We had the pleasure of tasting this milk stout at Camra’s Great British Winter Beer Festival in Burton-upon-Trent, the home of brewing, where we saw it get Bronze in Strong Stouts and Porters. This beautifully rich and smooth drink is a full-bodied, creamy stout that is perfect for those looking for a bold beer with a touch of sweetness. 

Whilst we easily could have more than one pint of this, at 6% this is extremely moorish and quaffable. The good news is that with just one glass, you can enjoy the creamy and smooth texture that lingers on the palate after each sip, so you can enjoy the creamy sweetness of this 6% ABV Milk Stout, and you’ll be sure to come back for more!

AromaCoffee / Liquorice 
TasteChocolate / Dark Chocolate / Bitter Sweet
AftertasteCreamy / Milky / Coffee
Overall (Star Rating)⅘ Stars 🌕🌕🌕🌕🌑

Thoughts on the clarity, aroma, taste and aftertaste 

Clarity –  Traditionally a stout is black and this drink is no different. They are usually dark in colour, with a thick and creamy head. The dark colour of a traditional stout is derived from the roasted malts used during the brewing process. The roasted malts also contribute to the flavours of the beer.

Aroma – The aroma is full of rich chocolate and coffee notes, while the taste is creamy, smooth and a little sweet. We also smelled notes of liquorice briefly as well.

Taste –  Similar to the aroma, we easily tasted heavy amounts of chocolate (and dark chocolate as well). It was a little bit bitter sweet, but enjoyable. According to the actual tasting notes though, there should be hints of caramel but this is something which we didn’t pick up, however, we will agree it was sweet. 

Aftertaste – As with any good stout, it was exceptionally creamy, milky and left the taste of coffee on your tongue, leaving you wanting more (although we recommend limiting yourself to one or two pints in order to drink responsibly). 

Do we recommend it?

This is a stout, which is a one off, was highly enjoyable, incredibly flavourful and one that we would happily drink again. It is delightfully sweet and full of flavour, that we think the majority of beer drinkers will enjoy sampling. 

The reasoning though for the four out of five star review is simply down to the fact that this is a stout that you can’t enjoy several of in one evening. It’s certainly a treat and one that you will undoubtedly enjoy, but you should limit yourself from consuming too much. 

As stouts go though, it is clear why this received bronze for the Strong Stouts and Porters according to Camra’s Great British Winter Beer Festival in Burton-upon-Trent and whilst we might not have tried the silver and gold winning stouts, this one is high up on our leaderboard. If we see it down our local, we will be trying it and encourage others to do so as well, as it’s well worth enjoying as a pint if you like a good stout.

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