My Favourite Top 10 Pubs near Burton Upon Trent

Any information, that I’ve supplied throughout this post is subject to change due to the COVID-19 Restrictions, but I have outlined the main advantages of what each pub delivers!  

Hello everyone, I hope you’ve all had a fantastic weekend, it’s been an incredibly busy weekend for me, but it’s now time to look forward to a new week!

It seems a while since, I last provided you with a blog post, truth is I have been really busy with work and because I work staggered hours they may be times where I have to only deliver 2 posts per week.

I am really looking forward to delivering this next post, in fact, I am honestly so excited!

Today’s post is on a tour guide of 10 of the best pubs that I’ve ever been into, I hope you’re looking forward to it!

Majority of the pubs that I’ve listed, I have done review posts on them, but some I haven’t, but you can, of course, check out their general websites.

  1. The Waterloo Inn – Ashby Road – Winshill

This fantastic and traditional pub is situated on the borderline between Staffordshire and South Derbyshire, what I really love about this pub is the history it provides.

Many years ago The Waterloo Inn was used as Pit Stop destination for the Shire Horses! Due to Burton Upon Trent overwhelmingly being the brewing capital of the world, shire horses started off in Burton and then travelled up to South Derbyshire to deliver beer.

The Waterloo Inn was classed as the halfway point where the first set of horses would change and then the second set of horses would take over.

The Waterloo Inn has recently gone through an exterior refurbishment and I have to quote how beautiful the pub is!

The pub is so friendly, the landlady is very kind and chatty, plus you’ll always have a great laugh especially when taking part in the Quiz on a Sunday, which does include food!

2. The Roebuck – Station Street – Burton Upon Trent

Situated on the outskirts of the Town Centre lies The Roebuck Inn, this quirky, vibey pub always provides a terrific atmosphere.

The most impressive factor though that you’ve got to love about this pub is that it’s five minutes away from the local train station.

The Roebuck Inn is also situated next to many other pubs that are in within the town, some of these will be listed below.

Furthermore, the pub is also historically famous for being the original Ind Coope Brewery Tap Room, this Tap Room was adjacent to the former brewery.

If you love your rocky music then look no further, every Sunday evening, The Roebuck Inn provides some of the most amazing entertainment, I’ve been to a couple of the nights before and I must say they are really enjoyable, it can get quite busy though.

If you adore your real ales, the pub provides a wide range of selected beers, especially providing beers from Gate’s Burton Brewery, Marston’s Brewery and of course Bass Brewery.

3. The Brewery Tap – The National Brewery Centre – Horninglow Street

This is still a pub, I need to do a review post on, but I am getting on to it!

The Brewery Tap is such a beautiful Bar and Restaraunt which represents the history of Brewing.

There are so many factors I love about this place!

The most impressive factor is that the bar is formed part of a brewing museum which represents the techniques that were originally and still used to brew beer.

The museum is absolutely beautiful, and the characteristic of the place is completely phenomenal.

The creation of this building also brings back the beautiful memories of the former Bass Museum.

Then, in the 2000s, Molson Coors took over the facility and now the building is currently leased through a Tourism and Leisure company!

Also, you don’t have to go around the museum in order to use the bar, the pub is open to the public 7 days a week and every Sunday the bar operates a scrumptious carvery.

The Brewery Tap offers some fantastic beers, and the majority of the beers that are available are brewed onsite from The Heritage Brewing Company, my favourite beer that I’ve sampled from this brewery is Old Fireside Ale, which is a perfect beer for the Winter Months, flavours of toffee and caramel are presented throughout.

There is, of course, plenty of Bass which is flowing on the bar!

4. The Dog Inn – Lichfield Street – Burton Upon Trent

Well, what can we not say about The Dog Inn!

In the centre of the town, The Dog Inn is beer mad heaven!

I couldn’t believe the amount of beer and craft beer that was available in this pub!

The Dog Inn is not like your typical pub which just has a couple of handpumps, the amazing feature about this place is that there is 11 Cask Ales that are available.

The decision to choose which beer you want is made harder, there is so much choice, it took me like 15 minutes before I made up my mind about what beer I wanted to drink.

What I had to notice about this pub was the beer board, behind the bar was a huge Black Board which showed all the beers that were ‘chilling in the cellar’, there must have been around 15 different pump clips on this board.

It’s physically like Cask Ale heaven!

In other words, if you’re looking for a pub which has a gigantic selection of beers on offer, then The Dog is best suited for you.

5. The Cooper’s Tavern – Cross Street -Burton Upon Trent

If you’re after a warm and snugged feel pub, The Cooper’s Tavern is completely the way forward!

The pub is so unique inside and has one fantastic feature that many beer connoisseurs would love about this place.

This is the only pub that I know, that serves Draught Bass straight from the Cask and predominately this is what the Cooper’s Tavern is famous for.

The Cooper’s Tavern has previously been used as Brewer’s House, Malt Store and also a facility to store Bass Imperial Stout inside, this was when Bass Brewery was the main principle in the Town.

Former Bass Brewer’s would come over to the beer store and sample the stout, to make sure it tastes perfect and that it looks amazing.

If you do fancy stopping off at The Cooper’s Tavern, I would certainly recommend booking a table at the curry restaurant (Apne) which is next door, you’re also allowed to take drinks from the pub into the curry house, even better!

6. Ye Old Trip To Jerusalem – Nottingham

A couple of years ago, I ventured out to Nottingham along with The Heritage Brewing Company Brewery Team, our destination was Nottingham, I was really looking forward to it, as since that day, I’ve never actually been to Nottingham before, this was a really good chance for me to try some beautiful beer!

Our first stop off was Ye Old Trip To Jerusalem!

