Wow, so I’ve just realised, it’s been nine months since I started up my own personal blog, I truly can’t believe how quick it’s gone, but one thing I can definitely tell you is that I am enjoying blogging so much, I have to send a massive thanks to my girlfriend Isobel, who insisted I started up my own blog!

At the start of my blogging story, I started off small, I only focused on local beers, then I added more content in, next, came along the makeover, which I did personally spend some money on it, but its all worth it!

Finally, I added whisky into the site, I appreciate all of your support on making this website absolutely tremendous, I am improving the site as the months go by!

Anyway, its time to get move on to my next post which is on a beautiful beer called Roadie!


Roadie is one of the many excellent brewed beers which is proudly brewed by Signature Brew, this outstanding brewery is located within the capital city of London (UK).

Signature Brew is not your typical brewery which actually produces beers for customers, instead, they brew beer with music!

In other terms, the team’s mission is to revolutionise the quality of beer at live music events, they do this by providing there exciting core range of music-inspired craft beers to some of the most amazing bars, venues and festivals within the UK.

It all started in 2011 when Signature Brew was first launched, it was founded by Sam & Tom in Shoreditch (London), they both launched their first collab beer with The Rifles rock band at The Troxy music venue in London.

By 2014, Signature Brew beers were exported overseas to the USA for the first time and The Guardian named this amazing brewery as ‘Top Of The Hops’!

It’s undoubtedly showing what strengths this unique brewery is delivering, I mean this is the first time I’ve ever seen a brewery which brews a wide range of beers towards the music industry.

Then, in 2016, Roadie was born along with three over beautiful beers, Studio Lager and Backstage IPA, these four exquisite beers were launched along with the rock band Millencolin!

Next, 2018 saw a fantastic achievement for Signature Brew, they were awarded Brewery Business Of The Year by SIBA’s (Society Of Independent Brewers Association), the brewery also successfully opened up their new Taproom Venue in Haggerston!

What an impressive journey for this outstanding business, I am hoping that next year will be even more successful for Signature Brew, the team are passionate about the quality of brewing beer for music and all of there cherished events!

Tasting Notes

Roadie is a dependable and refreshing road-dog of a beer! This all-night IPA is packed full of citrus fruit notes, including grapefruit and lime!

This is a totally sweet beer which is highly punchy and tropical, a substantial malty taste leaving to a sweet finish.


I’ve had a can of Roadie now for months on end and I was trying to find the time of when I could try it, this beer was part of my Honestbrew Collection and I am still shocked of how many beers I’ve got left, the box is getting lighter though!

The first thing I noticed straight away about this can was the artwork, it just looked totally awesome and very classy!

I was really looking forward to trying this beer, as soon as I cracked the can open, the fruity aromas were just brimming through, tremendous flavours of grapefruit and citrus made this beer so sweet indeed.

It was also heavily malty, but what you’re left with is an exquisite sweet finish, which lingers on the palate for minutes, it was gorgeous!

I can truly see why Honestbrew selected this beer as The Best Of British because it was just packed full of flavour, it was amazing and perfect!

Just look at the colour, it is exceptionally pale which delivered a golden straw appearance, I was getting even happier every time I took a sip.

I am aware sometimes when I’ve tried new beers in the past, I do have that dwell feeling that the beer will taste awful…not in this case though, I couldn’t believe what I was sampling and I can’t wait to sample it again in the future!


Are you a music connoisseur?

If so, then this is the beer for you, this terrific all-night IPA will keep you dancing all night long!

I seriously recommend this beer to you all and I have to agree with my fellow followers on Instagram who have tried this beer and they’ve said how much they loved it!

Why not bag yourself a bargain, get yourself this beer and stick on your favourite tune and send massive cheers to the team over at Signature Brew!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post today if you have any questions on this specific beer, please do post them in the comments and I’ll answer them all for you!

Have a fantastic week and I’ll be back at the weekend!


The Cask Connoisseur

5 Comments on “Roadie 4.3% ABV”

  1. A music-inspired beer? I have never heard of such a thing, but I love the concept!
    The beautiful can and light color are perfect for me; citrusy beers are always lighter drinks. ๐Ÿ™‚

    May the words continue to flow for you and your site continue to grow!

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