Long ago, ale was known as “liquid bread” because it would have been made from barley bread fermented with water. Eagle Brewery took this quite literally though and created the much loved banana bread many years before people were obsessed with it from March 2021 when everyone was stuck at home.

The term “liquid bread” is definitely a way to describe this Banana Bread amber ale. The  beer inspires you to believe that you are eating a banana which has been soaked in the finest Low Colour Maris Otter Malt. This is certainly a novelty beer to try, one that will greet you with a sweet smell upon opening but may or may not live up to expectations. 

TasteVery Malty
AftertasteSweet Bread
Overall (Star Rating)⅖ Stars 🌕🌕🌑🌑🌑

About Eagle Brewery

Located in Bedford, the Eagle Brewery is all about having a different perspective on things. As explained on their website, “like the eagle that looks over [their] brewery, [they] take a different view”, which is something that we can clearly see when we look at the different types of beers produced – flavourful, daring and certainly interesting.

They were opened on 18 May 1976 by the Duke of Gloucester and also boast exclusive contracts to brew some of the most popular names in the industry. Which explains why this Banana Bread Beer was made in a partnership with Marston’s Brewery PLC. 

Thoughts on the clarity, aroma, taste and aftertaste 

Clarity – As soon as you pour this beer into the glass, you’ll instantly be able to tell that this is an amber ale, but visually many could perceive it as a golden ale by the way it stands in the light. 

Aroma – There is a strong banana scent that comes about near the top of the glass and the more you consume this banana beer, the stronger the intensity of the banana aroma becomes. 

Taste – On the palate there is a heavy malty texture which is balanced against enormous amounts of banoffee which lingers around your mouth for minutes, making this beer extremely mouth-watering. 

Aftertaste – If you’re a keen lover of baking bread and love the beautiful scents of bread being cooked in the oven, then this will without a shadow of doubt, bring out that subtle after-taste of sweet sugar and banana which combines itself together to create that almighty, classical banana bread. 

Do we recommend it?

The novelty of what banana bread beer would taste like was certainly enough of a ploy to get us to purchase one in the shops, but whilst it seemed to have so much potential at first, the actual drink fell a bit flat. 

We’ve scored this beer a two out of five, as it wasn’t one for us but certainly has potential. It’s easily a unique and different drink and if you know anyone who is obsessed with banana bread, we would recommend buying it for them. They’ll have a pleasant experience at first, but they might not want to have a second bottle.

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