Gamma Ray (5.4% ABV)

Where did the weekend go, how is it Monday already, I really hope you all had a fantastic weekend and you kept yourself well and active, I’ve been doing a lot of blogging and I’ve also been at work and getting the clubhouse prepared for its re-opening next weekend!

Keeping with the trend of Craft Ales, this next review post is on a classic American Pale Ale and it’s probably one of the best American Pale Ales I’ve ever sampled!

Today’s post is on the beautiful Gamma Ray (5.4% ABV)


You may well remember I’ve already done a beer review post from this brewery already and the first beer I sampled was Neck Oil Session Beer if you want to find out more about this post just click here.

Gamma Ray is brewed by Beavertown Brewery and the location of this small independent brewery is within the outskirts of Greater London, in Tottenham Hale.

This is the inside of the brewery and there are two things that I love about this brewery.

The first one is the neon lights that say ‘Beavertown Lab’, I just think it looks awesome and I am guessing it’s like a quality control lab which is a room I would love to go in, I may even get the chance to sample some free beer.

The second thing is the pictures on the tanks, I’ve never seen this in any brewery, but the pictures correspond to each of the craft ales that the brewery brews.

In other words, each beer has its own tank.

The concept of this beer was for Beavertown to brew a beer which was packed with tropical fruits with aromas of mango and grapefruit.

In all honesty, they have certainly accomplished this goal and it’s ultimately a very fruity and juicy pale ale.

Like most American pale ales, the volume of hops that are used is extraordinary, no wonder why so many of these pale ales are classed as hoppy.

I tend not to drink many hoppy ales, but on this occasion, because this was a new beer that I was sampling, I just couldn’t resist myself.

Tasting Notes

A tropical fruit Pale Ale with aromas of Mango and Grapefruit, leaving a malty, hoppy and bitter aftertaste.

Do you consider yourself to try this beer from the tasting notes I’ve provided!


This beer came part of my Honestbrew box which is a mixed case of 12 British beers that are not just fantastic but also classical.

The first thing you will notice about this beer is the can, like most craft ales, the effort into the branding of the can is amazing and very artistic.

I am not totally sure who actually does all the artwork, but I can guarantee I couldn’t draw images like this!

gamma ray 1

If you were inside a supermarket store and you saw this can, would it appeal to you?

Moving away from the branding, the taste of this beer is just tremendous, even though it’s fruity it’s not like your typical citrusy beer.

Gamma Ray is more of a hoppy beer, there is so much character to this beer the aromas and taste combined just makes this beer so refreshing and sweet.

The tropical fruits also play a part in the taste, when I took my first sip the mango and grapefruit flavours were so appetising and promising.

gamma ray 2

This is such a gorgeous beer, it was perfect and I really couldn’t believe how much I was enjoying it.

I was really sad once I nearly finished it, however, luckily enough Sainsbury’s local sell this beer so I know where I will be heading to when I want some more glorious Gamma Ray!


As I said at the start of this review, this is one of the best American Pale Ales I’ve ever tried, I will have to repeat myself and just say how special this beer is.

Now, if you’re more of a citrusy beer drinker and someone who doesn’t like to much power from the hops, I would suggest this beer is not best suited for you, I mean it’s always worth trying new beers, so you may actually like it.

Furthermore, if you do enjoy your hoppy beers, then this beer is certainly for you, I also think that you will also enjoy this beer as much as I did.

If you are in a supermarket and you come across this beer, I have four words for you, YOU MUST BUY IT!

Then sample and enjoy!


The Cask Connoisseur

12 Comments on “Gamma Ray (5.4% ABV)”

  1. I’m a fan of tropically fruity drinks so I think this beer would be perfect for me. Thank you for sharing this, I might have to purchase it xxx

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  2. It is interesting that each beer is made in separate tank, but I bet that makes for a much stronger flavor, and I love that each tank has an image on it! The artwork is certainly fun and colorful and it is a pity one cannot collect an endless row of cans . . . grapefruit and mango, though, sound like an excellent mix. πŸ™‚

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