Don’t be fooled when purchasing this un-fined classic, Highland Suntan. The imagery that surrounds the can as well as the name of the brewery, (Glen Affric) will make you believe this is a Scottish born beer. However, the beer is actually brewed in Merseyside, near Liverpool. 

Established in 2017, The Glen Affric Brewery is situated in Birkenhead, the journey of this brewery takes you on a rollercoaster ride of some of the greatest styles of beers, ranging from dark to light, there is certainly a choice for everyone to enjoy a quality beer. 

Glen Affric, takes its name from a village close to Cannich in the highlands of Scotland, as well as being located close by to the well known, Loch Ness. 

According to the brewery, Highland Suntan is brewed to be as pale as a “Scottish Suntan” this is showcased within the brewing process as extra pale malt is used to create this almighty pale ale. 

On the other hand, the aroma aspects of this beer are so incredibly intense, having a beer that is packed full of tropical fruits and citrus, indicates this beer is best to try for the arrival of Spring. 

ClarityBlonde, Crystal Clear 
AromaTropical Fruits 
TasteMango and Pineapple 
AftertasteSlight bitter kick, punchy citrus 
Overall (Star Rating)4.5/5 Stars  🌕🌕🌕🌕🌗

Thoughts on the clarity, aroma, taste and aftertaste. 

Clarity – The best way that you can imagine how this beer looks is visualising the colour of wheat that has just freshly been cut with an almighty straw coloured beer. Furthermore, when pouring, it’s best to avoid pouring quickly otherwise you’ll end up with a glass full of foam. 

Aroma – Floating around at the top of the glass you will be greeted with pleasant scents of tropical fruits as well as a gorgeous citrusy malt aroma, both combined together surely does make this beer smell amazing. 

Taste – This beer becomes extremely fruity after you take the first sip, pineapple and mango springs to your mind. The tropical fruits combined with malty texture certainly makes this beer completely refreshing.  

Aftertaste – Things change when it comes to the finish on this beer, all of that tropical fruitiness that you had earlier disappears and then is converted into a bitter sweet kick. Furthermore, being a strong sweet beer it needs to be respected and consumed lightly so you can enjoy all of the pleasant flavours. 

Do we recommend it? 

This is definitely not a bad pint of beer, and is one that we certainly will show our hands up and say it was well worth the purchase and also the sample. It’s not just the imagery that surrounds the can but also how well this beer is preserved throughout the glass. 

Another point to make is how the taste of this beer gives you the realisation that you could be standing on top of one of the most amazing Scottish hills and give that almighty cheers to the view that surrounds you. 

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