Hello everyone, I hope you’ve all had a tremendous weekend, I am back once again with another fantastic beer post!

Today, is a very special day for me, it’s my Birthday, so I thought to myself it was only right for me to share a post to you on a absolute magnificent beer that I tried over the weekend!

My birthday this year, I will admit is going to be a strange one, I can’t be with Isobel, I can’t go to the pub, I can’t go out for a Birthday meal, instead I am just going to be at home, and enjoying a couple of beers with my mum and brother.

It’s funny really, because I remember last year for my birthday, I went to a tremendous restaurant with Isobel and her family, to The White Hart Hotel, I’ve actually done a blog post on this place, if you would like to check it out, you can do so by clicking here!

This year though, they will be no meal, instead what I am hoping to do is later on in 2021, my family and Isobel’s family we will all meet up and have a evening meal out together. 

Anyway today’s post is on the Hazelnut Mochachino Sundae, which is part of The Dessert In a Can Series!

Just to make you aware, the beer that I am currently basing my review on is not listed on the website, I believe this was only a limited edition!


The Hazelnut Mochachino Sundae or the HMS that I am going to refer to in this post is a mouth-watering stout that is brewed by the Amundsen Brewery!

This post is going to take you to a completely new location, so why not pack your pack your bags and head on a virtual trip with me to Norway!

The Amundsen Brewery is situated in the Norwegian capital of Oslo, it firstly opened up in 2011, and this year the whole team will be celebrating there ten year anniversary since the opening of the brewery. 

You may know truly well, that many breweries around Europe, purely focus on craft ales, I mean in England our heritage is Cask Beer, but in other parts of the world, Craft beer has become the next popular alternative. 

The Brewery’s mission is to focus on producing craft-beers of the highest quality, by using the finest ingredients that the brewery can lay there hands on. 

The Amundsen Brewery is one of the largest breweries within Oslo and out of the whole of Norway, it has become the fastest growing brewery. At first, the brewery started off in a small brew pub, the brewery was able to produce up to 5HL (Hectolitres) of beer per brew!

Obviously, as time went out, this was becoming to difficult for the team, so in 2013, the team managed to build there first production facility, this allowed an increase in volume of up to 10HL. 

However, due to sales booming and a high increase of demand, the brewery had to be expanded, this was to allow more room and also to install a new state of the art brewery, a 42HL brew plant was installed and capacity had increased enormously. 

This allowed the team to be able to brew there finest core range, but also to trial out new brews for the people of Norway to try. 

Passion, consistency and quality is what drives the team day by day, producing quality beer for people to enjoy, but also to show how there business is becoming more stronger, and one of the many breweries that will be around for centuries. 

I have to award my positive thanks to the whole team, for producing some of the finest craft beer that I have ever sampled!

Tasting Notes 

A luxurious and mouth-watering Imperial Stout, highly moreish down to its strength, but is perfectly packed full of flavour, intense flavours of coffee, chocolate, marshmallow, honey, no wonder this beer is ultimately classed as a Dessert In A Can!


Now your probably wondering what actually made me decided to choose this can which is literally packed full of chocolate, coffee and so many other sweet treats. 

The truth is since joining Instagram, I’ve seen loads of my followers trying this beer and even they’ve always said how gorgeous it is, I got hugely persuaded and I just knew that I had to buy a can of this beer. 

On the other hand, there are so many of them choose from, The Amundsen Brewery have created a ‘Dessert In A Can’ Series, and there are around ten different cans to choose from. 

In my hometown, we have a fantastic beer shop called, Brews Of The World, this off license is absolutely amazing, it stocks some of the most greatest beers from around the world, believe it or not! Of course, there is only so much available, but I can guarantee you, there is no end of beers from Germany, USA and Belgium, just to name a few. 

This shop as well, has just gone under refurbishment and has its own bar built in, however, due to COVID, the bar is sadly closed at this moment in time. 

I would though highly recommend you to visit Brews Of The World, I came home with a tremendous bargain of three beers for £20.00! What a deal!

The only thing I would say is that the price of this beer came to £9.00, it may look quite expensive, but you’ve got to remember your paying for the volume of alcohol!

I truly couldn’t wait to try this beer, I mean I know its going to be a beer which is going to be ultimately sweet, but I was dying to try it and plus it was a new sample to indulge in. 

Just before I go into detail about this beer, I will have to express to you all that this is a beer that should be consumed lightly, I have to admit it may well be strong, but it feels like your drinking a beer that is only 5% ABV!

dessert 1

You seen how jazzy the can is, that also persuaded me even more to buy it!

As soon as I opened the can, the aromas of coffee, chocolate and honey were literally pouring out of the top of the can, the smell was absolutely amazing, you could even smell it from the room next door in my house. 

dessert 2

The HMS is literally a jet black stout, all of the aromas I listed earlier, turn into flavours, you will also come into contact with a sensational nutty taste. 

The after taste is also attractive, imagine eating a Pain Au Chocolat, this is what this beer feels like, you can also feel the texture of the pastry running down your throat, the palate is lit up throughout the whole of drink and the taste lingers around for minutes and minutes. 

All in all, this is a fantastic drink and it tastes bloody amazing!


Well their you have it, my first Dessert In A Can I’ve ever tried and what a fantastic decision I took to buy this terrific can!

I mean you don’t have to just try this one, there is a whole collection to choose from, my next choice would be the Rocky Road beer, I can just imagine how sweet that beer would be. 

I would sincerely recommend this beer to you to try, its widely available to buy on the Internet, The Brewery and many local beer shops. 

Just remember that it may seem pricey and the fact the fact that its only a small can, but like I say you’re paying for a beer which is heavily strong but also full of flavour. 

I hope you’ve all enjoyed my Birthday Special post, I am now going to dig myself into a gorgeous beer or even a whisky, maybe both!

I hope you all have a fantastic week, I’ll shall return at the weekend for my next post!

Take Care and Stay Safe


The Cask Connoisseur 

6 Comments on “My Birthday Special – Dessert In a Can – Hazelnut Mochachino Sundae – 10.5% ABV”

  1. Well, first of all: happy birthday to you! I’m hopeful that despite the strangeness of the world’s current situation that your day is still very enjoyable! Secondly: this beer sounds phenomenal. I’m a sucker for a dark beer and this one sounds right up my alley (despite my usual dislike for all things *supersweet*). I’ll have to try it one day!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much, that is really appreciated! It has been very enjoyable. This beer is perfect, just imagine your eating a dessert now with hazelnut and mocha, this is exactly what the beer tastes like 😁


  2. To start off, happy birthday! I know holidays and celebrations have been out of sorts for most of us this year/the year past, but we are all still finding great ways to enjoy the day!

    Dessert in a Can sounds absolutely delectable and easily addictive and the perfect way to treat yourself on your special day. 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Jaya, I’ve had a fantastic day despite the circumstances. Yes when I picked this beer up the other week, I literally couldn’t wait to try it 😁 It was so sweet and lovely, and gorgeous. I would love to try another one from the series.

      Liked by 1 person

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