The Swan With Two Necks

A very happy Monday morning to you all, I really hope you’ve all had a fantastic weekend, it’s been an extremely busy one for myself, I am just looking forward to my two days off now!

I am just ready to put my feet up on the safe and just chill, I am hoping to get out on my bike as well and cycle some miles!

Now, to kick-off the week I am posting today a country pub review on a gorgeous eatery that me and Isobel have been to once, I really hope you enjoy it!

Today’s post is on The Swan With Two Necks!


The Swan With Two Necks is a superb country pub which is situated on the outskirts of Newcastle Under-Lyme in the country village of Blackbrook.

The pub is privately owned by the Parogon Pub Group which is a Staffordshire company which owes hundreds of different pubs within the local county of Staffordshire.

The private pub company officially opened up this tremendous country pub in 2007 and has been increasingly popular over the years, serving some of the finest and classic British gourmet food, and of course some of the most beautiful Cask Beers as well.

In February 2019, The Swan With Two Necks went through a thorough refurbishment, I didn’t sadly get to visualise the original look, but I couldn’t complain about the new look, it was completely gorgeous inside, certainly my type of pub to venture into.

I mean just look how beautiful the inside is, you’ve got to admit you would totally want to come here and have a meal, it’s very modern and crisp, which is what makes it a fantastic pub.


If there is one thing I am missing about doing this year with Isobel, it’s exploring all these new fantastic pubs where we can both sample some quality food and I can try out some new beers, hopefully, next year we can make up for it!

Anyway, way before lockdown, I used to travel down to Shrewsbury to meet Isobel at work and on the journey home, we always travel past The Swan With Two Necks and I remembered once saying that we needed to try it out.

It’s crazy when you travel along the main road because you just wouldn’t expect the pub to be there, but for where it is, based in the countryside just brings that amazing feeling.

Now, one-day last year me and Isobel went out exploring in the Shrewsbury area, we went to this stunning National Trust property called Stokesay Castle, it was a gorgeous place and we were both shocked with how much history we learnt from walking around.

After visiting Stokesay we were both starting to feel hungry and I had to suggest that we should go to The Swan With Two Necks, we were both really looking forward to it, to be fair we were literally starving!

On arrival, there is an enormous car park, on this day it was quite busy but there was plenty of parking, the first amazing featured I loved once we parked were the views which are presented at the back of the pub, it was perfect, its why I want to live in the countryside, the views are just staggering!

Entering inside, we were both greeted by the friendly waiter, the pub inside was totally spaced out into different sections, which I thought looked amazing.

As soon as we both sat down, we could visualise the country pub feel along with the rustic furniture which was displayed throughout.

There was a fantastic range of drinks on offer, (Wines, Cocktails, Gins), you name it everything, there main Cask Ale was Doom Bar which is brewed by Sharp’s Brewery, I was pleasantly surprised with the price, it only cost ยฃ3.40, which I thought was a bargain.

The Doom Bar was amazing, the taste was superb, it was a fantastic pint and for what the price was, I dived straight in for a second!

The food was just as good, I decided to have a burger with all the trimmings, (Onion Rings, Bacon, Cheese) and Isobel went for a Steak, the burger was really juicy, the thing that I really enjoyed about the food was that its all freshly made on the premises, you’re paying money for quality food which is what I enjoy about my pub meals!

Isobel really enjoyed her steak as well, to make it romantic we both tried a bit of each others food, we were really happy!

Due to being stuffed, me and Isobel only decided to have a main course, but we did check-out the sweet menu and we were both immensely impressed with what was available.

Hopefully, next year, when me and Isobel can go exploring more often, we have stated that we will return because its such an enjoyable place to come to and have food.


The Swan With Two Necks is a fantastic and classical British Country Pub, I couldn’t fault the service or food, everything was perfect, for how reasonably priced the food was, it has completely persuaded us to return again in the future.

I will mention a couple of pointers to consider, for when any of my followers would like to visit here:

I would advise booking a table just to avoid disappointment for when you turn up and you can’t be seated, I mean don’t get me wrong the pub is massive, but its best to play it safe and not panic.

Also for where the pub is situated, it’s not your typical venue, where you can come for drinks and find public transport to travel back home, public transport is very limited in the area, due to the countryside.

On the other hand, I can utterly tell you all that this pub is wonderful, I highly recommend it to you all, I would love to provide you all with a chance to travel to Staffordshire and venture into this pub, trust me you don’t know what you’re missing.

On that note, that concludes my latest post, I hope you’ve enjoyed it, I’ll look forward to any comments that you may have.

For now though,

Take Care And Stay Safe

The Cask Connoisseur

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  1. This sounds like a great way to spend the afternoon ๐Ÿ™‚ To be honest, one of the things I miss most during lockdown is spending the weekends discovering new bars, drinking beers on patios and munching on bar food. Fingers crossed for next spring!

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