The pub dates back to around 1189 and it has been recognized as being the oldest Inn in England.

However, there is no documentation to fully support this case, even though it is listed on the exterior of the building.

I just can’t believe how long this building has lasted, I mean when I first looked at it, I thought it was built a couple of years ago, it’s completely breathtaking.

There are some spooky myths about this pub, especially the crazy one which I learnt was about the Ship, apparently, anyone who had cleaned the ship previously was met with a mysterious death!

The ship is now enclosed in a container, and hasn’t been dusted since!

I also found the cellars absolutely remarkable at this pub, the cellars were situated below the ground which have been built into the caves, this is the coldest part of the pub.

The caves are formed from Nottingham Castle which is situated on top of a moat, this is again what makes this pub so special.

I really am looking forward to returning to Nottingham and this is certainly one place where I will be stopping off again.

7. The Devonshire Arms – Station Street – Burton Upon Trent

Excitingly, The Devonshire Arms was awarded CAMRA Pub Of The Year 2020 and in my mind, I can totally see why.

It’s just such an amazing place, the beer is totally exceptional, and the owners are so kind and polite.

I have been inside this pub many times and I just can’t believe how fantastic the atmosphere is!

The Devonshire has also recently started doing food nights and they have become increasingly popular as the months move on, I really enjoyed my Steak Night in November 2019, you get such a good quantity of food for a fabulous price.

You’ll also notice inside the pub, on the walls, there are tonnes of pump clips, and these pump clips show all the beers that have been provided on the bar since the pub officially opened.

Now, honestly, there is a lot, you could be looking for hours to find your favourite beer!

I am truly looking forward to returning to this pub, I am just waiting for when things are safer in the world!

8. The Last Heretic – Station Street – Burton Upon Trent

Situated up the road from The Devonshire Arms is the Last Heretic, this a wonderful and traditional Micropub that is situated in the town.

Just like The Cooper’s Tavern, all the beers are served straight from the barrel.

The Last Heretic is your small, cosy pub where you just want to snuggle up inside on that cold winter night!

Of course, if you’re feeling to warm, then there is ample seating outside!

There is a wide range of beers on offer and majority of the ales are from breweries all around the UK, this is what I adore about this pub, trying different beers that I’ve never come into contact with!

If you fancy starting off here at The Last Heretic, before leaving, there are a couple of options you can make!

If you turn left, you can go to The Roebuck Inn and The Weighbridge Inn, however, if you turn right, there is The Devonshire Arms and The Cooper’s Tavern.

Of course, you can do them all!

9.  The Weighbridge Inn – Derby Street – Burton Upon Trent

The penultimate pub, which I have listed in my top 10 favourite pubs is the Weighbridge Inn, which is proudly owned by Muirhouse Brewery!

The pub was first originally used as a Sandwich Shop, then it was newly used as a micropub!

Two years ago the micropub was owned by Old Cottage Brewery in Burton Upon Trent, but due to a decrease in sales, and the quality of the beer was poor, the brewery was closed down and pub sadly closed.

Most of the drinkers in Burton were saddened by the closure, on the other hand, in July 2019, Muirhouse Brewery taken on the ownership of the site.

The pub just like the Last Heretic is so cosy, it has a real built-in fire which is perfect to keep you warm in the winter, especially that the building does get pretty cold!

The pub can fit up to around 20 people inside, but I would consider getting to this place early to avoid the disappointment of standing, due to limited seating!

Again though, the beer that is provided inside this pub is absolutely fantastic and certainly does have its faculties.


The Green Man – Milwich – Stone

This is the final pub I’ve listed in my top 10 favourite pubs near to Burton.

Now. although The Green Man is over 40 minutes away from Burton, I would still suggest to plan a trip here as it’s such a fantastic place.

This quirky country pub is like a dream come true!
Myself and Isobel, have visited here a couple of times and even though it’s quite small inside, the pub just provides that charming rustic feel.

I completely adored the interior design!

I would have to say the food that me and Isobel had one time was amazing, all food is freshly made on the premises and the presentation was completely gorgeous.

The Green Man is also situated in the heart of Staffordshire, there are some gorgeous walks that you can enjoy and it’s a perfect place to stop off and enjoy a glorious pint of beer, Black Sheep Bitter which is brewed by the Black Sheep Brewery is the most popular beer that is sold onsite.

I would certainly recommend to you all to stop off at this amazing place, I really can’t wait to get the chance to step back into this amazing pub.

This now concludes my post which was based on a list of my Top 10 Favourite Pubs, I really hope you enjoyed it, this post is something slightly different, but the reason of delivering this post was to give you an insight into some of the most tremendous pubs that I’ve been to, but also it could be a pub that you may be interested in!

If you do have any questions on any of these pubs/bars, please free to send me a comment and I’ll answer them as best as I can!

For now, though, Take Care and Stay Safe Everyone!

The Cask Connoisseur

19 Comments on “My Favourite Top 10 Pubs near Burton Upon Trent”

  1. A fantastic choice! I’ve been to most of those but still need to get to the Waterloo in Winshill.
    When you put them down in a list it’s ridiculous how many good pubs there are in Burton….
    I’m going to throw in The Elms as well for good measure 🔺

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  2. Lovely to see such a range of pubs on offer, they all look great. One of my friends has just moved near the area (I think!) so will have to check some of them out when I visit!

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  3. I’ve not been to a single one, not that I can remember anyway, though I’ve not really been back to Burton much since I was a kid. A couple of Albion games and that’s about it.

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  4. These all sounds great and I love the eclectic buildings they’re in!! They’re so different than what I would expect here in the US. Definitely pinning for future reference when we can travel again!

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