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In my previous post, I focused my review on a tremendous session beer called The Bounder which is proudly brewed by The Leatherbritches Brewery, I also mentioned how session beers have become the dominant style of beer and the go-to beer that people love to drink.

This weeks post are going to be focused on two outstanding beers which are brewed in my hometown, Burton Upon Trent, in one of the finest microbreweries in the county, I am truly excited to bring you these posts and I really hope you are looking forward to reading them both.

Today’s post is on a creamy and chocolatey beer called Modwena Oatmeal Stout which is proudly brewed by Burton Town Brewery!


Burton Town Brewery is a remarkable microbrewery which is located in the heart of Burton Upon Trent, it was founded in April 2015 and started operating with a six-barrel brewery, however, due to the brewery expanding there core range, the capacity was upgraded to a twelve-barrel brewery.

I have to admit when you actually look at the brewery from the outside, it looks like a small DIY store, but on the inside its a different story altogether, there is a small bar which has a variety of the brewery’s selected beers on tap, towards the back end of the building is where the bottling takes place and on the left-hand side is the microbrewery itself.

The one feature that I really enjoyed about this place though is the brewery map which is painted on the right-hand wall of the building, the painting contains drawings of the famous microbreweries and logistical breweries of Burton Upon Trent from the past to the future.

Another iconic feature of this marvellous venue is how the bottling is carried out, most breweries tend to use a bottling plant system, this piece of machinery is designed to fill bottles up with beer automatically, its a speedy and simple process, but problems can happen.

Burton Town Brewery use a manual way to bottle the beers, everything is all done by hand and no machinery is involved, I actually remember from a couple of years ago I went to see how the system is worked, it looked pretty straightforward but also long-winded.

The bottled beers are also bottled conditioned, which means the beer has to be poured slowly and at an angle in order to avoid the glass just being full of pure froth, I would also advise drinking beer at room temperature because it does taste so much better.

Over the years Burton Town Brewery has become increasingly popular in terms of production and sales and they have even started to produce beers to commemorate special occasions, for instance, last year the brewery produced a special edition beer called Captain Moore Bitter, this beer was produced on behalf of Captain Sir Tom Moore who raised over thirty million pounds for the NHS, sadly last week Captain Sir Tom Moore passed away to COVID-19.

Burton Town Brewery is honestly such a remarkable microbrewery, the team have dedicated passion towards the brewing industry and they are also fully committed to making Burton Upon Trent, The Home Of Brewing for generations to come.

Tasting Notes

A creamy and luxurious full-bodied oatmeal stout which has flavours of roasted malt and hints of chocolate. A beer that is fully suited for those cold wintery days!


Now, everyone will know by now I love a gorgeous and sensational stout and I can definitely tell you that the Modwena Oatmeal Stout ticked all of the boxes.

The only difference in this stout compared to the P2 Imperial Stout, the Modwena is classed as an Oatmeal Stout which means it contains the smallest parts of oats which are broken into tiny pieces through the brewing process.

The beer process is truly clever because when it comes to pouring the beer into the glass, you are provided with those sweet and succulent oaty flavours.

I managed to pick up this bottle of Modwena Oatmeal Stout from Brews Of The World for Β£3.60, again I certainly believe this is a fantastic value for money because in my mind you’re paying a decent price for quality beer.

Now, I was already to crack open my bottle of stout!

The aromas were ultimately surprising, roasted chocolate was sparkling its way out at the top of the glass, it smelt absolutely amazing. The taste was perfect, there were so many flavours which kept pouring onto my palate every time I took a sip.

The head-on this beer was really creamy, it honestly made my mouth water!

I really couldn’t believe how beautiful this beer was, this was the first time I’ve ever tried it and I can’t wait to sample it again in the near future.

I have to admit, after sampling the P2 Stout two weeks ago and the Modwena Stout last night, I would personally say both beers are in joint first place for the best stouts I’ve ever sampled.

I also want to mention and tell you how much I recommend this beer to you all, I would honestly say this is certainly a stout you wouldn’t want to miss out on and I am deeply excited to sample some more beers from this marvellous microbrewery in the near future.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed my latest post if you have any questions on this particular beer or the microbrewery then please do post them in the comments!

Take care and stay safe!


The Cask Connoisseur

This is a collaborative post with Brews Of The World, all beer review posts are subject to my own honest opinion.Β 

14 Comments on “Modwena Oatmeal Stout – 4.8ABV”

  1. Great post! I love your descriptions and the history. I know my husband would love this beer, and I think I would too! The last time I tried stouts several years ago, I wasn’t a coffee drinker; now I think I’d really like them because I drink coffee daily, and I find the tastes similar. Would love to try! Thank you for sharing.

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