Schiehallion is a beer that takes you on a journey up to Scotland to combat a breathtaking hike up the glorious mountain of Schiehallion Or (She-Hal-Ion).   

Just picture this, reaching the top of the mountain, taking in the view and toasting this outstanding pint whilst being surrounded by almighty, breathtaking views. 

There is also something else which is unique about this beer, it’s actually a lager, which has been brewed with Lager Malt, however when we sampled this beer at Burton’s Winter Beer Festival we were able to sample this product in cask ale format which is something you rarely see. 

About the Brewery  

The Harviestoun Brewery was firstly established in 1983 and was under operation by Ken Brooker who at this point was brewing different styles of beer inside a small shed at his own house. 

By 1994, the brewery’s flagship lager was launched and still to this very day it is still seen to be one of the most popular brews around the UK, also, to showcase how iconic this lager is, it was awarded in 2008 Best Pilsner at the World Best Beer Awards. 

In 1997, saw the arrival of Stuart Cali who became the master brewer for Harviestoun Brewery and his objective was to develop new outstanding products. 

Then, in 2022 after taking up the helm of master brewer for 25 years, Stuart Cali retired and the new era within this brewery was passed onto Amy Cockburn who has taken the top job and is starting to lead this iconic brewery into its next phase of producing great beer. 

TasteSweet, Pineapple, mango and tropical   
AftertasteRefreshing, sweet finish, smooth   
Overall (Star Rating)4.5/5 Stars 🌕 🌕 🌕 🌕 🌗

Thoughts on Clarity, Aroma, Taste & Aftertaste

Clarity – When we looked at the appearance of this lager, it certainly did make us realise that this certainly a beer to have on one of those cool, warming summer days. The beer delivered a bright, light blonde colour which was so welcoming. 

Aroma – Aromatic scents of tropical fruits that floated around the top of the glass which delivered some amazing fruity smells. Everytime we kept on smelling, the more it made us think we were about to sample a tropical fruit punch cocktail. 

Taste – The flavouring was honestly just wow! There was so much going on, mango, pineapple, peach, it was beautiful and if we were honest, we were quite sad when the glass stood empty. 

Aftertaste – It is understandable why this beer is classified as a lager, majority of lagers deliver a refreshing clinging feel and Schiehallion certainly ticked the box on this, furthermore the finish made us think that this is certainly a beer you would want to sample whilst chilling next to the pool. 

Do we recommend it? 

Out of all the beers that we sampled at the festival, we confirmed that this was the best beer of the day and this is why we are certainly recommending you all to try this lager.  

Furthermore, from when we first smelt this beer to taking the first sip, we concluded that it was perfect apart from one small thing, Schiehallion is a strong lager, it’s not a beer that you can sadly have a session on it, after 1 pint you will probably feel full and want to try something lighter, so our advice would be to try this towards the end of the night and make it your finishing beer. 

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