Camden Pale (4.0% ABV)

How are we halfway through July already, the year is just flying by ever so quickly, before you know it will be Christmas again!

We’ve still got a couple of months of Summer left, so be sure to keep on trying those fruity beers before it’s time to indulge into those winter warming stouts for the Autumn!

Today’s beer post is on a classical British Pale Ale called Camden Pale (4.0% ABV)


You’ll probably remember at the start of July I compiled a review post on my first beer that I’ve ever tried from this brewery and that was ‘Show Off – Juicy Lager’ if you want to find out more about this post just click here.

Camden Pale is brewed by Camden Town Brewery which is based in Greater London in the borough of Enfield.

Here is just a brief outline of this brewery once again, the brewery was established in 2010 and was founded by Jasper Cuppaidge.

If you remember from the short funny story, Jasper accidentally missed his flight back to Australia and he decided to remain in the UK and from then this was when he started his preparations to bring Camden Town Brewery to life.

The incredible enjoyment I like about this brewery is how all of there beers appear to be unique, Show Off was considered as a Juicy Lager but I would happily classify it as a session beer/lager.

This is the same with Camden Pale, it is quoted on the can as Pilsner Ale, which is something that you don’t often see around nowadays, apart from your German Beers, but those beers are intensively strong.

Along with Helles Lager, Camden Pale is said to be the second most popular beer that is produced by this brewery and I can see why as well.

It’s widely available in the majority of pubs that I’ve been into in the past, furthermore, it’s also popular at specific beer festivals which are local to my hometown (Burton Upon Trent)

Camden beers are also fairly distributed through the supermarket chains and this is where I was lucky enough to pick up a can on Camden Pale.

As I’ve mentioned in all of my posts, it’s about sampling and trying new beers, even if you don’t like it, you can clearly say to everyone that you’ve given it a go.

This pale ale is available in cans and bottles, but I have been quoted by one of my beer connoisseur friends that it’s also available on tap as well.

I’ve never tried it off the pump before, but if I do find a pub that provides it, I will certainly give it a sample!

Please be sure though to check out Camden Town Brewery website and have a look at there beer stash that they do, you may be tempted by one or two!

Tasting Notes

A citrusy Pale Ale which is almost like a Pilsner Lager, very hoppy and malty with a sweet refreshing bitter finish.


WOW, What A Beer!!

I don’t know if it’s just me that thinks this, but I will say that Camden Town Brewery does produce some of the finest craft beers that I’ve ever sampled, the key point is though they are all different and not the same.

The Pale Ale was the best place to start after doing a long walk, I was ready for a beer and this was the one that took my fancy.

Show Off was more of an orange coloured beer, whereas Camden Pale is slightly browner, it’s not just the colour that was different when I opened up the can the malty flavours were so extreme.

camden pale 1

This beer just tasted so amazing and it was really refreshing.

It was also easy enough to tell that this beer did taste like a pilsner lager, the malt and barley that was used in the process just brought that lager characteristic to life, I mean whoever came up with the recipe deserves a big high 5 because the flavours just made the beer more interesting and complex.

camden pale 2

Excuse the messy hair, but that’s lockdown for you haha!

On the other hand, though I think you can tell from my expression that I was really enjoying this beer, I don’t know if you’re the same as me but do you ever get that sad feeling when the glass starts to appear empty, especially if it was a terrific beer that you’ve just tried.

I always get that mood and it happened on this occasion once again, I wouldn’t say it was my favourite all-time Pale Ale, but it was a beautiful beer to indulge into whilst relaxing outside in the sun!


I am going to bless Camden Town Brewery and say that the beers that I’ve sampled so far have been truly awesome, I’ve still got a few more from this brewery to try but that will come at a later date.

I am thankful for what everyone has done at Camden if you want a decent beer that is pure quality then Camden’s Pale Ale is the one for you.

You may think differently to me and it’s not your type of beer, but I was proud to try it and I am happy to promote it out to you all.

I paid £2.00 for this beer from Sainsbury’s Local, I would love to know if any of my followers have had to pay more than this, plus I would love to hear your personal views on Camden Pale, whether you’ve tried it from the can or of the pump.


The Cask Connoisseur 


11 Comments on “Camden Pale (4.0% ABV)”

  1. Okay that’s a really crazy story about the founder missing his plane and hanging out in the UK for awhile! That was meant to be. I’m usually not a big fan of pale ales but the citrusy part has my attention! I want all the light and refreshing beers I can get during the hot summer 🙂

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  2. It is incredible when you find a Brewery that makes the kind of beer you enjoy with enough passion to bless them! Given that you have been trying beers for so long, I love that you have found one that you love so much.

    Given that there are so many different beers available, it is amazing that this one is so unique! I have had pilsner lager but not Camden Pale and, after your review, I want to give it a taste the next chance I get. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • There are so many different beers out in the world! I would love to try them all, but there are too many 😂 this one though just caught my eye and I couldn’t believe the flavours that were being let off, I enjoyed it so much 😁

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