to my next post on the brewery where this marvellous beer is brewed.

Today’s post is on Titanic Brewery!


Titanic Brewery was established in the year 1985 and has been operating for over 35 years and that number is still going up.

The brewery is situated in the county of Staffordshire in the city of Soke-On-Trent within the town of Burslem.

The brewery is named after the ill-fated steam liner, Titanic, in the honour of Sea Captain Edward Smith who originated from Stoke On Trent.

The brewery is run by two passionate and dedicated brothers Keith & Dave Bott and they have been at the helm of the business since it started up.

Keith can still be seen mashing in the brewery each day whilst Dave focuses on decorating any of the pubs that the brewery owns.

A vast majority of Real Ale drinkers will remember Keith Bott was the former chairman of SIBA (Society Of Independent Brewers)

Titanic Brewery brews over 3 million pints of beer per year and all this beer which is transferred into Casks is transported around the whole of the UK!

The brewery has an equivalent of 250 employees, this amount of working people puts Titanic Brewery into the top 20 of being the largest brewery in the UK.

Titanic Brewery is famous for it’s Plum Porter and this has been marked as being one of the best selling Plum Porters in the UK, I will admit I have tried this beer and it’s fantastic and so fruity, one pint is never enough though!

I have actually been to this brewery before when I was out delivering beer one day and the scale of the site is phenomenal, it’s completely outstanding.

You may think that the brewery looks small but it isn’t, the brewery loops round to the right and that is where all the magical brewing takes place.

You can actually do a tour around the brewery, I haven’t personally done this but I am considering it when it’s safe.

The brewery currently operates nine pubs within Staffordshire, Derbyshire and Oxfordshire, the closest one to the brewery is The Bulls Head in Burslem.

As well as owning pubs the brewery operates three ‘bod’ cafe bars within Staffordshire, you can find these bars at Stafford, Trentham and Stoke On Trent,

The cafe bar at Stoke On Trent is situated inside the train station and I’ve stopped off here a couple of times for a pint of plum porter whilst waiting for my train so I can see Isobel.

Again the cafe bar at Trentham I’ve been to as well and this small craft bar sells Titanic Plum Porter on Craft Key which is absolutely beautiful.

The brewery has been rewarded with many awards by The Campaign Of Real Ale since 1990, some of the achievements are:

Titanic Bottle Stout – 1994 – Gold – Guardian Bottled Beer of Britain

Titanic Iceberg – Gold – 2002 – Champion Beer of West Midlands

and many more…

This brewery has demonstrated the key to success with an increase in popularity and demand, there are certainly high hopes in the future that this business will go far and they might be an even small chance that new beer recipes will be on the cards.

Titanic Brewery Beers

Anytime IPA – 4.5% ABV – Titanic Brewery new beer that is only available in cans! A session and refreshing pale ale that is suited for every occasion.

Plum Porter – 4.9% ABV – Titanic best selling and multi-award-winning Plum Porter, A well rounded sweet and fruity porter, deep red in colour and the plum lightens the deepness on the palate.

Stout – 4.5% ABV – West Midlands CAMRA Beer Of The Year 2015 in bottles. A traditional well balanced dry stout with a roasted smell and slightly hoppy.

Iceberg – 4.1% ABV – First brewed in 1993! A strong aromas of citrus which lingers around the mouth. A clean cut pale ale with hints of grapefruit which creates a hoppy finish.

White Star – 4.5% ABV – A distinctive golden hoppy yet crisp ale with fruit tastes on the palate.

Captain Smiths – 5.2% ABV – First brewed in 1986 and is named after of the most sea captains of all time. A deep ruby and softly hopped strong ale which brings a slight bitterness aftertaste.

Chocolate and Vanilla Stout – 4.5% ABV – A fabulous stout with the addition of the smoothest sweeteners, silky chocolate and mellow vanilla. Perfect beer to indulge in whilst tucking into chocolate brownie.

Steerage – 3.8% ABV – This was first brewed as Titanic’s Best Bitter in 1986! A golden, well rounded and refreshing pale ale. Softly fruity with malty aromas leaving a slight sweet taste on the palate.

Cappuccino Stout – 4.5% ABV – This beer is classically based on the Stout recipe which is shown above. A milky coffee flavour, why not go even further and add chocolate sprinkles to make it the traditional cappuccino style coffee.

Plum Porter Grand Reserve Port Infused – 6.5% ABV – This bottled beer is exclusively brewed for Christmas. The infamously deep red porter with port added to bring sweetness and fruitiness to the palate. I will say this is worth a buy, I’ve heard fantastic recommendations, a tremendous drink to have with your Christmas turkey.

Classic Mild – 3.5% ABV – Lightly hopped and full of outstanding flavour, sinkable mild with caramel notes and hints of fruit.

Lifeboat – 4.0% ABV – A hoppy russet, bittersweet fruity beer with malty notes on the nose. A caramel and biscuit finish on the palate.

First Class – 3.8% ABV – A magnificent golden brown ale which is hoppy and well balanced.

Black Ice – 4.1% ABV – A powerful but easy drinkable hopped black ale with citrus notes.

That concludes the beer list and I must say what a fantastic range, I of course recommended the Plum Porter, but if you want to go to the next level then when you are asking what you would like for Christmas make sure you put Plum Porter Grand Reserve on your list!


Titanic Brewery have shown that they can produce great beer and to say when they first started they were only small and to now that they are brewing over 3 million pints of beer per year, that shows passion!

It is ran by passionate people who have the interest in the Brewing Industry and it’s all thanks to those brewers, operatives and managers that make the beer taste so special.

If it wasn’t for Titanic you wouldn’t be sampling today some of the finest ales in Staffordshire but also to taste and buy the best selling porters in the UK and that porter is Plum Porter!

Let’s Raise A Glass And Say Cheers To Our Magnificent UK Brewering Industry!

The Cask Connoisseur

Take Care and Stay Safe!

18 Comments on “Titanic Brewery”

  1. Plum Porter sounds like such an interesting flavor, but I love the vast range of different beers this brewery offers. Though I realize the name of this brewery has nothing to do with the sunken ship, I still love the name. It is amazing how big it is, but I love that it still retains its quality.

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  2. They’ve certainly grown since the days where the beer was brewed behind the Travellers Rest pub in Middleport.
    There’s a couple of nice beers missing off the list above. Cherry Dark, and the powerful winter warmer, Wreckage, which, from memory, has been brewed pretty much from the very beginning. Wreckage lives up to its name, it’s strong stuff. It’s seasonal only and you can buy it in 33cl bottles from the brewery or in draught form from any of the Titanic owned pubs.


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