Chapter 2, is what I am going to call it! Over the past month and a half, I have been focusing many of my beer reviews on local treats from my hometown (Burton Upon Trent) and the surrounding area! Well, now I have made the decision to finish with my local area and start to sample some new beers from a variety of different towns and cities across the UK!

At the end of the day, in my mind, I think it’s completely right to try new beers from different breweries and personally some of these breweries either I or you would have never heard.

I am one for trying new things, of course, it’s impossible to love every beer, I mean some beers that I’ve tried locally haven’t been the greatest. Over the course of March, I’ll be showcasing and bringing you some amazing content on a selection of beers that I bought from Brews Of The World, in Burton, they’ll be fruity beers, sours, IPAs, pale ales and many others, at the end of each post, I’ll be making a conclusive decision to say whether I recommend these beers or not!

Moving on to today’s post, which is based on an exceptional Extra Pale Ale named Lightbulb (4.5% ABV) which is proudly brewed by Verdant Brewing Company.


The crazy thing I love about beer is how many of the breweries have had to literally blow their minds to pieces in order to come up with a name for there latest brewed product, this lightbulb is a classic one!

The idea of the beer being called lightbulb was down to the head brewer James, he decided that he wanted the finish of the beer to be the same shade of a 100W lightbulb, and in my opinion, in terms of clarity and appearance the team at Verdant have definitely succeeded that.

Lightbulb EPA was first launched in 2015 and since then small tweaks have been made in order for the beer to be fully consistent throughout each brew, to brew a beer at a constant consistency requires skill and knowledge. The team at Verdant were committed to making the lightbulb beer the finest and fruitiest pale ale within there core range.

When lightbulb was first launched at the Penryn town based brewery in Cornwall there were small issues, but over the years these have been addressed and rectified. The majority of the people who live in Cornwall love sampling some of the big beers from the brewery, but the team at Verdant enjoy sipping this EPA straight from the tank.

As the years move on, lightbulb EPA is going to be a beer that the brewery is going to rely on in the future, it’s going to a particular beer that will remain at the helm of the brewery as well as being a beer which will always provide extraordinary amounts of flavour.

Tasting Notes 

Lightbulb Extra Pale Ale is a pale as a 100W lightbulb and as juicy as an IPA (India Pale Pale). An ultimate session beer that is completely quenching and addictive. There is a biscuity malt taste that delivers a hint of sweetness which is all drenched in fruity and dank hops.


In my own personal opinion, you can’t beat a sweet and juicy beer at the start of spring, it’s a drink that you can enjoy whilst watching the daffodils sprout up and listen to the birds singing. As you can probably tell, I love spring, I adore it when the days start to get longer and warmer, it also gets me in the mood for a gorgeous beer garden.

This is the second time that I’ve tried this beer and both time the beer was bought from Brews Of The World, the first time I sampled this beer, it was the keg ale version and it was fantastic, I really enjoyed it! The second time I sampled this beer, I wanted to find out and see if there were any significant differences, from tasting though it all looked the same.

Anyway, it was now time for sampling!

When Verdant commented and said that the appearance was matched to a 100W lightbulb, they were completely right, I couldn’t believe how bright and light this beer was, literally the lightest beer I’ve ever sampled.

The aromas were perfect, in my mind, there was an intense level of fruit hops churning around in the glass, the beer also had a pleasant and sweet smell of lemons, which was outstanding! The taste was awesome, with enormous amounts of citrus and sweetness, as well as being grassy. Would I say this is a spring beer? Yes, definitely, especially with how bright the beer is, extremely light and pale.

As I mentioned earlier, this beer was purchased from Brews Of The World which cost £4.50, a fantastic price for a sweet and fruity craft beer.  To be fair, I was extremely lucky to be able to purchase this can because it was the last one on the shelf, which certainly shows how popular it is.

Furthermore, I hope this review has persuaded you to have the opportunity to buy and sample this beer because I highly recommend it, not just because of how wonderful it tasted but for how much it will get you in the mood for the start of spring.

I really hope you’ve all enjoyed this post, I am certainly looking forward to sampling my next beer in a couple of days time, to give you a hint, it’s a classic!

I wish you all a fantastic week, and I’ll look forward to seeing you at the weekend!

Take care and stay safe


The Cask Connoisseur

This is a collaborative post with Brews Of The World, all beer review posts are subject to my own honest opinion.

6 Comments on “Lightbulb Extra Pale Ale – 4.5% ABV”

    • Thank you so much, same goes to yourself as well, I’m looking forward to trying some more great and fantastic beers in the future. The design is outstanding your correct, still the beer tasted great 😁🍻


  1. As a fellow beer lover, I really enjoyed reading your article. Though i’ll be honest, I’ve never really paid any attention to the hops, make, tasting notes (never understood it with wine either) Let’s just say I love a good beer when I taste one! Thankfully, in my part of the world microbreweries have started to come up so we get to occasionally experiment with a fresh brew..good relief from the bottled ‘water’. About 2 years ago I was in England, and got to taste some fantastic brews!! I particularly loved one that I had in Whitby.. but I just can’t recall the name. Great to see for my next visit I’ll have a reference guide as your blog.
    Great to have come across your site 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for your kind words and it’s great to see more beer enthusiasts in the world right now! When I was 18 I just drank beer and didn’t really take much notice of the tasting notes or aroma, but as soon as I started to become older I just had the understand of flavour. England has so many beers to choose from, and it’s all about finding the right one for your own personal palate 😁


  2. It blows my mind too that there are so many small breweries that still manage to come up with something that stands apart in the crowd and IS different. This Lightbulb sounds interesting and I love the reasoning behind the name!
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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