Disco Forklift Truck (Mango Pale Ale) 5.1% ABV

Woooo hoooo, it’s Friday, I hope you’ve all had a splendid week, I can’t believe how warm it has been, perfect weather to try a couple of beers whilst chilling in the deck chair in the garden.

Furthermore, with today’s post, you will certainly want to indulge into this whilst sitting outside in the sun, my next beer post is on Disco Forklift Truck!


Disco Forklift Truck or Mango Pale Ale as I call it, is a remarkable craft beer that is proudly brewed by The Drygate Brewing Company.

The brewery was first established in 2014Β  and is situated up North in the heart of Scotland within the city of Glasglow inside The 85 Drygate building.

The 85 Drygate building was built in 1964 and was first used as a screen-printing factory, using brick, steel and concrete.

The original structure and the details have been preserved including the restoration of the original seven peaks of the sawtooth roof.

Their vision is to brew beer with open doors and open minds, they believe great beer can come from anyone and anywhere.

The brewery operates from a state of the heart bespoke 26.5HL main brewhouse and uses a 250l studio kit.

The brewery’s prime location is in a converted box factory which reflects on Glasglow’s industrial past.

In all fairness, it actually looks like a fantastic place to go, it’s also quite a big brewery, I would love to come and visit here one day and see all the magical brewing taking place.

The main experimental brewery allows visitors to have a tour of the brewery, which is to provide a fantastic experience into the journey of brewing and discovery.

I’ve done a couple of brewery tours since turning 18, both of them were done in Burton, however, I am hoping once I’ve passed my driving test I can travel further afield and venture into many other breweries.

There is a tremendous range of craft beers that are available from this brewery and you will probably find the majority of them in supermarkets, I was typically lucky to find Mango Ale in Sainsbury’s local.

I am really looking forward to trying some more tremendous beers from this brewery within the future, that might include a road trip up to Scotland!

Tasting Notes

A tremendous pale ale that is beautifully infused with mango and tropical fruits, it is heavily citrusy which leaves a balanced sweet after taste.

A marvellous beer to indulge into whilst sitting outside in the sun, enjoying some fantastic food off the BBQ!


The first time I tried this craft beer was in early June, I successfully managed to buy it from the Sainsbury’s Local, it only cost Β£1.40, which I thought was a tremendous bargain.

On the day I bought the beer, it was a scorching day so I was really looking forward to trying this exquisite beer.

The first principal I adored about this beer was the can, it’s so eye-catching and very appealing, I believe that’s what sells the product, the branding has to look spectacular and in this case, it did!

After the weather had cooled down, I thought it was the perfect time to try my beer and oh my what a beer it is!!

drygate 1

Do you like my fancy stem glass?

I actually bought this glass from Marston’s Brewery after attending a beer festival, I mean it’s impossible to have branded glasses with every beer, so I just choose my favourite one!

drygate 2

Moving back to the beer, I was just totally blown away when I took my first sip, the mango flavours were just so powerful, on the other hand, though it was perfect!

I just couldn’t believe what I was sampling, I’ve never sampled such a beautiful, crisp and refreshing sweet beer before, I felt like I was on holiday just relaxing on the beach.

I was really sad once my glass became empty, I just wanted the beer to reappear (hahaha).

However, I will say this beer is at the top of my UK craft beer list, I have completely fallen in love with it.



What a beer, I know I keep repeating myself, but I will have to reiterate to you all how beautiful this beer is, I wish I could have one now, I’ll probably wait to the weekend though.

I would love to know how many of my wonderful followers have actually come across this beer and if you were provided with the same tasting experience of what I got.

Also, I would love to recommend this beer to you, it’s gorgeous and beautiful.

Even though it’s strong, I must admit I feel like it only tastes like a 4.0% ABV beer, I find it ultimately sessionable.

If your in the supermarket one day and you’re considering what to buy, please do look out for Disco Forklift Truck and give it a trial, just like how I did!


The Cask Connoisseur

11 Comments on “Disco Forklift Truck (Mango Pale Ale) 5.1% ABV”

  1. I really enjoy fruity beers and think I would like a mango pale ale! It sounds perfect for summertime. I also would be likely to purchase this based off of the can design, and the name is so unique and fun too

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  2. Ooooh! It is so cool to learn about the Disco Forklift Truck! I haven’t had beer in forever. Pretty cool to see all of these different brewing companies. You can never go wrong with checking out a brewery. It’s been a while since I had mango beer. Glad you enjoyed it!

    Nancy ✨ exquisitely.me

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh man. This looks like an amazing beer. Definitely one that I would enjoy. I love any beer that has a mango or grapefruit flavor in it so this one is right up my alley!

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