Alcohol Christmas Gift Ideas 2020

It’s the weekend again, I really hope you’ve all had an incredible week, I have got an amazing post here for you which I am sure will help you with this years Christmas Shopping!

It’s time to get into the Christmas spirit!

We can all see now how quick the festive period is now approaching, in 20 days time on Christmas Eve, Santa Claus will be prepping his sleigh to deliver all of those fantastic presents to all of the families across the world!

In reality, though Christmas Shopping can be quite stressing and daunting, especially if you don’t know what to buy for your loved ones, I mean I have to admit it gets increasingly harder for myself, I get asked every year what would I like and the real answer is, I honestly don’t know!

This reason being, I have nearly everything I need such as a: bike, laptop, phone.

However, there are some amazing gifts that you can buy and some contain our favourite Christmas spirit, Alcohol!

As a helping hand, I am here to deliver a post today on the Top 10 Alcohol Christmas Gift Ideas that I have seen online and in shops myself, I shall include the price, plus a small description of the item and where you can buy each product from.

So, sit back, relax and crack open the bottle of Mulled Wine and stick on the Christmas Tunes!

‘I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday’

Christmas List

10. B&M Bargains

For all you gin lovers, you can buy a variety of selection packs which contain the standard gins or you might be lucky enough to find a pack which contains fruity gins.

B&M Bargains have got this fantastic gin selection which can be purchased from the majority of the stores, just beware though not all B&M stores actually sell alcohol.

The Flavoured Pink & Rhubarb Gin Selection contains three gins from three different Gin Distilleries, they include:

  • Gordon’s Premium Pink Gin
  • Edgerton Original Pink Gin
  • The Lakes Rhubarb & Rosehip Gin


Photo Credited by – B&M Bargains

Each bottle is 5cl, which is the smallest size, but you could easily enjoy two Gin and Tonics from each bottle!

The only downside with this product is that it doesn’t contain a bottle of tonic water, but I guess you can still buy it separately.

However, for £6.99 its reasonably priced, your basically paying £2.30 for each bottle, which is relatively good.

If your looking for a Ginxmas Gift then this is one I would recommend you to try!

9. Aldi UK

Now, if a lot of my followers like a wonderful whisky at Christmas, it can be quite challenging to find the right one!

Yes, a lot of modern whiskies now do come at quite a cost, but if you want to save some pennies then why not shop at Aldi, there is a fantastic range of whiskies that you can purchase for under £20.00s.

It may be cheaper, but the whisky still delivers some tremendous flavours, I actually had a bottle of whisky last year from Aldi and it was amazing, I’ve still got some left now!

This year’s whisky special for Aldi is The Glen Orrin Distillers Reserve 12-Year-Old Blended Whisky, which I am hoping to have a bottle off!


Photo Credited by Aldi UK 

The flavours are amazing, vanilla, honey and ripe fruits! Just what you want in a classical Single Malt Scotch!

It gets even better, you’re not just paying for the flavour, but you are actually getting a full-sized 70cl bottle, so to save the hassle of going to an expensive whisky shop, why not purchase this beauty, you’ll totally love it.

8. Honestbrew 

I’ve mentioned this company a couple of times now in some of my blog posts, but the team at Honestbrew have found a way to keep everyone happy when it comes to drinking beer!

I came into contact with this team when I ordered a mixed case of beers during the first lockdown in March, there is a wide range of mixed cases to choose from for incredible prices!  

A lot of my Instagram followers have started to prep themselves up for the 12 Beers Of Christmas and this is what this mixed case is based on. 

Alternatively, if you didn’t want to do the 12 Beers Of Christmas, you could save your pack and indulge into them on Christmas Day itself. 


Pictured Credited by Honestbrew 

Okay, so for £34.90 (Non-Members Price) you will receive an enormous box which contains twelve different beers from around the world, you also get some beautiful mince pie flavouring popcorn and finally a Honestbrew glass!

I think that is a perfect gift, especially for those Beer Connoisseur people out in the world right now!

7. Asda 

Who loves a Baileys at Christmas, I certainly do! 

I actually saw this gift a couple of weeks ago, and I just think its really cute, why not decorate your Christmas Dinner Table with some of these Baileys Crackers. 


Photo Credited by Asda

This item is priced at £10.00 and inside the box, you get four beautifully wrapped crackers which contain the following: 

  • 2 x Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur 
  • 1x Baileys with a hint of coffee flavour 
  • 1 x baileys with a hint of orange truffle flavour

Again this gift could be a fantastic idea that can be bought for the whole family. However, I would say it would make more sense if there were two of the coffee/orange flavour liqueurs in the box, I think six crackers is way better than 4, but you are getting perfect gifts inside. 

6. Amazon 

Each year millions of people are turning to the web to do there shopping and one of the most amazing sites that has become stronger and stronger is Amazon. 

Amazon sells a wide range of alcohol gifts set which is fit for anyone, but one which I did come across was this amazing Cocktail Mixer pack. 

This unique gift contains 20 mini cocktail bottles that you can mix-n-match!


Photo Credited by Amazon

Why not enjoy a glass of your favourite cocktail for only £14.99, you could make your own Margarita, Mojito or a tropical Pina Colada. 

A perfect gift that you would certainly love to unwrap on Christmas Day. 

5. The Whisky Exchange 

As I mentioned earlier, you don’t have to buy an expensive bottle of whisky which is going to take you over budget, however, you can buy some amazing gift sets which contain some of the most exquisite whiskies and I’ve found a perfect one for you all to see. 

