Hello to you all, I hope you’ve all had a fantastic week with whatever you’ve all been doing, it’s now time to wound down and relax for the weekend!

In this weeks topic, I have produced two beer review posts brought to you from The Leatherbritches Brewery, in my previous post I did a write-up on one of the most astonishing best bitters that I have ever sampled and that beer was called Ashbourne Ale!

I briefly mentioned how the brewery named this iconic beer after the gorgeous market town based in the Derbyshire Dales which is an area surrounded by natural beauty.

I also touched on how much flavour this beer delivered, succulent malty flavourings with a sweet and refreshingly bitter taste, the beer was absolutely phenomenal and it’s one I certainly recommend!

In today’s post, I am going to be bringing you all a review on this beautiful session beer called The Bounder 4.0% ABV


If you would like to read about the history of Leatherbritches brewery, please refer to my Ashbourne Ale or Milkshake IPA post.

Out of all the breweries that I know each one has created and brewed a session ale!

So what exactly is a session ale?

A session ale is a beer that has been produced with lower alcohol volume and has a sensational refreshing taste. Session beers have been around for many years and they have certain characteristics which are different to your much pure stronger beers. 

Firstly, if when you are out and about and you come across a beer that is between 3.5% and 4.0% ABV these are said to be classed as session beers this is due to the alcohol content and it has been concluded that more people now do tend to drink more session beers than anything else. 

Secondly, the beer is described as being not too bitter, malty and hoppy! In my mind, I believe this is an important feature because everyone loves a beer that has a combination of features which is balanced throughout. Furthermore, the majority of session beers that are around today have enormous amounts of fruit flavourings, this actually helps and makes the beer taste greater. 

Finally, a session beer is also suggested as being light, there not filling and its basically a drink that you can enjoy for the whole evening without getting substantially drunk, let’s now look at this logically. 

If I go into the pub and have five pints of a strong beer (5.0% ABV), my stomach will literally be on the verge of being full and I’ll probably be saying to myself that’s it, hometime now! On the other hand, if I had five pints of a session beer (4.0%), my stomach at first will still feel extremely light, I might personally start to feel a bit tipsy, but I can guarantee, I’d be able to have one more pint before going home!

I personally believe as we look into the future, session beers are going to be the helm of the UK’s Brewing Industry, more people will find a beer that they can adapt to and love, furthermore we can all enjoy having a good pint without drinking too many beers. 

This time last year I visited The Great British Beer Festival in Birmingham and all the beers that I sampled were session ales and I can actually remember to this day, that every beer tasted amazing. The only issue when it comes to beer festivals there is so much to choose from, but like me, you’ll always find a small selection that you’ll want to try.

The Bounder is specifically classed as a session beer so I was really excited to see it on sale in Brews Of The World, I just knew I had to purchase a bottle and see how promising this beer tasted. 

Tasting Notes  

The Bounder is certainly a go-to beer which is ultimately packed full of delicious flavours, small hints of lychee and grapefruit which has a developing spice kick which leads to a crisp and refreshing finish. 

This beer certainly does sound like a wonderful and sweet textured beer which could be perfect for the beginning of spring, a beer that can be sampled to blow those old cobwebs away. 


As I mentioned earlier, this beer was bought from Brews Of The World and it only cost me £3.00, which again is a remarkable price for a bottled beer, I was totally chuffed with myself that I bought this bargain. 

Out of all the beers that I’ve sampled over the years, this is the first time I’ve actually sampled any beer from Leatherbritches Brewery. The Milkshake IPA wasn’t my overall favourite, Ashbourne Ale was amazing and now it was time to try The Bounder, a new beer to add to my collection!

Wow, this beer tasted absolutely astonishing, there was a subtle sweet aroma which swirled around inside the glass, it was so gorgeous and beautiful. 

The flavour was just as good, strong smells of lychee and grapefruit which lingered on my palate for minutes, I was so pleased how stunning this beer was and I can definitely say it was worth the price. 

I can honestly say if you want a beer that is packed full of flavour and completely moreish, I can certainly recommend to you all to try this session beer, come to think of it, now I’ve had one bottle of this beer, I really would love to try another one (haha)!

That’s a beer for you!

To finish off this post, I just want to say how much I’ve enjoyed studying these two classical beers this week, both beers delivered everything and I certainly can’t wait to try them both again in the future.  


The Cask Connoisseur 

This is a collaborative post with Brews Of The World, all beer review posts are subject to my own honest opinion. 




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  1. I have never heard of a session beer before so I loved learning a little more behind their making and history! This one sounds lovely; love that it has a nice finishing spice kick. 🙂

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