The Cooper’s Choice 53.3% ABV

It’s everyone’s favourite day, it’s Friday, and now it’s time for me to get you all into that Friday feeling by bringing you another tremendous post!

I hope you all have had a fantastic week, it’s been super busy for myself as I’ve now officially completed my first week at work, it’s been amazing, I am so glad to be back, I mean let’s face it I love my job!

Anyway, today’s post is on a classical whisky called The Cooper’s Choice!


Cooper’s Choice is a beautiful Single Malt Whisky which is distilled at The Ledaig Distillery which is based in Scotland in the outskirts of Glasglow within the small village of Tobermory.

This whisky forms part of the Vintage Distillation and is selectively a limited edition bottle, only 318 bottles have been made and I am truly lucky to owe one of those bottles!

As I mentioned, the whisky is distilled at The Ledaig Distillery and effectively this whisky is actually based on the traditional Scottish Ledaig!

The Ledaig is one of the most splendid and gorgeous Single Malt Whiskies that are around, they’re quite costly, but you have to imagine yourself what your trying is a glass full of perfect flavours!

This is the Ledaig Distillery which is where the Cooper’s Choice is distilled and then it’s passed onto The Vintage Malt Company for selling and distributing!

Vintage Malt was founded in 1992 by Brian Cook who has worked in the whisky industry for his whole career.

The Cooper’s Choice takes its name from the classic and traditional Cooper Workers, who made wooden barrels for beer and whisky.

This is a statue of a Cooper from my hometown (Burton Upon Trent), and you can work out from his pose, that he is knocking the wood to form the shape of the barrel.

Around the world, the Cooper’s still does this as a job, it may look old-fashioned but in fact, it’s actually becoming more popular as the years move on!

Now, going back to the Whisky, The Cooper’s Choice was distilled in February 2002 and then matured in American Oak Casks.

Then we fast forward 17 years, whilst the whisky sits insides the barrels maturing away until we come to February 2019 and this was when this particular whisky was bottled.

The finish that is provided by leaving the barrels and transported into bottles is said to be a Moscatel Cask Finish, Moscatel basically means sweetness on the palate.

Originally to this date, the whisky is aged 18 years and in my mind, it tastes absolutely beautiful.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Profoundly peaty with rich sweet smoke. Smoked Apple Skins and tar!

Palate: Sweet peat and Iodine. Liquorice and fruity sherry notes. Old leather. Full-bodied with delicious waves of smoke and spice.

Finish: Long-lasting peaty finish. More old leather and sweet juicy smoke!

This sounds blinking lovely by just typing the tasting notes!


I am having to work my brain here because I can’t actually remember where I bought this whisky from, I think it was from The Whisky Shop in Trentham, but for the love of life, I can’t remember.

I actually tried this Whisky on Tuesday this week, if any of my followers have got me on Instagram, you might have noticed my whisky post!

If you haven’t got me on Instagram, you can follow me here by just clicking on The Cask Connoisseur.

On Tuesday, I posted a picture of my whisky collection, I wanted one of my followers to select a whisky for me to sample, I have got a couple of bottles which are not opened, but there was a winner and much thanks to Inspiration.Wise for selecting The Cooper’s Choice.

Now, I am going to guess you all would like to see my whisky collection, well here it is, it’s still small, but I am building it up nicely!

whisky collection

The Cooper’s Choice is the whisky on the right-hand side, the second one in!

I couldn’t wait to try it, I was so excited.

The whisky glass I was using was a Glencairn Crystal Glass, which I believe is the best whisky glass ever, the tastes that are provided from this glass are just surreal!

It’s also completely true, Whisky does taste completely different if you try it in other glasses, who would have thought that!

cooper choice 1

I was all prepared and ready to start sampling this cracking whisky, I am roughly halfway through the bottle now, still got plenty left though.

The tasting of this whisky is absolutely beautiful, it was peated throughout, but the sweet flavourings made this tipple so indulging.

There was a slight kick to it, but the smoky flavours along with the skins of the apples just completely overtook the kick to make it a well-balanced whisky.

I was enjoying it so much, I wanted to have another glass, but I realised the bottles was becoming empty so I thought I’ll save it for another day, haha.

coopers choice 2

Just look at the colour of the whisky, as soon as I poured it into the glass, I couldn’t believe how much it was making my mouth water haha.


The Cooper’s Choice 2002, is a tremendous whisky, I was so impressed with it, I was really happy that I purchased it.

This whisky is best suited for the summer days, I would gladly indulge into this delicious whisky whilst relaxing on the deck chair.

Due to the fact that I loved this whisky so much, I am recommending it to you all, if you are after something very sweet and fruity, then the Cooper’s Choice is the best whisky to go for.

I hope you have thoroughly enjoyed this post and it has made you want to buy a bottle of The Cooper’s Trust, I mean trust me it’s very appealing!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and you all enjoy whatever you’re up to!

My next post will be going live on Monday at 10am, keep your eyes peeled!

For now, though, take care and stay safe!

The Cask Connoisseur

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  1. This sounds like a splendid whisky! I immediately loved the sound of it based off your review, especially since you included the scent and taste. Smoked apple skins are a delicious thing to smell, and I love that old leather made it onto your list of taste descriptors!

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