My Top 5 Session Beers To Enjoy All Year Round

That’s nearly another week over and done with, it’s honestly been a super busy one for me, but it truly feels absolutely fantastic to being back at work and doing the job I love. How has your week been, why don’t you let me know in the comments, it’s good to share with each other what we’ve all been doing?

Plus, I am especially interested and keen to know if any of my followers have sampled any new beers, I am always open to try new things and further develop my palate.

Anyway, today’s post is generically based on my favourite top 5 session beers to enjoy all year round, I really hope you’re looking forward to it!

Number 5 – Disco Forklift Truck – 5.1% ABV

To kick things off, I am a believer of sweet, fruity and tasty craft ales, this outstanding pale ale is beautifully mango infused and has a tremendous complex flavour that matches perfectly well with a BBQ chicken kebab.

Now, honestly mango is a typical tropical fruit, but personally I believe it can be enjoyed all year round! The first time I came across this beer was in June 2020 and it was only when I was in the local Sainsbury’s and was stated as a new product, the reason being for purchasing was because of the artistic design on the can, it was very eye catching.

However, it’s rare to find this specific product in any pubs and I’ve only seen it available in Sainsbury’s, but I still believe it’s worth a shot to give it a sample and try it with a luxurious chicken kebab.

Have you ever sampled this beer before, what did you think to it? All you have to do is just post your comments below this post!

The other aspect to take in is the ABV gravity of this beer, yes on the can it says 5.1% ABV, but personally it tastes so much sweeter than that, but this also resides the fact that this appears on number 5 on my list.

Disco Forklift Truck – Mango Pale Ale (5.1% ABV)

Number 4 – Elvis Juice 6.5% ABV

Just like Disco Forklift Truck, Brewdog, one of the largest independent breweries within Scotland have created a wide range of beers that many beer enthusiasts enjoy drinking, Punk IPA, being one of those, but Elvis Juice on the other hand is a whole new level, I mean personally, if you enjoy cocktails then you will certainly adore this beer.

Elvis Juice is exquisitely infused with Grapefruit and if I have to be totally honest that’s what makes this beer taste absolutely wow, I seriously couldn’t believe how great it tastes.

Can I just say, please don’t be put off with how strong this beer is, in my personal experience it’s all about how the flavours combine with the aromas that make this beer feel like a tremendous session beer.

Furthermore, a moreish beer that is ultimately quaffable is often selected as being a session beer and that is why I believe this beer should be in my top 5.

Elvis Juice – 6.5% ABV

Number 3 – Tribute 4.2% ABV

Next on my list is an absolute classic and traditional English style beer that can be enjoyed either straight from the pumps in the bar or out of the bottle. Tribute has been categorized as being one of the most popular beers that enormous amounts of people love, whether that’s if you live in Cornwall, the beers hometown or any other part of the UK.

St Austell Brewery which was first established in 1851 has gone from strength to strength over the years and has magnificently been listed as being a family run business and the team at the brewery continue to adapt their own brewing techniques on producing excellent quality beer.

The first time I actually sampled this beer was in November 2020 and I have to send a personal thanks to one of my friends who recommended this beer to me, honestly since he first told me about it, I’ve enjoyed sampling this beer so many times.

If I could say this beer in my mind, matches perfectly well with a classical English Fish and Chips, an item of food that we all love to eat whilst being at the seaside.

So if you ever get the chance, why not indulge yourself into this amazing British meal and enjoy many beautiful pints of Tribute Pale Ale!

Tribute Pale Ale – 4.2% ABV

Number 2 – Bridge Bitter 4.2% ABV

As we are starting to get towards to the end of this post, I just knew I realised I missed out a local beer that is brewed in the brewing capital of the world, Burton Upon Trent!

My reference on this beer is if you are a beer enthusiast who enjoys malty, bitter and hoppy ales, then I will certainly recommend you to try this beer.

It’s famously brewed by Burton Bridge Brewery which is one of the most amazing and marvellous microbreweries that is located in the town.

It’s not just the beer that tastes perfect from this brewery, the pub which is situated on-site at the facility is a place I would certainly suggest you all to go for a pint of ale, what’s more spectacular is the bowling alley upstairs that can be hired out for special events.

I can remember the first time I sampled Bridge Bitter and if my mind states me correct, I didn’t enjoy it, but as the years went on, my palate changed and I just found the beer easy to drink. I would definitely say this is a beer that you all should sample, just keep an eye out for that sharp bitterness!

Bridge Bitter – 4.2% ABV

Number 1 – Ay Up 3.9% ABV

Here is my number one beer that I can truthfully say is the best session beer to enjoy all year round, again just like Bridge Bitter I personally disliked this beer, but then after time I just literally fell in love with this beer, it was really just down to how the taste of this ale became sweeter and refreshing.

There is one pub that currently serves this beer in my hometown and that is at The Crossing, a glorious gastropub that serves amazing food and wide range of different beers/lagers.

The term Ay Up is a dialect phrase which is frequently used in the county of Derbyshire, the word just basically means ‘hello’!

The unique characteristic of this specific beer, is the intensive colour, it’s a superb straw coloured ale that is astonishingly pale and fruity and the taste of the beer is balanced between malt and biscuit, like all of the other beers that I’ve stated above, I have to certainly recommend this beer to you and I am going to admit it’s one of the most amazing session beers that I have ever sampled.

Just get yourself ready to rock to the Dancing Duck!

There we have it, My Top 5 Session Beers To Enjoy All Year Round, there is certainly so many to choose from, but of course there are others available in many shops and pubs, but down to what I’ve sampled over the past year, then these are certainly the greatest beers I can honestly say that you’ll enjoy!

If any of you get the chance to come to the UK, especially when things are safe, then please do keep your eyes peeled for any of these beers and give them all a sample and let me know personally what you all think to them.

I really hope you all have a fantastic weekend, next week I will be delivering a whisky related post, It’s been a while since I last spoke about any whiskies so I personally believe now the time is right.

Anyway, take care and sending you many positive vibes!


The Cask Connoisseur

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  1. Hi Luke.

    How’s it going?

    I do enjoy reading your posts – always part product review and part history lesson. Keep up the good work! Some more drinks to add to the ‘must find’ list πŸ™‚

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