The Discover Scotland Southern Highlands Tasting Set is a remarkable whisky sampling set which contains six different whiskies from around The Southern Highlands. 

The samples though are smaller in size, unlike your standard 5cl, these little drams are only 3cl, so when they’re gone, they’re gone. 

 So the real question is why is it worth £34.95!

Well if you decide to order this gift, the first thing you will notice is the box that the whiskies come in, it’s not some cheapy tacky box, it’s a brown coloured wooden box which has the official Whisky Change logo printed on the front. 


Photo Credited by The Whisky Exchange

The samples included are: 

  • Deanston 18-Year-Old Bourbon Matured
  • Edradour 10-Year-Old 
  • Ballechin 10-Year-Old Heavily Peated 
  • Blair Athol 12-Year-Old 
  • Glengoyne 10-Year-Old 
  • Aberfeldy 20-Year-Old Exceptional Cask Series 

All I’m going to say is that yes, you should buy this as a gift, I think its totally outstanding for the price, and you are getting some amazing drams inside the box. 

4. Home Bargains 

What are the two things that we look forward to on Christmas Day? 

A glass of bubbly and loads of chocolate…

This gift by Home Bargains is absolutely perfect and something special that the love of your life would really enjoy. 

The advantage of buying a gift like this from Home Bargains is the price, instead of paying £15.00 for a bottle of Prosseco, you can buy this present for £10.99, that’s a real deal!


Pictured Credited By Home Bargains 

Inside this marvellous gift-wrapped bag, you get the following: 

  • 1 x Canti Prosecco 11% ABV – 70cl (full size) 
  • 1 x Guylian Hazelnut Filled Chocolate Praline Hearts

I think this gift set is astonishing and I would certainly recommend you to get this as a present for Christmas, it’s perfect!

3. Marks And Spencers 

As we are getting towards the end of the list, I have just a couple of ideas of what you could potentially get for your loved ones this Christmas. 

Next on the list is this amazing gin which is brought to you by Marks And Spencers!

The Clementine Glitter Gin which is priced at £18.00s is highly popular and each time I’ve been into Marks And Spencers its always sold out!

Truly shows why everyone loves it, but the feature that I love about this gin is when you shake it glitter floats around, it reminds of you one of those small glass domes, it’s really adorable. 

On the outside of the bottle, there are Christmas themed images and furthermore, if you press a button underneath the bottle it lights up. 

This bottle is full of magic and spirit and this is why it has appeared in my Top 10 Alcohol Christmas Ideas. 


Photo Credited By Marks And Spencers 

2. Sainsbury’s 

For those of you who may want to add some nibbly bits to your Christmas Day Buffet, then, Sainsbury’s have got you covered with this amazing Red Wine & Cheese Basket Set. 

I mean even if you didn’t want to use this for Christmas Day, this gift would make a perfect present for someone who enjoys doing wine matching with food events. 


Photo Credited by Sainsbury’s 

At £12.00 you get a beautiful bottle of French Mont Pierre Reserve Shiraz Red Wine (70cl) 

The cheeses do sound absolutely delicious and to be fair you get a good size portion of each for the price!

  • Sainsbury’s Wensleydale & Cranberry 
  • Sainsbury’s Applewood Smoked Cheddar 
  • Sainsbury’s Matured Cheddar 

I am truly thinking of purchasing this gift for Christmas Day because I think it would brilliant to try and do an experiment and see which cheese pairs well with which wine. 

  1. Tesco 

Here we are then the final gift idea which can be either brought for your loving Girlfriend/Wife or your amazing Boyfriend/Husband!

We’ve done Gin, Liqueurs, Whisky, Cocktails, Beer and Wine, but there is one more gift out there that you could get to indulge into, plus to celebrate the festive period and that is Lager. 

Every year at Christmas, the supermarket chains apply fabulous rollbacks and offers across its Lager range, the most popular crate of Lager that customers pick at Christmas is Carling!

This year you can pick up a crate of Carling with 18 cans for only £9.99, so what are you waiting for get yourself online and place your order. 

Carling which is brewed in my hometown (Burton Upon Trent) and is produced by the UK’s largest brewery, Molson Coors Brewing Company. 

Carling is refreshingly sweet and not too heavy, no wonder why people love it so much, and to be fair I am partial to a pint of Carling now and again. 


Photo Credited by Tescos


There is my Top 10 Alcohol Gift Ideas on what you could get for your loved ones for Christmas!

I hope you find these ideas interesting and that it has given you some help because as I said at the start of this post Christmas Shopping can be stressful. 

But with ideas like this, it will still make Christmas as festive as ever!

So I do really appreciate all of you for taking the time to read this post if you have any ideas that you could pass on to me then please do post them in the comments, and you never know I could be doing a special post like this again for Summer!

I really do hope you all have an amazing weekend, I will be back on Wednesday for an exciting Beer Review Post, keep your eyes peeled! 

There is just one more thing to say and that is Merry Christmas to you all!


The Cask Connoisseur  







6 Comments on “Alcohol Christmas Gift Ideas 2020”

  1. This year we went with sending M&S alcohol/food hampers to family back in the UK as they just looked so good and the quality of them is usually guaranteed. I like the various types of alcohol you’ve included here and I think some of the flavoured gins available now make great gifts!


    • Yes I did see some of the hampers available on the M&S website and they are quite costly but to be honest the hampers are jam packed full of items. Gin is becoming so popular now it’s unreal!


  2. So many pretty bottles here! I love the pink gin. We just finished a bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream (so good), so I want to try those crackers now. The red wine and cheese basket set also looks a perfect gift. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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