Tribute 4.2% ABV

Hello to you all, I really hope you’ve all had a fantastic weekend and that you are enjoying this week so far!

Saturday night, I took part in a virtual whisky sampling event which was proudly hosted by The GlenAllachie Distillery, which was amazing, so keep your eyes peeled, as I will be posting a review post towards the start of next week!

It’s finally Wednesday, and it’s time for a Hump Day classic on a beautiful beer that I bought last week and sampled and I will say this one is a cracker!

Today’s post is on Tribute 4.2% ABV!


Tribute is a sensational Pale Ale that is proudly brewed by The St Austell Brewery!

The St Austell Brewery is located in the outstanding area of Cornwall within the small town of St Austell!

The brewery was founded by Cornishman Walter Hicks in 1851, today the brewery remains as 100% independent and family-owned.

Tribute pale ale is the flagship beer for St Austell Brewery and it accounts for around 80% of sales, other popular beers include Proper Job, Tinner’s Ale and Duchy Bitter.

In July 2016, St Austell Brewery acquired Bath Ales which is in partnership with St Austell Brewery, the idea to integrate the two companies was for St Austell to put Bath’s Ales brands out into the UK, as well as investing in the brewing and packaging facilities.

The two companies both desire to share the same mission which is to brew exceptional great beer and provide outstanding customer service, to all of its outlets.

Next, in March 2017 a multi-million-pound investment took place for a new state of the art brewery and also bottling and canning facilities for St Austell’s sister company Bath Ales.

St Austell Brewery is one of the many larger beverage companies that are operating in the UK today, there is approximately around 250 employed staff and its not just the number of employees that makes me place so impressive.

St Austell Brewery – Photo Credited by BBC News

The first thing when you look at the brewery is just how astonishing the exterior looks, it reminds me of one of the traditional school buildings, it looks so beautiful and stunning.

St Austell Brewery currently produces around 100’000 barrels per year and that is all the beer that is being transported around the whole of the UK, bottles, cans and casks!

If you go into any supermarket, St Austell pub, you will guarantee to find beers from this tremendous place and I would certainly pick up a handful of bottles.

Tribute was created to commemorate the 1999 Solar Eclipse!

The beer at first was meant to be a one-off special and was formally known as Daylight Robbery, but due to being so popular and many people falling in love with it, the brewery reintroduced it and branded it as Tribute.

It’s become so popular that it has won several awards around the UK and here are just a couple of them:

2018 – CAMRA Champion Beer of Britain, Best Bitter – Bronze

2017 – CAMRA South West, Champion Beer Of Britain, Best Bitter, Silver

2015 – World Beer Awards – Pale Beer – Silver

I mean certainly, these awards do show, what a beer Tribute is and how much people adore it, I can imagine the awards will continue as we go into the future!

Tasting Notes

An amber-coloured beer with aromas of Orange Zest and tropical fruit. The taste is sensational of fresh orange with hints of grapefruit.

A zesty beer that is completely moreish and fruity, which leaves a long sweet finish.


I couldn’t wait to try this beer, I was lucky enough to be able to purchase a bottle of Tribute from our local supermarket and what a bargain it was £1.82.

It was my first beer, I’ve ever tried from St Austell Brewery, so my excitement was immense, it was quite a warm day to be fair as well, so I thought it was only right to finish it off with a sweet beer.

Do you like my Christmas glass?

I can honestly say, I really enjoyed this beer, it was crisp and refreshing and perfectly balanced throughout.

I have to admit, it had that personal touch of Cornwall it reminded me of lying down on the beach enjoying the sun.

What a beer, that’s all I can say!

If you want a beer that is filled with flavour and fruitiness, then I can truthfully say Tribute is the beer that you should go for, I hugely recommend it.


The St Austell Brewery has demonstrated and shown that they can produce quality beer for the general public, the advantage of this beer is that you don’t need to go to the pub and try it, you can enjoy a bottle of Tribute or any of the other beers from your own house.

If you feel that you need a beer that makes you think that you’re on holiday or you just want to something new to sample, then Tribute is the right beer for you.

So come on then, what are you waiting for, when you do your next shop, get yourself a bottle of this beautiful beer and let me know your own personal thoughts.

Thanks for reading my latest post, I hope you enjoy the rest of your week and I shall look forward to bring you an amazing post at the weekend!

For now, though take care and stay safe!


The Cask Connoisseur


10 Comments on “Tribute 4.2% ABV”

  1. This is such an in-depth review and wow I’ve learnt so much about this ale! I’ve had a tribute before and genuinely enjoyed it x

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  2. Hi Luke. Thank you for the ale write-up and the background history of the brewery. I’ll certainly look out for this the next time that I go shopping. I have to confess, though, I’m far more interested in your comment about a forthcoming post on your virtual whisky sampling event – I love a good single malt so I’ll keep an eye open for this!

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  3. I live in a state known for having so many award-winning breweries that it draws in a lot of tourism. It sounds like you have a pretty great beer scene in the UK too. Hoping to check out your suggestions someday soon.

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  4. This was such a fun read! The Tribute really sounds tasty and I love it in the Yule glass! Can’t wait to hear about the whiskey tasting event – I love hearing how social events are moving to being virtual!

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